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Cardboard Tube Knight
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Dec 14, 2019 at 8:42 PM
Apr 28, 2006
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Mar 2, 1986 (Age: 33)
Earth 1218

Cardboard Tube Knight

The Pride of House Goneril, 33, from Earth 1218

Cardboard Tube Knight was last seen:
Dec 14, 2019 at 8:42 PM
    1. Bishop
      I'm about to sell a computer. Opened it up for the first time in a while and this site popped up. Insidiously curious as to the progression of this forum since my last visit, I decided to peak in. And to my surprise, it is the same shit.
    2. LesExit
      Aww! I love babies :3 Their skin is so soft.

      I honestly felt the same. I liked creating them, but they seemed kinda boring in the game.

      You don't need a board :0??

      Well maybe they were just too normal >.>
    3. LesExit
      Well if you say so! Is the baby adorable?

      lol that sounds like fun. I've never mad a vampire though. Did you ever play sims pets?

      How do you play it online?

      When I was really little I enjoyed reading a bunch, not so much writing...yet. Now I don't do too much reading D: but I write a bunch! I don't see how that makes you weird though!!
    4. Bishop
      Minding my fucking business that's where.
    5. LesExit
      It seems like a big deal though :0

      I think I've made two evil sims...one was a baby with red eyes. I usually make my sims really artsy...and good at gardening, even though I never garden. Is that Dungeons and Dragons? I went to video game camp one year and these kids wanted me to play it, but I was too tired. Is it fun?

      Weird in what way....??? I bet you just don't notice anymore. I've felt that I haven't changed in many years...but when I ask people they say I have. The changes are probably just very slow...I just don't know if I've changed for the better or worse :0
    6. LesExit
      It's good that you went then, since your presence was so beneficial to your friends. Oh wow, why is it that you didn't know this before? Did you just not see him growing up.

      Though sometimes I make evil version of myself...does that say anything about me D:??

      YES! No....well maybe XD. Though I vividly remember having a dream where it jumped out of it's tank and on to my lap, then I woke up screaming... I'm fine with fish now though.
    7. LesExit
      Well just being around people that are super sad, makes you feel awful. So then you weren't too close to the people that died?

      I think that's a part of it too! It's an escape

      lol that's a creative name. I was afraid of fish when I was little, because my grandma had this little fish that would jump out the bowl sometimes.
    8. Subarashii
      Ahhh that is very helpful info! Thanks for the ... info lol

      And yeah I was in school but now I'm done and jobless so I have so much free time! :zaru
    9. LesExit
      Sorry to hear that. Though I don't think my words really do anything. Hope you're getting through it though. That stuff is rough.

      I played it on that too, I've been a pretty big fan since. I really like them too...I think I do because regulating stuff makes me feel more purposeful maybe...

      I don't know much either! Was it a fancy fish that you had?
    10. Subarashii
      Has anyone had a name change since ive been gone? Any new dramas I should know about? Lol
    11. Subarashii
      I come and I go as I please :smoke
    12. soulnova
      Thank you. :nod

      If things change I'll let you know.
    13. soulnova
      :/ No, not for the moment. I have been very busy lately at work. Good luck with that.
    14. soulnova
      You didn't tell me you were going to bring back Girugevan as a new adventure. xD Is baby Elena going to make a cameo? :tomato
    15. Kagekatsu
      It's funny that Bender had the "Do We Need Religion" thread have an explicit "No trolling or baiting" rule, yet that's exactly what I'm seeing there right now, from the usual suspects of course.
    16. Ichypa
      Right, that seems to have worked.
    17. soulnova
      Yeah, I decided that if I already have 1900 subscribers without doing much, why not start uploading my gameplay and monetize the shit out of those. Is what the cool kids are doing these days. :p

      I have earned $0.50!! YEAH!(?) :lmao
    18. soulnova
      Youtube I guess... https://www.youtube.com/user/soulnova
    19. EvilMoogle
      You allow synthesist summoners? I always seem to fall back on that but it is a cool class.
    20. EvilMoogle
      Depends on the build. I view the class as bomb focused, so they're ranged (albeit <60'). There are builds that focus on the mutagen to be melee berserkers though.
    21. EvilMoogle
      My initial plan was to play an old Paladin, Chr heavy as a healer/buffer/weak tank.

      But that makes Dex the dump stat (I won't dump Int, I refuse), which is kinda foreign to me, it's been a long time since I've had a low dex character.

      But I realized if the rest of the party's playing more ranged types the 'Sacred Shield' paladin I was considering won't really work and he won't have the stats to be the a primary tank.

      We'll see. :hmm
    22. EvilMoogle
      Nope that's fine with me.

      And I hate point buy, the urge to stat-dump and cripple a character is so high. :geg
    23. LesExit
      Oh! Then that's really strange...I don't get why they would make the demo a different style O__O I just saw pics from the demo...thats a huuuuge difference!

      I honestly don't even know what it is... I only saw one commercial and it had these kids from a sitcom with these storm troopers.

      I haven't gone to the game store at all D: I gotta try both those games! Maybe I can buy it in the nintendo store :) That's alright, I'll understand it when I play it!

      I played it for a solid 3 months! Then I stopped...I named my dog Oatmeal, she probably ran away by now...I also lost them game. Do you like Harvest Moon?

      Awww! Those little mice were so cute!! Or were they dwarf hamsters?? They're so small, fluffy and silly :3 Thanks for sharing!
    24. baconbits
      Lol. I won't.

      Self publishing is kind of scary. Its possible to make the greatest book and get no notice at all for creating it; its also possible to get rich since none of the money is diverted from your pockets. I wish you good luck with that.
    25. baconbits
      I prefer finding out stuff like that on my own, because it renews interest every time something surprises me but I bet people packaging your book would put spoilers all over the place.
    26. baconbits

      Put a spoiler alert on that, bro! I didn't figure that out yet, lol.
    27. baconbits
      My wife and I watched lost when we were still dating. That show got weird really fast. Started with an interesting premise but the premise probably never made sense, hence the bad ending.

      I can't see that happening to you, tho. I'm pretty sure you think things through before you start something, lol.
    28. Gibbs
      I like your set.:hurr
    29. baconbits
      Lol. He's probably mad because that question is probably 99% of all the questions he gets from people. Plus he is old. Most likely he won't be able to finish his series. The books are too long, the characters too many and the plot too spread out to bring together quickly. I like his books, though I skim past the wastes of space he inserts here and there, but dude needs to step it up. His last two books have not been up to the standard of the first ones.
    30. baconbits
      By the way I'm going to be annoying to you because I want to read that story to the end. You'll probably keep being prodded by me to get that story finished and published. Its a fun read.
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    Mar 2, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Earth 1218


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