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  • If I remember right, you're well knowledgeable in Country music righto? I just saw a country music vid by Jerry Reed and was mesmerized, can you please reccomend other great country guitarists similar?
    Oh man, I forgot how good these guys were.

    I really appreciate the up.

    It's a real travesty it's in such a low bitrate, being OCD about it, but I'll take anything I can get with these guys. Thanks again.
    Those Poor Bastards
    >Ultra gritty death country, creepy as fuck and bone-crushingly heavy county/bluegrass. Self proclaimed "Prophets of Country Doom"

    County Bullshit EP (264kbps VBR, 2004)
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?6z4q7jpgcqx

    Songs of Desperation (231kbps VBR, 2005)
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?fommogzzhkx

    Hellfire Hymns (177kbps VBR, 2007)
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?na0kmmyyhyc

    The Plague (205kbps V0,2008)
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?jw0jn3yyyol

    Satan is Watching (226kbps VBR, 2009)
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?zjylzdnjunm

    Abominations EP (188kbps VBR, 2009)
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?nwymgyd4mjn


    Lonesome Wyatt & The Holy Spooks
    >Pre-Those Poor Bastards, Lonesome Wyatt is one half of TPB. Cleaner production, just as creepy and utterly weird! More folky.

    Sabella (2001)
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?1wnmmymgm55

    A Bitter Harvest w/ Rachel Brooke (2009)
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/?zuwmyyjzhzc

    [Incase you don't have this already]
    I saw a movie you might be interested in. It was on the culture of Russian prison tattoos. It's called The Mark of Cain.
    Guro AKA grotesque. To be more precise I was talking about eroguro which is essentially extreme torture porn. Buckets of blood and gore depicted in a sexual manner. The sickest stuff.
    you should add restrictions on guro to your commandments. When used for purely sexual purposes that stuff is fucked up. Much more bizarre than plain ol skiddly scat.
    It goes quite well, and you? I realized I've neglected this place a bit too long, so I'm back on the wagon. :) How's the MD been faring? Keeping the spirit of ED! alive, I hope.
    Not exactly completely false. I find it hard to post much on NF lately.

    So how's the prophet been doing these days?

    Me and t-chan discovered the epic that is baking with mary jane. Last week we made the most potent batch. Love.
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