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Mar 1, 2015
Dec 1, 2007
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    1. wes
      do me a favor? whats a good site for bundesliga transfer rumors? unless its big transfers i never know who is moving in or out the buli and i would like to be able to follow it.
    2. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      To see plastic surgery consisting of overpaid footballterminators on steroid being crushed by "weaklings" (Ajax is far from the most physical team out there) which are graduates from the club themselves, is indeed a statisfying event to witness.

      And your team; They beat Real Madrid, not bad, not bad at all.
    3. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      nah, it was too tense for my likes. for me personally a disappointing and bitter end of the game, result wise.
      This game was for me the first time that I saw some new signings playing, they weren't that bad, but obviously one of them was already tired after an hour, unfortunately.
    4. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Game is about to start, enjoy!
    5. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      That's what I thought, yeah. Still, I don't want the Plastic Surgeries to succeed, if you know who and what I mean. :hurr

      Yeah, transfers are here sorted as well, fortunately. Everything is apparently going here according to plan.
    6. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Hmmm, ok then I guess pure unluck. The guy mentioned to me that at a certain point they moved the camera away from the drawings and switched the balls, so that PSG might have an easier group; but considering the fact that all club representatives of the participants are present there during the drawings, I suppose it is highly unlikely then?

      Yeah, he is gone and today is the last transfer day; how come everything goes crazy in the last minutes? ;o
    7. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      So it seems! Enjoy the game, once it starts!

      Did you watch the Drawings by any chance? Someone mentioned some curious stuff there, but I find it highly doubtable.

      Also, our teams have been relieved by Nigel de Jong.
    8. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      yeah, it certainly was. There is no proof on that unfortunately, it should ever be exposed, I don't think my team will be compensated for that at this current point for now. Zagreb and Lyonnais might be penalized, but there is no benefit to my team. ;o
    9. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      Yeah, look at last year with Lyonnais. There is no deny that something has happened.
    10. T.D.A
      no why? because of yolo? :lmao
    11. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      covering the first two spots. Pretty sickening the rise of Plastic Surgeries in Football, and often what an easy group they get, apart from City in this case.

      Bah, Exit Europe in Winter. At least everyone in this group is a title winner!
    12. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      No contest for Dortmund at all. This stinks.
    13. Dr.Douchebag
      Thanks, but for what though?

      I try to rep PB too but I also need to spread :lmao
    14. Kaitou
    15. wes
      piratebay and usenet i have 45 books already on the thing :zaru
    16. wes
      oh well there will always be the next tournament you rotten nazi bastard :zaru

      we shall have our revenge :del
    17. wes
      you know you cant really provoke me with this because i dont care
      somehow i knew that with RVP this would be a shitty EURO and i was right just did not expect it to be this bad
    18. wes
      its what you germans do best :(
    19. wes
      expected bild to mock us harder
    20. wes
      cant really tell if its sarcasm or not but in border regions WW2 sentiment stil lives strongly especially during football

      btw can you translate bolded parts

      Die Holl?nder sind in der letzten WM Zweiter geworden und dieses Jahr sang und klanglos ausgeschieden. Es wird Zeit f?r einen Umbruch! Nach der EM ist vor der WM. Man sieht sich wieder und dann wieder auf Augenh?he. Da bin ich mir sicher! Gr??? nach Holland! Ihr packt es!
    21. wes
      yer croatia have a hard task ahead of them but i have more hope in them then i had in the NL the entire tournament :lmao

      it would be ironic if germany actually wins the tournament because you actually play very dutch with very attractive and attacking football and you win a tournament this easily while we have been struggling for so long with that playingstyle :lmao

      also yesterday in my city i was at the traffic lights infront of the train station and opposite the train station is a big square filled with pubs and dutch fans some german car pulls up behind me with a german flag painted on his hood and german flags on the windows and coming out of the doors and the guy looked so smug while people were shouting at him and throwing beer at his car shit was hilarious
    22. wes
      i might go watch in m'gladbach if i feel like it and i dont mind if u guys win the EURO but im hoping for croatia but that would be a miracle
    23. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.

      Happy to help.
    24. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      While ago. Put that code and replace that in your youtube link post and you'll be fine.
    25. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      You need the code after v=, not the whole youtube link bro.

      (Here it is.) KDetzVjyiFM
    26. wes
      good luck brah :datass
    27. wes
      i know :del

      im just sad RVP scored now somebody will find a reason to put him up for striker again next tournament instead of huntelaar

      god i wish RVP and our coach get shot
    28. Tyrion
      is your sig real? lol
    29. wes
      im not gonna stalk your profile faggot

      but you were born in a good year :hurr
      europameister :hehee
    30. wes
      ah ok

      must be the cold thats messing with the car computer they were talking about the car key being a problem but it looked more like a joke and i didnt really get the rest so needed your help so thanks :zaru
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