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Butō Rengoob
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Aug 9, 2019
Oct 4, 2006
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Home Page:
At Luciana's side

Butō Rengoob

Honorary Pantaloni Rossi, from At Luciana's side

Butō Rengoob was last seen:
Aug 9, 2019
    1. TaskMaster
      Hey I was wondering if you wouldn?t mind looking at my story ?So Called Heroes? and giving some feedback on it. It?s going to take over the Manga World!! It?s in the Konoha Literature section in the forums. Here is the link: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=881626
      Please and thanks!
    2. Lyanna
      Hi :33

      Dropping by to inform you that the final face-off for the FINALS of Miss 'Naruto' 2013/1024 Competition: Hinata vs Konan, has already started


      Click the link and vote now! :iria
    3. Lyanna
      Hey ya!

      Just gonna inform you that the Miss Naruto 2013/2014 Finals has already started.

      The First face-off, Konan vs Ino, is now ON :woo


      Click the link and vote now :iria
    4. Kaitou
      Another dude I haven't talked in a while.
    5. Wolfarus
      Hrm.. havnt been around for a good 4ish months. Bad time to stop by and say hi, i guess :hmm

      Hope yer doing well.
    6. Algol
      Nice, thanks for the info. And yeah I probably will.

      (Fan service is fine by me :datass )
    7. Algol
      Hey, what's the chick in your set from, if you don't mind?
    8. Shaz
    9. Aeiou
      Oh, my mistake. Dat percentage mix-up. But yeah you're right. If people are unhappy about something they'll do something to change it. In all honesty I really shouldn't say anything, because like you said if that petition actually does get the Edo Kages then we'd all be indebted to them. It's better than doing nothing. Yeah I was probably a little too quick to go and edit that guy's post, and for that I apologize. I still think however that there are better methods for getting our point across. When yelling like that at a company, they'll just see their fanbase as a bunch of rotten children. That's most likely one reason why Namco Bandai responded the way they did (telling us we watched the trailers incorrectly and it's our fault, which is some loaded bullshit). Obviously we have to be more clever when dealing with these companies, and probably a more.. sophisticated approach would gain us better grounds. But again the claim I made in the thread might have been a little shallow.

      Also the way you feel about SoleAccord made me lol irl. :lmao Yeah he has that sort of aggressive/arrogant nature to him. But I do understand your point and where you're coming from. I've simply stopped giving a shit about CC2. Storm 3 was the sloppiest piece of crap they've shat in years.
    10. Aeiou
      Wrong. 99% wasn't about adding the Edo Kages. I'd even be worried if 99% of the those forms were requesting characters to begin with, because that website isn't for requests, it's for suggestions to make the game as a whole better, not "give us Itachi plz, give us more OP chars plz". If the government is taking advantage of you, you're telling me an online, illegitimately trademarked petition is going to make them change their ways? What about using the suggestion form that the company itself willingly gives you? Doesn't that seem like it's going to have more merits? Everywhere I go I see little kids shouting "NO EDO KAGES NO BUY! SIGN THE PETITION". I can't even watch one Storm 3 Youtube video without seeing some kid say that blatantly and retardedly. It makes me look at the Storm community and makes it hard to believe that this is what we've become. The petition idea even came from Saiyan Island, a place known for childesh, obnoxious children like Flames of Youth 4ever or PositiveEmotions who do this shit on a daily basis. If you've seen my big conversation with SoleAccord in the Storm 3 thread, you'd see that I've made it quite clear I'm with the people who're angry with the Edo Kage thing, but I'm against the kiddies who shout irrationally and don't display their discontent in a logical manner. And from that conversation, a lot of people in the thread knew who I was talking about when I called most people in that petition whiners. If you're one of those logical people, which I'm sure you are, then there's no need for you to be offended. One thing you're forgetting about my claim is the context.

      I'm sure you're a passionate person and such, but for a second there with that wild behaviour you seemed, for a split second like one of those crazy SI posters who go apeshit when someone doesn't go wild for what they want as well.

