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Cardboard Tube Knight
Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2020 at 2:58 AM
Apr 28, 2006
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Mar 2, 1986 (Age: 33)
Earth 1218

Cardboard Tube Knight

The Pride of House Goneril, 33, from Earth 1218

Cardboard Tube Knight was last seen:
Feb 23, 2020 at 2:58 AM
    1. Auraya
      :lmao lol right then
    2. Auraya
      I would laugh if you did that :lmao. Anyway posh people say darling, sleazy old men say love generally :p
    3. Auraya
      I've been to reduced "you person you" how rude :p
    4. Tsumi
      thats pretty awesome bud! what are you taking in school? =D
    5. Tsumi
      y hello thar! i am doing pretty fantastic tho i'm stuck working all weekend D: but still school is finally starting again! yay! =D whazza about you?
    6. Psallo a Cappella
      Psallo a Cappella
      Oh, wow. Be careful, though. Just to be safe, going up to your parents' would be a good idea; I wouldn't want you hurt. ='( But I will agree that the media can make it sound worse than it really is, as they do with many other things.

      When I've finished this load of homework [ Math, World Lit., both AP =( ] I'll send you a lovely message. It takes a bit of explaining.

    7. Psallo a Cappella
      Psallo a Cappella
      I'm sorry; just realized I didn't even reply on my own page!

      I'm not sure what to do at the moment about the plagarism; it's a sensitive fandom subject, unfortunately. I can't toss around details here, but I could show you what I'm dealing with if you would like. Remember the thread I made in the Literature Department about those two books / authors? It's a few pages back. That has something to do with it.

      Looking down, I see discussion of Gustav. You're not in the path, are you? ='( I've been watching coverage and it sounds terrible, and it hasn't even hit yet.

      Stay safe! :love
    8. Jealousy
      People don't write me on an anime forum that I only frequent one day of the week... FUCK! My life is over!
    9. Cindy
      We had some minor roof damage with Dolly, and she was a category 2 when she made landfall. I don't really know what would happen should Gustov hit.
    10. Cindy
      That seems pretty safe. :) Stock up on sandbags and the like if you plan to ride it out!
    11. Cindy
      Regardless, hopefully you'll be okay. We're not in the projected 'window of possible movement' but hurricanes have proven to be unpredictable, wily things. (Then again, Dolly hit us directly, just as expected.)

      This thing is going to be strong. If you're near the Texas coast, will you be evacuating?
    12. Cindy
      Fortunately I'm not in Gustav's path. I'm too far south. If you are, I hope you stay safe!
    13. Cathodic.Catherine
      I feel very special, then.
    14. Cathodic.Catherine
      Lol. You should.
    15. Cathodic.Catherine
      She certainly is.
    16. Cathodic.Catherine
      Because you haven't gotten around to hearing about this person I suppose.
    17. natwel
      Hello, how do you approve pending request to be a friend
    18. Auraya
      :lmao alright then
      I honestly wonder why you have a dream about a fish killing women.
    19. Auraya
      giant talking blue fish are awesome :LOS
      they are trying to take over the world!!:p
    20. Danse
    21. Auraya
      I would hate to be a teacher. I'd get so stressed . It's not even being considered as a backup :S and you as a teacher would be fun
    22. Auraya
      :lmao right sure because I totally want to be a teacher :zaru
    23. Auraya
      eww you called me ma'am
      I feel old :arg
    24. Auraya
      oo yay they have enabled these again :iria
    25. Koi
      Justin! :iria
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    Mar 2, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Earth 1218


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