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  • omgomgomgom! awesomeness =D
    Good to see you didn't give up on the project. Also I hope you're doing ok. xoxo
    it let me log on this time...whoa whoa whoa.
    well anyways, long time no see. Your sept 14th post made me smile.
    I haven't forgotten you, of course not. That will never happen.
    I think you should know Melissa and I broke up on August 4th. Two days after the ~official six month anniversary, and so close to being a year from the "first kiss"
    Not gonna lie, my heart's still a bit broken. It was mutual - we both had seen it coming. She needs space and I need room to develop. It's terrible because part of me is so lonely now, but it's wonderful because it's so new.
    But we've both changed, and well, that's okay. I haven't watched any new anime since Code Geass - not even season 3 of Zetsubou Sensei, the hell?
    But I've lost my train of thought...nonetheless, I'm ecstatic to hear you're doing well. And just BY THE WAY I have been talking to other people. Like, I still talk to Scotty a bit and Aishiteru and stuff. I just made new friends and now I'm trying to really focus on school...I guess.

    Anyways, take care, Natalie.
    Lol its interwebs speak that i've never heard of D:
    Well hurry and Zerg Rush so my name is in the fc groyp :LOS
    Your co owner of the Sakura FC and yet you couldn't put my name in the member list :hurr:gun
    Thanks for the link though it made it alot easier ^^ :hug
    I agree that Kishi neglects the womenz but I don't share Ghstwrld's kind of realism.

    Understanding that it's the writer who is responsible for developing the characters, Sakura only gets the development that Kishi thinks appropriate for the story. The problem I have is he's told us Sakura is strong but hasn't shown it since her fight with Sasori, and while I don't care if Sakura never gets involved in the battle - I like the fact that she's a medic - a lot of fans tend to fixate on how many jutsu a character has to determine their worth to the story and can't seem to get that not every character has to have the same kind of role to be worthwhile.

    Ghstwrld doesn't seem to have a problem with the fact that Sakura is a designated healer so I don't understand why he feels she hasn't done enough and I still haven't seen anything that makes me share his view that Sakura needed or deserved the guilt trip that Sai unloaded on her.

    But anyway...I probably take all of this too seriously - lol!
    I assume Ghstwrld wasn't always so negative, is that right? I'll be honest. I thought s/he was a troll based on some of those posts. Anyway, I don't mind a little intensity, it's the negativity that bums me out. Anyway, see you around the 'hood!
    You're right of course. I'm old enough not to bother with random haters. I just find some of the comments in the Haruno Sakura FC thread somewhat negative. That's a little hard to take.
    Yep, Chiyo too! Medics are under-appreciated around this forum.

    I really just want Kishi to knock some sense into the Sakura bashers by showing how powerful she is in her own way. Of course, she could have a repertoire of hax jutsu and the haters would probably still hate her. Sigh.
    Thanks! I'll be looking forward to your next volume. I first saw your project last summer and ended up watching them all in a row, so I feel like I've been deprived for a long time, lol. Actually, I'm a little jealous of your editing...
    I'm Aleksander - Aleks(norway represent!!;P), and I'm your biggest fan! hah.
    Check out the latest post in your cut to manga thread ;D
    Your call. Don't think AIM has anything to do it, and I was never really on it before. Didn't start using it again until recently.
    Going bi-polar and flipping the fuck out over incredibly stupid shit (like me asking what's up when you couldn't sleep) got fucking annoying, real fast.

    In that regards, yes, I'm not particularly in the mood. Tag on all the needless drama that I had to basically leave Isu's FC to get away from, and I think I've spelled this out clearly.
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