      I know you're a cool dude as well, and don't sweat the neg, lol. Rep doesn't mean much to me but you being a decent guy is one reason why I didn't go ham on you with my VM's as well. It's also not rambling, it's discussing our opinions, and I honestly feel better trying to shed light on more productive ways of dealing with these companies instead of rash fury-petitions.
    11. Aeiou
      If you've been following the thread everyday you would see I'm none other than an ally. I've defended the Edo Kages more than any of you petitioners can say for yourself. There's no need to tell me about deserving the satisfaction that the company doesn't give you, because I've been saying that since the day the Edo Kages were declared unplayable. Still, does the possibility of I don't know, maybe sending the company a civilized letter of your discontent sound like a good, productive idea? But instead people go into a complete tantrum and rage and sign a petition of hatred and demands rather than thinking things through. Do you know who the majority of those people are that signed that petition? They're the same kids that said they won't buy the game because "3 vs 3" wasn't in the game or one specific character didn't get that 1 pixel updated.

      You can go ahead and have your own ideals, but criticizing, even blatantly attacking and negging others who think differently is no better than those who you claim are against what you're fighting for (and again if you were really that active in the thread you would see I wasn't against what you guys are fighting for... lol). I don't know man, that type of rashness was a slip-up, especially from a person like you, who I thought was rational.
    12. Aeiou
      Lol I'm guessing you weren't following the Storm 3 thread for very long, otherwise you would have seen my posts defending the Edo Kages for the longest time and my topics about customer satisfaction. If you really knew what I was talking about you would have known I was targeting those 5 year olds who say "no 1 character no buy CC2 is horrible they don't listen to us I hate CC2 wah wah wah".

      But thanks for the neg. I see you're one of those people who act on impulse and ask questions later.
    13. Sayaka
      I'm so bored....I wished I had my PS on my laptop...
    14. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Hey, OP characters are awesome. I'd take them anytime over the average male lead.:nod
    15. Kurokami Medaka
      Kurokami Medaka
      Thx for that rep, Izayoi makes Mondaiji awesome btw.:maybe
    16. Mnemosyne
      appreciatin the rep yo :hurr
    17. Humite Juubi
      Humite Juubi
      You asked from where i got my avatar?
    18. Sayaka
      Poor Mami right?

      Its batshit (the Manga)
    19. Sayaka
      Oi!!! Talk to me!

      Also I'm getting into a deadman wonderland mood....
    20. Bender
      I'm not mad about the neg. Just wanted to show off that funny pic PikaCheeka had.
    21. Chibason
      I used to every day when I played football as a teen. Then I gradually slowed down over the years...I need to get back into it though.

      Well, that's a good thign about that game. In Diplomacy, you dont have to post at all if you dont want to. The game is really fun, you should consider it.
    22. Chibason
      Lol well being disciplined for exercise is is a difficult thing to do. I haven't been in the gym in a long time...:/

      I've been alright man, but haven't played any Mafia lately...I've been playing Diplomacy II though, and it's been great so far.
    23. Sayaka
      Poor Mami!
    24. Chibason
      What's up Butobro?
    25. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      Whose that in your set? What manga?
    26. Wolfarus
      Im already using the best house mod there is.. as you should be :hurr

      And dragonborn unlocks in a few hours. :yay
    27. Wolfarus
      A cheat mod? meh, no ty. I think ive heard of it before, about it being really buggy and causing all kinds of problems. But thanks for thinking of me. :hurr
    28. Sayaka
      Should of known....they seem popular though I have he would put one on My heather gif xD
    29. Sayaka
      That's because I was busy and well had some family trouble. But I'm better now!

      ? what the hell is with these senbreros?
    30. Sayaka
      Yeah I know wow...umm so how are you Buto?
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    At Luciana's side
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    Tobirama, Mu, Kankuro, Han, Dosu.
    Lame, unimportant, apathetic, lazy.

    I love reading, video games, anime/manga, pretty much anything nerdy.


    Set by (the wonderful) Shaz

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