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Bruce Wayne
May 1, 2012
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Jun 6, 1996 (Age: 24)
    1. Addy
      it does but you can actually play what you build and not..... stare at it :lmao
    2. Addy
      its a game i think you might like :lmao
    3. Addy
    4. -Ziltoid-
      Not just Bee, even Gaara (or should I say especially Gaara), was a better friend to Naruto than Sasuke ever was. Truthfully, I never even saw much of a friendship between Naruto and Sasuke in the first place. Even though Kishi did everything in his power to force it down our throats..

      If Tsunade had been serious about keeping Naruto confined, she wouldn't have sent only Iruka, but some of the rookies as well. Then again, I failed to see the reasoning behind the whole turtle island thing. I would've liked it more if Naruto and Kurama had gradually formed a bond, and that Naruto wuold have discovered how to use Kurama's chakra on his own. Or with Jiraiya's training.

      :lmao yeah, 'the allmighty Juubi'.. and it can be controlled by every retard who has the sharingan. Seriously, Kishi should never have invented those horrid things, or at least kept them to what it was in part 1..

      Hagoromo himself made sense, Hamura and Kaguya not so much. Like you said, just to force that duality shit once more. And why? Sasuke barely had a role in the fight against Kaguya, while even a worn out Naruto stood his ground and managed to damage her.
      And here i was hoping that the whole Juubi thing would save the climax, and thereby the story. How wrong I was.

      OP has its ups and downs. Reading a lot at once is great, following it weekly often makes you feel like there is no progress at all..

      Uzumaki family, you mean Naruto, Hinata and their kids? No, haven't read any fanfic on that, so can't really recommend any, srry.

      Are stomach issue digitally transferable? Have been suffering from it for over half a year now, had two surgeries as well :lmao
      hope you feel better now, if not: do not neglect it. Stuff can get out of control pretty fast, just look at me :p
    5. Addy
      duch, you have to be 10dy8 to drive XD
    6. Addy
      no, why?
    7. Addy
      :catflip revennge
    8. Bloo
      If you ever need any debugging help, you can shoot me a pm. :)

      I guess haha. I do love a quote by Socrates though.
    9. -Ziltoid-
      Well, the whole kage summit thing was retarded. Sasuke fighting for no good reason, Obito announcing his plans while he could just have executed a sneak attack, etc. Danzo's death was ok, but for the rest.. Sakura's character died in the arc with her lies, deceit, and failure, while Naruto's hyperventilation was just embarrasingly stupid.
      Bee was nice, and the war started well enough with the edo's and the zetsu ambush. Naruto arriving and turning the tides was cool too, and I loved his fight with the Raikage, and his fight with the jinchuriki was great as well. But Kurama's sudden twist from big bad demon to loyal friend wasn't too well executed imho. Obito was a terrible character, and Madara shouldn't have been revived. Why not let Obito be the mastermind? Juubito was good enough, but the thing should've ended there. Juudara was redundant, Kaguya seemingly served no purpose, and Hagoromo's appearance was the worst asspul in all the 700 chapters :lmao
      No, Kishi should've switched to Naruto vs Sasuke after Juubito was beaten. After Juubito it just lost whatever momentum it had and seemingly dragged on without any emotional meaning behind the actions.

      the whole foresight/copy ability was awesome indeed. Just like the Byuakugan's insight. But things had to escalate. Seems like mangeka aren't satisfied until their characters can blow up planets. The DBZ-afliction..

      The fic is long, but good. One of the better written ones out there imho
      Ino's actually great there. Shikamaru even better haha
      Part 1 had a diversity of jutsu's, while part 2 was on a bigger scale but just spamming the same skills. Most disappointing of all: other villages not having any meaningful bloodlines. It's like Kishi got bored and couldn't care less about developing his world any further.. sad..
    10. Addy
      meh, fuck those memories. all i remember is being bored :catroll
    11. Addy
      what sort of memories? :catwave
    12. -Ziltoid-
      Yeah.. I really think the story should've stopped after Nagato died. Things only went downhill afterwards. Only a few moments, like Naruto's battle against the edo-jinchuriki, or edo-raikage, seemed more memorable. I disliked Obito, Madara disappointed me, and Kaguya was both random and pointless... And to top things off: Naruto vs Sasuke lacked content and was terribly rushed. Great story, but crap ending. Not the first manga to do it though..

