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Cardboard Tube Knight
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Nov 3, 2019
Apr 28, 2006
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Mar 2, 1986 (Age: 33)
Earth 1218

Cardboard Tube Knight

The Pride of House Goneril, 33, from Earth 1218

Cardboard Tube Knight was last seen:
Nov 3, 2019
    1. LesExit
      Ooooh, I just found out that they made a new version for Wii U. I didn't know that, I thought it was only on the gamecube. Ya I don't know why they'd change everything just for a demo.... I think I like both though.

      Well then maybe their already established sitcoms will do that....but I still have a nagging feeling that it'll end badly. Disney's sitcoms have been pretty bad lately...or maybe they've always been bad and I was just too young to realize :0

      I guess it didn't really bother me cause I didn't have any previous games to compare too! Now I need to experience reeeeal final fantasy exploration! I think I'll look into the 4th and 7th more!

      The fighting is turn-based right? Her hair looks interesting :3 I'm getting pretty excited about playing it!

      ....have you ever played nintendogs?
    2. LesExit
      I can get that. Since it is pretty...hm...idk...blocky and child-like I guess?? Wait which year? I bought ocarina of time a few months ago, though I had played it before....I lost interest for some reason halfway through and haven't finished it O___o

      yup! Have no idea how they're planning on making it work. I have a feeling it will be bad...

      Haven't even heard of that coming out. Just looked at the trailer, looks pretty great!

      Ya I read that the exploration was really downplayed in that game. I think I agree since I was pretty confused most of the time XD Do you have a favorite Final Fantasy game? I'd like to play another...not sure which though...

      Just looked it up, it looks....adorable :3 but badass at the same time. I think I'll get it next time I go to the game store!

      I think...you're probably right. So ya I'll just continue playing my immature lame games >u>
    3. baconbits
      Agreed. You had different voicing for the two as well. That helped.
    4. LesExit
      Whas Hyrule in the twilight princess game? That and the wind waker are basically the only games I've played. I liked them both, the wind waker art style was really cute :3 Ya they're lacking mature games, perhaps that'll change in the future if theres a demand for them.

      ...I think the clone wars is on cartoon network? Ya that's basically all it's filled with now From what I saw on Disney XD they're mixing a sitcom with starwars I think...

      Like how they've had all these new super hero movies coming out lately? I never really got into comics, but I've enjoyed the marvel movies :D

      That actually sounds really interesting! What system is it for though? The only final fantasy game I've played is the 13th one, which I've heard a lot of people say they didn't like...but it was the only one I've ever played and I liked it...

      I agree...I think they secretly play them and are just lying to me >u>
    5. baconbits
      That's cool. I know you'll grimace but it reminds me of how George RR Martin handles his character changes. Except he has fifty million characters.
    6. baconbits
      It took me a moment to figure out the change in characters, lol. Very slow of me. Well written once again.
    7. baconbits
      Nice. I'm gonna check it out now. Going to reread the first one for context again.
    8. LesExit
      I'd like to play it one day :) I think Nintendo has a nice variety of games to it, that many different age groups can enjoy.

      ooooh that's why I've been seeing weird star wars commercials on disney. I don't think disney has many good cartoons anymore. They have a lot of shows with kids in them, so maybe they'll mix those with the power rangers and stuff.

      So does that mean they'll get better, since they have more money?

      I think the 3D is really cool even though it can be painful. I'm excited to see how much 3D gaming will improve in years to come. What's Bravely Default?

      Because my friends say those games are for little kids....but I like them :3
    9. Sunrider
      I think that question was on everyone's mind for a while.

      With regards to it's functions, there is so much of the forum that is not dedicated to Naruto, so when the series ends, there is no reason those sections wouldn't continue as they have.

      Though the forum's continued existence really hinges on whether Tazmo feels it can be successfully supported.
    10. Sunrider
      I know, right?

      Sometimes it makes me question what we're doing with our lives. But then, I think about some of the staff that are much smarter and more accomplished, so.
    11. Sunrider
      I have.

      Shit's surreal, yo.
    12. Sunrider
      Cats can't stay in their lane, I guess.
    13. LesExit
      Just saw a video of it, looks really cool! The sketchy style is a nice touch.

      Disney did? I've only seen new episodes on Nick though...or is it that they own just the old episodes? I don't even know if I've ever seen that. Maybe when I was younger... I know I was the blue power ranger one year for halloween, so I believe i must've been somewhat of a fan.

      Oh so the 3D helps you know how far into the distance platforms are. The 3D hurts my eyes somewhat. I'll usually keep it on for the first few plays cause it looks cool, then I'll play in 2D for the most part. I play lame games for the most part, like Nintendogs and Harvest moon :3
    14. buff cat
      buff cat
      No? :0
      That's cute though
    15. buff cat
      buff cat
      Oh my god you dated a teacher? :psyduck
    16. buff cat
      buff cat
      We are terrible snackers.

      Oh! awesome. I've been thinking about a couple of my teachers from high school, and how I'd love to see them again.
    17. buff cat
      buff cat
      They kind of were

      We also have animal crackers :sag
    18. Jena
      I know! :wtf

      I'm hoping this will allow Harmon and the writers more control over the show.
    19. LesExit
      I agree she is very pretty! I think it was a good idea on her part.

