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buff cat
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Feb 23, 2016
Feb 6, 2007
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Jun 26, 1991 (Age: 28)

buff cat

selesnya's voice, 28

buff cat was last seen:
Feb 23, 2016
    1. Fancy
      yeah people can be quite rude here ugh .
    2. bbq sauce
      bbq sauce
      thx for the reps, mama :3
    3. Fancy
      same.. i haven't been on here for ages. it's boring.

      i'm fine. ^_^
    4. Fancy
      hi how are u?
    5. Suzumebachi
    6. Suzumebachi
      It's only 12:22am! You forgot to change your clocks.
    7. Suzumebachi

    8. Suzumebachi
      how are you?
    9. Suzumebachi
    10. Didi
      a lot of people are idiots :catroll
    11. Didi

      no but really

      I'm so touched by all this
      I can't really adequately explain why

      it's just
      random dude on the internet
      and yet you care so much and put in this effort
      you're an amazing person


    12. Didi

      you're awesome
    13. Didi
      not much changed from last time
      exam in a week and half roughly

      will do my best to succeed on that


      gj you, keep going
    14. Didi
      keikaku doori :urouge
    15. Didi
      That's good to know. I can't promise I will because I've always had a problem talking to people and tend to bottle everything up inside, but even little exchanges like these are helping. :hug

      Yeah that's it. But with this instructor, with a lot of now you stand, now you squat, now you sprint, more resistance more resistance more resistance (there's a knob you can adjust to make the cycling more hard), et cetera, really exhausting. And that for a whole hour. Final exercise was even an up-down-up-down really quickly to the beat, so hard. But really good exercise yeah, amazing for stamina.

      Wear a watch? Why's that? :lmao

      You should, it's great! The first three games are on iPhone I think or you could just a dl a DS emulator + the respective roms and play them that way :zaru

      That heavy of a load? Damn, that's harsh. Be sure to still get enough sleep, will help you in being effective at your homework, being sleep deprived never helps.
    16. Didi

      In general some things are still shitty (looks like I'm failing at least 2/3 courses this trimester cuz still struggling with depression), but today was pretty good. I went spinning and I have a group of friends to do it with so I'll keep doing it at least weekly, perhaps even more often, so that's good for me (also damn it's a tough as nails workout, there's a very good instructor who drives everyone to the edge).

      And I applied for a cool good paying job/gig which should occasionally make me 200 bucks in a day. I hope I get selected (but I don't think many people will apply cuz it's not well known so that should give me a good chance, also cuz I have good credentials for the thing).

      So today was a victorious day. Plus I've been playing Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, which is superfun especially cuz it combines two of my favourite franchises. :iria

      How about you? :33
    17. Sunuvmann
      What did you say in Thor's thread but delete? :U
    18. aiyanah
      software dev is good, lots of career opportunities following that, same reason i got drawn into it
      i had an opportunity to do networking but opted not to

      those kids dont want to be tutor'd math...especially on a wednsesday, man that would be the most terror thing ever

      i dont think me and zaru have ever shared a vm, doubt we would have anything to talk about tbh
      could be cool if we helped each other, though i'm a terribad teacher and possibly a worse student
    19. aiyanah
      haiya xxxplody
      two years i've been in computer science, well, at the end of this year
      i am so bad @ discreet maths tho that i haven't actually passed it on any of the 4 attempts i've had, thinking of getting a tutor
    20. dynasaur
      more than I have, thanks for the rep non-explody. :ruri
    21. dynasaur
      random chan :catblush

      serious though goodnight, don't want to keep you up lmao
    22. dynasaur
      random san.

      goodnight. :cat
    23. dynasaur
      okay thank you
    24. dynasaur
      I do care somewhat, but for some posters if they annoy me there is always the ignore so yeah

      nah what I meant is to be able to take jokes, witty remarks, etc and probably do the same in return. :cat
    25. dynasaur
      i think i'm too serious that's why. :-(

      i need to be be less serious. :quite
    26. dynasaur
      hey were you serious in the blender thread earlier? :hoho
    27. dynasaur
      oh wow hahaha no but he's still around and is a blenderite I think

      no this is just an ava I got from giveaways(credits to Tsubomii :catblush)
    28. dynasaur
      who did you think i was? xD
    29. dynasaur
      yes, my name was codea, but then i'm not really know outside the cafe tbh

      so there probably isn't that much of a difference between codea/dynamie lol
    30. Suzumebachi
      Sorry. I'm no scientist.
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    Jun 26, 1991 (Age: 28)
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
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