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Bruce Wayne
May 1, 2012
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Jun 6, 1996 (Age: 24)
    1. Velvet
      True true :ano i forgot to log on here for awhile due to college...

      How chu been ? :iria
    2. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Do you like the idea about the possible Naruto anime series continue after the Last events? I mean the director said that the anime will continue as they started new developments. The Chunin exams is a start but I don't believe thats gonna be the only arc, that I believe they will continue after the war arc. I mean fill in more blanks like how Choji and Kurai ended up together with no interaction or hint between them.
    3. Hamtaro
      I usually prefer meeting that way girls too, but I have been hella lazy and use it more of an infrequent time killer than anything else.

      I think my game is fine, I just feel weird interacting in such a way online. And I got matched with the girl when I was in Florida on break. I will probably never meet her since anyways since she lives hundreds of miles away.
    4. Hamtaro
      How did you manage that? :O

      All my friends back home use it, or at least have it, so I decided to try it out.

      I've got some matches here and there but I actually haven't really messaged any of them. :haha

      Although just the other night, one girl sent a cleavage pic and then another with her bra almost off because she was bored, but I couldn't work up the energy or courage to take it any farther.
    5. Hamtaro
      Well classes start Monday, I have 15 hours, and I got into the university village apartments. :33

      The tinder game here is weak compared to Nasheville, though. :catprone
    6. Hamtaro
      University of North Carolina at Greensboro. :catcry

      But hey, my sister still lives in Nasheville and is a Belmont Alumni, so If I'm ever in town visiting I could let you know. :catflower
    7. Hamtaro
      Sup bro? :cat

      Don't know if I told you this but I moved to a different college. :catprone
    8. Addy
      3 more beasts to slay and i think my bro can handle them, right bro? :brofist
    9. Addy
      ahhhhhhhhhhhh the requirement courses. there are the courses you dont mind, the courses you enjoy, and the courses that make you want to hang yourself........ i know that feeling way too well man :defeat
    10. Addy
      8 hour exam?

      dont worry bro. the worse is behind you now :datass
    11. Shoukry
      Very true. :lbj Hopefully it won't turn into 4 months again though :rofl
    12. Shoukry
      Aww.. I missed you guys. :( I haven't been on in 4 months.. :catcry I'll try to be more active now
    13. Shoukry
      Everyday makes the difference when it comes to that :lmao

      Same. :33 Just chilling until I start school
    14. Shoukry
      I'm sure you can't wait :lmao

      How are you? :33
    15. Shoukry
      I start like next week >.< Can't wait!
    16. -Ziltoid-
      Pain in the chest is nothing to joke around with.. Be careful with it!

      I said it once: even if Naruto and Hinata have twenty children, and Sakura and Sasuke did the same, NS would still claim Naruto and Sakura secretly love each other. I mean, I've seen the 'divorce' thing shoot around after chapter 700 :lmao
      Some people just never give up.

      Next thing you'll know and they argue that trees are actually purple but that we all just see it in the wrong way :hehee

      Recently read an article that said that Christopher hated what Jackson did with the Hobbit.. So I think you're right; no more movies. Besides, the Silmarillion, for the most part, has too many gaps to be an actual movie. It would only result in idiotic script writers adding 80% original content, twisting and screwing over the original story :(

      On the topic of fanfics; writing is actually fun. Published my story here, and its actually more successful than I would've expected when I started with it. Not that it is the greatest fic around though :lmao
    17. -Ziltoid-
      Somehow, it turned out I had a parasite inside me, wrecking my gut. Got rid of the darn parasite, but it cause some damage, had a surgery last month, and will have one this month as well. Not the most pleasant thing, I assure you :lmao

      I did my Bachelor in Business Economics, and now my MSc in Business Administration (specialization in change management).

      Well, NS consistently twisted and turned every little thing so it was in their favour. In other words: they read the manga they wished to read, rather the actual thing. The anime trolling around didn't help much either. I mean, when reading the manga it is obvious there is little to no NS in the thing, but those retarded fillers in the anime.. With the pinnacle of stupidity in that last filler with mecha-naruto.. Sakura protecting a fucking flower. Idiots :facepalm

      Ever read Frank Herbert's 'Dune'? Though not fantasy, its on equal heights in quality to Tolkiens works imho.
      I wonder if they're going to make a movie out of 'the children of H?rin' though..
    18. -Ziltoid-
      Haha sounds great indeed. Can't say I had that much good fortune though, some health issues on top of it, but this year should be good. Should finish university and get my MSc degree, and then get work. 2015 should be good!

      Impressive to get such a full-tuition. You must've been top of your class or something! Expected nothing less from someone with a Silmarillion set :lmao
    19. Amanda
      Cheers, I bookmarked it (now it's too late for reading)
    20. Amanda
      No I haven't, what is it about?
    21. Kyu
      Insane thirst for coochie or cock? Cuz Mikoto might've swung both ways..:santahurr Itachi might too. Could see Kurenai, or Kiba's sister spreadin their legs for him and we know the rumors between him and Shisui.:lmao

      Sauce didn't give a shit about the opposite gender bar his mom - until Naruto knocked the uchiha-faggotry outta him anyway. Don't need to dive in any further on his bizarre obsession with his brother.:maybe

      Before I forget: Happy New Yearshttp://i.imgur.com/WDEm4rZ.png
    22. -Ziltoid-
      Indeed it was. Not the best year ever, but certainly interesting haha
    23. -Ziltoid-
      King Bruce :nardo
    24. Rax
      I feed your mom shit :lbj
    25. Kyu
      Fugaku couldn't keep his wife sated for shit.:lmao
    26. Rax
      I have freed them :33
    27. Rax
    28. Rax
      They are educating themselves, fool :naruramen
    29. Rax
      FT is leading them out of the creeping shadows :33
    30. Rax
      I don't require you to.

      I am just informing you :33
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    Jun 6, 1996 (Age: 24)
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    Naruto Uzumaki
    Bruce Wayne
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    Joseph Joestar
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