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May 17, 2011
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Outside reality
To study hard :P
    1. Jakers
      Where have you been, old comrade?
    2. Zeromaru
      Hey Mohsin, if you're gone forever or whatever I just wanted to say you were great and sorry for kinda, accidentally abandoning the group.
    3. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      Fellow Nippon lovers, sup
    4. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      It's been like a year. Come back to us :'(
    5. Jakers
      you aren't on much anymore... :/
    6. ~BLAZxBLUE~
      Are you dead? :psyduck
    7. ~BLAZxBLUE~
    8. Vicious
      Merry Christmas
    9. Vicious

      Looks fucking awesome!
    10. Vicious
      The Encode manga likely is going to be longer than I expected. I’ve heard around 6 volumes or something - not sure exactly. So it’s not going to be just several chapters or a single volume.

      The Xros Wars manga was only 4 volumes, IIRC.

      Since the manga kinda follows the game (somewhat), we’ll likely see the following (hopefully),
      -SGDLs (Barbamon has already made a cameo I believe)
      -Lucemon Satan Mode
      -X-Antibody RKs and Alphamon

      Has me excited..

    11. Jakers
      Hey MohsinMan, I see you changed your name already. I am still figuring on what to change my name to here. I just dropped into say "hello" and reminiscing back to the old pm's we had last year about "you-know-what", I just felt like correcting you on a couple of things. You asked if I was "religious" and actually to be honest, I'm not really typically SUPER-religious (even though my mom is actively trying very hard to make me be so these days)... I just simply adore religion/mythology gods and beings and to learn more about them.

      And in general, I tend to have a soft spot for more real-life beings/stuffs/things that are awesome, beautiful, colorful, mysterious, omnipotent, strong, powerful, interesting, fascinating, and whatever that is above human comprehension or simply beyond the ordinary and the mundane. For me. If anything, I am focusing my worldviews and basic/central views of life, truth, reality, and existence on "something" (for the lack of a better word I can think of in modern english language) more akin to "Thing" or "The One".

      TL;DR: I am personally more of a religion/mythology nerd (or a nerd of subjects on well... godly/cosmic beings and abstract/surreal/metaphysical stuff or whatever you call it) than a devoutly religiously-practicing Christian as you might assume. And my views on divinity have changed A LOT yet still stay the same.

      That is all. Have a nice day! And wish me a happy thanksgiving. :)
    12. Vicious

      I wonder what this'll turn into.

      Hope you're doing fine. :zaru
    13. Derpaholic
      Eid mubarak :-)
    14. Derpaholic
    15. Boomy
      ^ (use bro), from which feat Omnimon, Dukemon and some other got low-godly regen?

      They healed from something like complete body destruction? If yes then when?
    16. Vicious

      Huanglongmon :datass
    17. Vicious

      Such amazing art.
    18. Vicious
      More stupid shit from CBR this time. CBR is a horrible place for Digimon.


      I use to be a member there since around 2006 I believe or around there (back in my noob days). Very high ignorance there. Digimon are considered as programs/codes, therefore are unable to do anything very impressive, blah, blah, logic.
    19. Vicious

    20. Vicious

      Me likey :maybe
    21. Vicious

    22. Vicious
      Is the Wiki fucking up or are you editing right now? :psyduck

      Also, apparently other people can't view it.
    23. Vicious
      Indeed. :maybe

      Glad you're back - you're fine, right?

      I've been editing quite a bit, and I plan on editing a bit more. Still need one for Cherubimon. I think I want to finish the RKs and the SGDLs before I slow down a bit.

      Anyways, should I add the V-Tamer God? And try to explain everything I can that I know about that God, and possibly other Gods (to compare). Most people aren't even aware of that God..it could be the "true" God..

      EDIT: You better a least "read" the other messages and stuff I sent. :maybe
    24. Helel
      5000 ATK
      4000 DEF

      Must be Special Summoned by a "Rank-Up-Magic" Spell Card, and cannot be Special Summoned other ways. This card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. This card gains 100 ATK for each Xyz Material attached to it. When this card is Special Summoned: Attach a number of cards from the top of your opponent's Deck to this card as Xyz Materials, equal to the difference in Ranks between this card and 1 of your opponent's Xyz Monsters. When an Xyz Monster is Special Summoned to your opponent's side of the field: Attach a number of cards from the top of your opponent's Deck to this card as Xyz Materials, equal to the difference in Ranks between this card and that monster.

    25. Bowser
      So much for waiting a week end, eh ?:maybe:maybe:maybe

      But well check that:
      This badass motherfucker is the Mario equivalent of Dracula:LOS
    26. Zeromaru
      I feel for you. :lmao

      Of course it is, :zaru.
      I still haven't figured out how to finish his club(bone?) so it's just been left like that, lol. Thanks, for real, btw.

      Oh my god ... are you Hellkaiser?! Good for you then, it must be fun being an absentee moderator. :maybe
      I had no idea though, maybe 'cause I was looking for someone named "Mohsin" or even "Calamity".

    27. Helel
      Eliphas do not need to tribute monsters. He can evolve his monsters (and, therefore, their Ranks) with Astral Force.
    28. Zeromaru X
      Zeromaru X
      I don't know... a month, perhaps? I hope so... xD
    29. Vicious
      Just watched the new DBZ movie - it was awesome. :datass

      EDIT: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=941727

    30. Zeromaru X
      Zeromaru X
      Hi. I have a lot of screenshots to this day. I will begin translations in the next weeks.
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    Outside reality
    To study hard :P
    Favorite Character(s):
    Sakata Gintoki
    Hanamichi Sakuragi
    SMT Lucifer
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Favorite Episodes: Gintama 98-100,183
    Digimon Adventure 40,41
    Pokemon 1,136
    Digimon Xros Wars 30,
    A good guy. :maybe

    Digimon, Pokemon, Gintama, SMT, Slam Dunk, others...
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