      Uchiha were fun enough, right until all the bogus skills were shown. I liked part 1 sharingan, which was more or less in line with the byakugan. In part 2 it just became a thing that made any random loser completely invincible.. Not to mention that each Uchiha had the same defects, thus making it rather repetitive.
      Kishi should've done more non-Uchiha villains.

      Agreed. Only few fics actually succeed writing good fights. One of them is "Better Left Unsaid" by Kenchi618. Best chunin exams ever written imho
      I'd say it would be best if writers knew their limitations and stick to the essence and cut out all the step-by-step bullshit of fights. Though some of the amateur writers think themselves pro's, which is kinda embarrassing at times :lmao
    13. Bloo
      I fucking love Java. It's my favorite language. C++ is okay. I prefer Java to it, though. C can go to hell. I would start off with some tutorials on CodeAcademy if you want to get ahead. Python is great for starting off.

      Honestly! Like what the hell was wrong with the dude?
    14. Bloo
      What language is it in?

      Socrates was such a pretentious douchebag.
    15. Bloo
      Nice man. :brofist

      I got into philosophy when I read the book Grendel. It explores some interesting trains of thought, existentialism being one of them. I think the practice of asking questions that have hard answers, or no answers at all, is very thought-provoking.
    16. Bloo
      Yep. I'm a computer science major. Philosophy is interesting to a certain point.
    17. Addy
    18. Addy
      first, buy me a drink :hurr
    19. Addy
      so you finally noticed me, senpai :catblush
    20. Addy
      i see i see :hmm

      who did you stalk?
    21. Addy
      it's time for your therapy and i am the doctor.

      sit on the couch please and tell me your life :quite
    22. Addy
      time for a psychology lesson about ya :ignoramus

    23. Hamtaro
      They were hella strict with some stuff but pretty hypocritical. Since you weren't allowed to drink or you could be kicked out, yet the social clubs got funding from the school and use tens of thousands of dollars a year on alcohol, being paid for by students and donors.
    24. -Ziltoid-
      Precisely! Many people ask me "ohhh University, isn't that difficult?", and I just can't bring them to understand that it is not difficult, but just much.

      Perhaps that is why Kishi trolled some of the fandoms? :kaga

      Writing out of emotion can in something very good though.
      As for Sasuke: I keep feeling like he only appeared in part 2 because he was popular amongst the fans. Kishi never really did anything truly epic with Sasuke. Well, apart from his fight with Itachi, I suppose. Sadly, I'm not fan of those genjutsu hocus pocus 'battles'.

      Especially in fanfics.. some people prefer it, but I really hate to read through those long ass descriptions of fights. Recently dropped a fic that managed to let an entire chapter (which was probably 20 or 30 k words) revolve around a fight that didn't ever matter that much.. But of course, there was an original character (OC) involved. Probably was another annoying self-insert.
    25. Hamtaro
      Well I could never do that at lipscomb because they didn't allow girls in the guys dorms and vice versa. :pek

      Luckily, I have friend here at uncg who has introduced me to a bunch of his friends. Many of which are attractive women.
    26. -Ziltoid-
      Uni work never ends.. Its a bottomless pit of despair! :lmao

      Nehh, I think some people continue arguing that NS is actually the true pairing when Kishi is long dead.. I wonder if its some form of inability to move on, as they can't seem to accept that the story didn't continue the direction early part 1 pointed at (NS)
      Then again, ever since Hinata was introduced, NS had been losing the battle :lmao

      If you don't want Sasuke, then just let Deidara kill him early on :kaga
      God knows the bastard deserved to die, instead of asspulling his way through it...
      Or otherwise: Orochimaru could take Sasuke's body instead of losing in his own illusion.
      Fun thing about fanfic: the possibilities are endless! After all, the writer decides :p
    27. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I'm sure it will be because of since mini series will be over this summer and will likely go back to canon and end at 699 animated before summer hits, I feel that the manga didn't fufill Naruto's character at all it just more focused on Sasuke and all that skipped to where he becomes Hokage.
    28. Velvet
      :argh Oh no !!

      Doctor we need some anti-naruto cream !
    29. Velvet
      Well i try :ano passed math exam :33 two more to go !

      :lmao I see

      Hows you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen ? <3
    30. Velvet
      Gettin my bum torn by exams ! :hurr

      Btw why is everyone like..:lmao banned or something ?

      Which of the admins had a fit this time ? :33
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