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Cardboard Tube Knight
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Nov 20, 2019 at 3:17 AM
Apr 28, 2006
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Mar 2, 1986 (Age: 33)
Earth 1218

Cardboard Tube Knight

The Pride of House Goneril, 33, from Earth 1218

Cardboard Tube Knight was last seen:
Viewing thread Pokemon Sword & Shield, Nov 20, 2019 at 3:17 AM
    1. Bishop
      Nice phone thru and thru. What is going on with all the people bashing you? Did something happen?
    2. Bishop
      That may be true, but in the end, however, it's just the internet.
    3. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna
      man I want a note 4
    4. Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna
      For some reason I thought they were still 2.0
    5. LesExit
      Oh ya that discussion has been going on for a while...
      Are you very interested in Naruto?
    6. LesExit
      Must be topics I never look at D: That's a long time! I usually drop games fairly quickly...I think it's bad... Do you have many friends on the game though?
    7. LesExit
      It was oatmeal before! Ya I've noticed....but I feel like I haven't come on a much lately.

      I've been playing...nothing :D A lot of my friends like that game though.
    8. LesExit
      On my profile page? Hasn't it been like that for a while :0???
      but I'm doing pretty good, have exams all this week....but then it's thanksgiving break so I'm happy!
    9. Mikaveli
      Police officers really have a license to kill. They face no consequence and are expected to not have much responsibility despite the position of authority they have. Its actually maddening. I don't understand why they have such immunity.
    10. Mikaveli
      Never heard of it, how'd you come across it?
    11. Deleted member 222538
      Deleted member 222538
      Ctk come back. I'm the only feminisr in the cafe. At every turn feminists are bashed and I'm the only one who seems to have a problem with that. And that fly marty is such a misogynist and no one calls him out on the obvi
    12. Mojo
      Hello (hugs)
    13. baconbits
      Real life happens to all of us. I was planning a sweet comic book with my brother (he's a talented artist) but we're just too busy to make it happen. Then he got his car stolen...

      Cafe is about the same as it always was to me. Folks have always hated feminists, which is so odd to me since they tend to post from a liberal perspective. You're one of the few "independents" in the cafe, since you have the religious perspective, agree with feminism and are moderate on public policy. That could be why you never fit in.
    14. baconbits
      I guess I don't know enough about how the site is run to even have a credible opinion about how it should be run. I honestly thought you left the forum because you used to at least post in the Cafe convo or the pic thread.

      When you gonna send me an update on your book, bro?
    15. baconbits
      What do you think will happen, then?
    16. baconbits
      The site might get better once Naruto finally ends. Then a lot of the younger and less mature posters will leave.
    17. baconbits
      Dang, I never knew. Where are you posting now? And how far along are you on your story?
    18. LesExit
      Ya I went on her blog thingy and she talked about that. Thats really awesome for her :D
    19. LesExit
      Woah I love it!! They look different then what most people would do and that makes them really awesome! Tell her to make more rats :grr
    20. LesExit
      lol it looks so cute! like a noodle...somehow!! I love it though :3 Seems like it'd go nice on a shirt
    21. Kafuka Fuura
      Kafuka Fuura
      The caf? is full of morons who think their opinions mean something and don't have to support it with evidence if they circle jerk each other enough. :(
    22. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      type this into youtube. vNIe_UwHPU0
      Who is that redhead?
    23. Subarashii
      Yah dude, chillax!
      Nice camera, I need one like that
    24. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana
      We just had an employee discount sale. But if you didn't get it let me know and I'll see if i can get a discount off it.
    25. Subarashii
      You met a girl interested in modeling pix for you? :uwah Well I've never heard that! lol :ho

      Yeah, this place can be a real heap but even if I wanted to leave a smidgeon of a good bye message, it'd be disregarded immediately lol
      I alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaays have my camera (read: phone) ready. I just took a great instagram pic this morning! :del

      Second degree is either going to be teaching French or educational psychology... I just really want summers off :shifty
    26. Subarashii
      I never plan my leavings from here so I just wonder in and out lol

      I wish I had time to draw :( On the weekends when I go out I usually take some pics of where I am. Took one last weekend I'm quite proud of :D
      Other than not drawing FFXIV takes up my free time lol You should try it if you like mmos.
      Suuuuuuuuuuuuper happy to be done with school though thinking of getting another degree ... :hurr
    27. Subarashii
      Nope, done with school working a real (boring) job. Hence why I'm back here out of sheer boredom. WHat do you do down there?
    28. Subarashii
      So how's San An?
    29. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      edited last post
    30. Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious
      I'm liking Britta more and more. :maybe
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    Mar 2, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Earth 1218


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