      That was soccer right? I don't think I've ever played that. I played mario tennis, I didn't like that one at all D: Yup, I'll never get the appeal. My friend is always raving to me about this basketball game, and I don't know what he's so excited about.

      I think kids today still like the power rangers thats on today, it's just different. HUndreds!? hm...well thats not easy to get at all.

      How can jumps be impossible without 3d? Now I want to play it just to see what you mean...
    20. LesExit
      oooh! Ya I saw that one. She looks really good :3

      mhm! It's sporty...but it's not intense and realistic at all. I couldn't either, I find them boring!

      Do you think it's silly because you're older now? I've watched the newer episodes though, the dialogue is really cheesy XD Oh for the old show...they don't even have anything on ebay or something? Or is stuff really expensive.

      Wow you can't turn it off? Thats annoying, I didn't know there were games that forced you to do that :0
    21. LesExit
      I don't see any of a girl in a car, but there is one girl sticking out a lot. They all look nice anyways :33

      I enjoyed playing it when I got it. The gameplay really is different, I mean it's a racing game! Though they incorporated stuff really well!!

      They make new power ranger shows. I know my friends brother is obsessed with it, so I totally believe they could get into the older stuff too. Why are power ranger toys so hard to find!?

      I think the last mario game I reeeally played was mario kart actually. I remember liking mario superstar baseball :) I don't have any mario games for my 3DS! How's mario 3d land, it looks kinda cool.
    22. Deleted member 222538
    23. LesExit
      I don't know which girl you're talking about exactly! That's cool that she dyed it! Red hair looks awesome all the time!

      I've never played mario kart much to be honest D: Think I only really played it on the Wii years ago. Really like the videos though XD

      I thought kids usually liked what they grow up watching for the most part. Maybe if you show it to them young they'll like it, but if it's introduced at an older age they might just think it's weird or something. Though if it's entertaining enough I guess it really doesn't matter :)

      I've only ever played it on DS, I can see how it would've been groundbreaking though! From pictures it seems like they introduced new stuff. The way the world turns looks cool. Did you like paper mario, I recall liking that!
    24. LesExit
      Just looked up some pictures, I think the glasses really pulls it all together. Cool I'd love to see it!!

      Is it the death stare thing XD? Well I'm glad Luigi is getting a little more fame :3

      I really liked Futurama! I wonder what my own children would think of the cartoons I watched growing up :0 They might find them lame.

      I played Mario 64, and I like Sunshine much more, but I've never played galaxy...not sure why. I'll give it a try one day though, since my friends have said it's fun :D
    25. LesExit
      A hipster Ariel Costume? Don't know if I can imagine what that looks like XD Thats nice you got together though :3

      Oh alright so it was just basically defeat the evil Bowser! I feel like Luigi gets the short end of the stick a lot, and Naruto always gets the maaain spotlight. It's cool that they at least tried to make a show out of the game. Candy town sounds kinda nice....

      Looked up Captain N, seemed cool. Nice that they incorporated other video game characters. lol they'd just vanish? I feel like most cartoons are gonna be 3D animated in a few years.

      XD So you didn't like it? I liked that there were so many worlds to explore :3
    26. LesExit
      Just taking random pictures?

      I can actually imagine him talking like! What was the plot of the show though?

      I was thinking that could be a possibility with earlier games. I do really like her with blonder hair though! So this cartoon doesn't sound like it got the best ratings XD lol How do you just draw stuff lazily....

      :0 broke it!? You sound like my cousin! He used to really mad and throw the controller at the tv. I don't think I actually beat it till I was maybe 9. It was our favorite game to play together though. I'd like to play it again. Besides your explosions of anger did you still like it?
    27. LesExit
      Not sure if I'll actually leave the house today...so might have to be tomorrow! I honestly feel like I'm gonna take one bite and then grimace though XD

      Can't imagine him talking in full sentences! You're much older than I am, so I don't think I've ever seen that.

      Oh that's cool, I never knew! Wonder what made them go fully blonde?

      I've seen both for Mario and Luigi, but I think they stick with brown hair for them now.
      I haven't played much Mario outside of super mario sunshine, but I really liked that one :)
    28. LesExit
      I think I'm the same....even though I really like sweets! I looked it up. It's made by hershey's. If I see one at the grocery store tomorrow I'll get it :D

      I liked yoshi for some reason O__o I never thought too much of peach I guess, but I do find her to be very pretty! I don't think I've ever played that game, I looked up pictures though. Did she not become a blonde until later?
    29. LesExit
      My friend had a chocolate lab and her name was Coco :D That's awesome! She sounds like quite the adventurous dog!

      I've never had sweet chocolate ever :( Even milk chocolate. Though maybe I just haven't tried the right one! Do you recommend any brands?

      You're welcome! Ya I remember that one, I didn't recognize you positing for a bit when you changed it. Well I'm sure whatever you decide it'll be a nice set like it always is! Whether it's Peach or another pretty red head :3
    30. LesExit
      Haha ya I guess! Awww that just means she loves getting loved! What kind of dog is she?

      I can eat peanut butter with banana, jelly, and chocolate. Though I can only eat chocolate with peanut butter or caramel. Otherwise it taste too bitter!!

      It's my favorite hair color :3!! I find red hair on girls to be really attractive, which is why I really enjoy your set >u>
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    Earth 1218


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