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  • Holy hell. how are you?
    Heeeey I am good. Busy busy with school and work and life. I hope you're well. I check in here once in a while to see if ppl are behaving
    I was never a big Jill fan but liked her tremendously in Revelations. But all that matters now is Claire is back. :<3
    Thanks for rep.

    I try to be nice, especially to those I like. It's just I feel like I can redeem myself for not being the nicest person irl. Then when I finally get freed, I'll be able to show compassion to everyone. I agree it's hard to survive as a child in the Blender, but I'm glad I stuck around to get accepted. Even if it was going to be a bumpy road on the way.
    Not many are sociable people. :naruko

    It's alright! xD

    And that avatar makes me nostalgic. I miss 07. :catsad
    Lol I missed all the fun.

    But I have my own share of crazy to deal with, so I don't miss it. :lmao

    Btw if you want to add me on skype, search up chris182a
    And nothing of value was lost

    Let us never speak of it again. Especially not to Renee.
    I mean, I don't even ever really see the store manager, 9/10 I see the other managers just around the store and occasionally if I'm doing shop backs and I have no idea where stuff is at I ask them. I can't get over time, like the rest of the baggers i'm part time...and my hours range from like, 18-28 depending on the week. I usually get more just because any day I have a 4-5 hour shift I ask the management if I can stay later. How did you prove yourself?

    Oh okay, and oh you returned to your home state, are you close to where you grew up at?

    I kinda wanna transfer to the meat department, i'd get a paid raise and stuff there and probably more hours...but I honestly would prefer working in a restaurant even as a bus boy, because fuck people... I can no longer stand these uhhh extremely white trashy people staring at me in the bottle room getting upset thinking I can somehow work faster >_>.

    I'm becoming way better at it, because I decided to finally just make a real attempt to memorize where shit is.

    Also, do you have any pictures of the house?
    I guess it's better. I honestly just wish they'd teach me how to casher sometimes, since very often they'll call other people up front for queueing and i'd like prefer to learn how to do more stuff at the store.

    Do you live near her? Or is it more of a whenever you talk to her you try to get her out of the house type deal? Ever since I've got a job i've started to be less of a recluse...sorta. Even now, sometimes when I go to the store I try to avoid people I work with and stuff but ya.

    Wait, remind me what you were doing? I think it was at a pharmacy or something? Also back problems blow. Even during super short shifts (4-6 hours) my back will sometimes start to get sore :(

    Same, I'll try to check back in here for a few a reasons. Mainly because nf is still pretty nice.
    I'm honestly hoping to transfer at my 90 day evaluation period is up. The more I work with people up front all the time the more i'm like....i'd rather work in a department where I'm gonna be not having to talk and deal with people all the time. In whatever department I went to i'd probably end up being more helpful since i'd like....have alot of knowledge of about that place. So I wouldn't feel awkward about telling people where stuff is and not having 100% confidence in where I sent them >_> (i'm usually right though)
    I'm doing okay, I've got a job as a courtesy clerk (an extremely fancy name for bagger who does more stuff than just bag.) At least even though I've only been working for 2 and a half months I'm one of the best people who works up there. Soon I can ask to transfer to somewhere else and hopefully get more than 18-28 hours aweek.

    Yeah I remember reading about that on tumblr:/ I'm sorry. Is your sister doing alright? I remember in a tumblr msg a reallllly long time ago I heard about some uncomfortable situation with her and your father at the time.

    I'm glad to hear you're doing okay! Are you working right now?
    Sorry for the late replies...sometimes i'd just come on nf super late at night and not even realize I had notifications and post a little bit
    Need to spread, so I'll just make the effort of saying it here:

    I don't mind it. Good character building exercise for both of us. :del
    Mangorita :rotfl

    Actually that sounds legit.
    The summer i turned of-age was when bud light had that lime stuff. Many Skyrims were had

    Four beers would destroy me hahaaa... You save money being a lightweight though. #silver lining

    you like my sensible taste in humor and entertainment
    Yes :yay

    Also your snap-snap comments to BH cretin.
    Perfect :villa

    Just kidding
    In a non-creepy "i go out of my way to click stuff you've posted in" way.

    Also hi. Beer is good :3
    Wish i had some alcohol
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