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Captain Obvious
Jul 22, 2008
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Aperture Science Enrichment Center

Captain Obvious

is a fightin lass, Female, from Aperture Science Enrichment Center

Life is a mistake, can I get a refund? May 15, 2018

    1. Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious
      Life is a mistake, can I get a refund?
      1. Fusion
        Got a noose handy?
        May 15, 2018
    2. Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious
      Just shout my name, I'll be at your side. Cause I'm a knight through and through.
    3. strongarm85
      Sounds good!
    4. hammer
      so when battle happens do we have some kind of real time map?
    5. hammer
      thanks I have one more question.

      I remember when I played my DM told me to pick a very specific feat so I wouldn't hit my friends with my arrows when they were in combat:hm
    6. hammer
      I didn't want to post too much in the ooc thread so if you don't mind me asking here.

      where can I go for an editable character sheet for me to make and post
    7. RemChu
      I like the Gnoll character in your sig.

      and uh I should be ok with getting the hands of thing. I just need to submit a character right? If I join do I join level 1? or do I join at your levels....

      assuming your levels?
    8. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      I liked it, very somber.
    9. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
    10. soulnova
      AWESOME!! :D I won't be around today until late at night. Destiny is best enjoyed with friends... it gets boring fast as a solo experience. If you need more Destiny comrades, check the game thread for the PSN IDs.

      Just a heads up, the Taken King will change the way people level up. Right now we reach level 20 and we gain level by having powerful armor (the more upgraded the armor, the higher your level will be). This was a problem for "casuals" like me who didn't have time to grind for items to upgrade and improve our equipment. The Taken King will change that so people will be able to progress through levels normally with EXP from killing mobs. Characters who haven't reached level 25 when Taken King rolls around will be given a level boost item so they could jump to the new (harder) content.
    11. soulnova
      D: OMG
      PSN: alizrak
      Did you get the DLC's? The Taken King is going to come out in a week or so and is going to change everything.
    12. Nicodemus
      Haha...yeah, I think so, for now. I'm not really at a point in my schoolwork where I can take time to DM right now, sorry!
    13. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
    14. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      Reason I linked it.
      Figured is she wasn't ever going with Hayao she'd be able to keep it.
    15. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      Easy for Yuki. I've been considering it myself since it's easy to avoid eating or sleeping at this point.
    16. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
    17. soulnova
      Nah, it'll just be tormenting Hayao/pushing his buttons/embarassing him.

      I'm sure it will but the paladin nature I have wants to hug her and cuddle her and make everything better. I don't usually voice my guilt but it's bad this time. I hope we help her out soon, but I'll try to have Yuki keep violence to a minimum for now.


      In general I don't want anyone's character or getting into long lasting repercussion, but let's just say I'm having a blast at Tassara's expense just watching things unfold. At this pace, we might reach soap-opera levels of drama soon enough. :lmao
    18. soulnova
      :lmao Oh, she has everything in her power to make "things worse" for Tassy. But go ahead.... a long as is not killing someone. :noworries

      I can't really say more or I would be spoiling things. Maybe it will come to light on its own eventually, but she really wants to keep this quiet cus she knows hell is going to break loose otherwise. :ninja
    19. Nicodemus
      No problem.
    20. Nicodemus
      Yeah, they're basically the "divine sorcerer". You select a certain number of spells known, and then you can cast any of those throughout the day as long as you don't go over your spells/day.
    21. Nicodemus
      Oracle's don't prepare spells :zaru They're spontaneous casters, like sorcerers.
    22. soulnova
      I really wanted to talk this one out. Tassara will be destroyed if we abandon the orcs.
    23. Nicodemus
      Ah man, that's way too complicated for me :zaru

      So it would look something like 2d6+15/2d6+10/2d6+10/2d6+10/2d6+10 for 5 attacks?
    24. soulnova
      Sure... why not
    25. Unlosing Ranger
    26. Yami Munesanzun
      Yami Munesanzun
      But things came up while I was gone.

      So I was gone for too long.

      It's all my fault. :catcry
    27. Yami Munesanzun
      Yami Munesanzun

      It seems I was gone for too long. :catroll
    28. Yami Munesanzun
      Yami Munesanzun
      Ah, well then I'll just edit my post. :catroll

      Don't leave me!:catsad
    29. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      Want to play skullgirls?
    30. Unlosing Ranger
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    Aperture Science Enrichment Center
    Relationship Status:
    In a committed relationship with my 2d husbando
    Favorite Character(s):
    Maito Gai, Rock Lee, Tenten, Tobi, Kakuzu,
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 157, 'Run! The Curry of Life!'
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