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Bruce Wayne
May 1, 2012
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Jun 6, 1996 (Age: 24)
    1. -Ziltoid-
    2. Shoukry
      Thank you! :hug
    3. Addy
      just found the image on twitter :D
    4. Lance
      So sorry your butler killed you parents buddie....:catcry


      Sup? :cat
    5. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I disagree the Chunin filler arc was done good in my view and there was nothing wrong with it, it only brought back part 1 memories.

      Besides look how they expanded Hanabi character who never been shown a lot in the manga. She officially becaue one of my favorites..
    6. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I think that Kishimoto assistant said something continuing Naruto series that the original idea of part 3 was from the last Naruto the movie designs which it was awesome how Naruto badass was in his base form and able to use FRS without the need of clones or sm.

      I hope that the anime makers will continue it before the final chapter and Gaiden. I mean you read the news that Dragonball is making its return called dragon ball super?

      The anime did good justice for the characters that are not Sasuke and with Naruto;s character when you think about how he met with the other Bijuu;s and his last moment with Jiraiya.
    7. Alaude
      Sounds pretty cool actually. Being a teacher can be pretty awesome. Or hell.
    8. Alaude
      What'll you be doing?

      Sounds pretty good I might check that out.
    9. Alaude
      I'm trying to get a job but haven't gotten one yet. I'm going to London on 21st to go to Comic Con though which is awesome.

      It's been good not as good as Flash and Arrow but still okay. :hmm don't know what that is.
    10. Alaude
      My school ended a while ago too. Haven't done anything except playing games/watching anime or tv-series.

      Season 1 just finished last week I think, I still have 7 eps to catch up but it's been pretty good.
    11. Alaude
      You didn't answer my question :maybe

      Looking at our previous conversation I can now say I've seen 15 eps of Gotham.
    12. Alaude
      What's up? :smoke
    13. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Which post was it?
    14. -Ziltoid-
      Not just twelve years.. I mean: he ignored her during the time on the academy, tolerated her and eventually accepted her during their months in team 7, then left for years, became criminal etc, showed up for a day, then stayed until he gave her a poke to the head and after that... did he even come back after that?

      Then again, remember how Sakura was introduced? Her goals, hopes, dreams, everything was Sasuke.. Nothing changed :hm
    15. -Ziltoid-
      Yeah.. Though on the other hand.. lying to your kid like that is kinda sick :hm
    16. -Ziltoid-
      Kishi's back with vengeance :skully

      Long time since NF was this hilarious :skully
    17. Savage
      Howdie! :nice

      Again, epic set. :datass always thought about getting grown naruto set
    18. Velvet
      :hurr its fun to be weird

      but i already am in the weirdo club :eek: i`m the president of it !
    19. Revolution
      The cloak is white and purple in your sig
    20. Tsuchi
      Indeed it has, I see you're still alive and kicking :pek
    21. Velvet
      :hurr you`re so weird...
    22. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      I've been on and off active/inactive lately
    23. Doctor Lamperouge
    24. Velvet
      Hoorah you liked it :ano
    25. Velvet
    26. -Ziltoid-
      Kaguya was the epitome of randomness.. Kishi should just have stuck to Hagoromo and the Juubi, and leave the mute bitch out of it :p

      Oda's dwarves are guilty of theft. Paneltheft. They waste time and are freaking annoying. Death to the dwarves! :uwah

      I liked Naruto vs Pein more than any fight that came after it. Frankly, I found Madara a bit redundant, Kishi should have focussed on Obito and made him a proper character whose goals were more than just rinrinrinrinrinrinrinrinrinrinrinrinrin

      Gai was cool. Gai surviving was bullshit though. Took away the value of his sacrifice :(
    27. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      That only the Chunin exams part 2, its not the same as their latest development, I only hope that after the war arc and after the Last movie events it continues for more at least Kaguya's backstory and her origin, that I'm not counting on Mini series.
    28. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      And you noticed how in the anime it focused a lot on Naruto and his friends besides being a Sasuke obesser? Not only that SP seem to not like Sasuke given the fact the 2nd movie and the latest on didn't focus on him most of it.

      SP does seem to give a lot of characters like Hinata, Lee Kiba, or even Tenten some spotlight and characters.
    29. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Do you feel the manga didn't wrap anything up other than Sasukes story? I mean that shoud've been resolved sooner and have other like NH to be resolved and even more on Naruto's background and his whole story behind his clan the Uzumaki clan.

      Especally how or why Hiruzen kept his identity for so long and the rest of the Hokage except Tobirama and Minato talked to Sasuke as if he is the destined child and all is drama about his Uchiha.
    30. -Ziltoid-
      Tower of God is an incredible ride so far, but the current arc seems a bit behind on the quality we are used to, I guess. Though I guess it is easier to be original when you create new content, then when you alter content you previously established. Perhaps that is why many stories eventually just lose that undefinable thing that makes them so good..

      Sabo had a few cool moments, but due to the extreme number of characters none of them get the attention they deserve. Sabo included.
      And yes, dwarves. Humanoid insects, turds, vermin, however you want to call them :lmao

      Seems like manga authors can only think of planet-busting explosions when you say 'climax of the story'. Sad that they never consider the actual story. I mean, DBZ never had much story and did not pretend it had either, but Naruto had so much potential to be more than a mindless fighting sequence..

      Hopefully you feel better now. I do, at least. Turned out a lot of problems I had were caused by medication. Ah well, we'll recover and move on, I guess.
      A tumor is pretty serious stuff though.. Cancer is no joke. I've seen way too many people who died because of it.. Horrible disease.
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    Jun 6, 1996 (Age: 24)
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    Naruto Uzumaki
    Bruce Wayne
    Jonathan Joestar
    Joseph Joestar
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