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Dec 20, 2014
May 27, 2006
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Feb 11, 1990 (Age: 29)
London, UK
Full-time wanker


is a super awesome, 29, from London, UK

Catterix was last seen:
Dec 20, 2014
    1. Ennoea
      Not sure if you still visit this place but knowing how big of a DW fan you were, have you been watching and I dare say enjoying Series 6? I remember the latter not being the case last series but hope you're enjoying the new series.
    2. Mangetsu126
      hey, how would you rate the manga after the legend of kyoto arc? (Rurouni kenshin)

      its a random question, but i read the thread and I'd like your opinion.
    3. emROARS
    4. Animeblue
      Part 2

      Kirigakure no Kaijin, or The Monster of the Hidden Mist is born

      There was couple things that intrigued me during Kisame's flashback

      -there still were people who could show sympathy to each other during the era that Kirigakure was known as the bloody mist village. But also how Kisame tried to avoid creating bonds with his comrades and how polite he replied to this Kunoichi from Kirigakure.

      -Kisame wasn't the first wielder of Samaheda, he became the wielder by killing his taichou/senpai, who was actually leaking information to Konoha

      -Another interesting that Kisame’s master who is shown to be the owner of Samehada, is telling Kisame to defend the information with his life, because that is something vital to their village while he leaking the information out, maybe the information was about Yagura being controlled by Madara .

      Start of the flashback shown Kisame blade as he sits under a tree and recieves an invitation to eat with the other shinobi of Kiri around by a young kunoichi, but he refuses in a rare way...

      Before I get overexited, back into the forest, Did you notice that Kisame was acting strange.

      Keeping his eyes focussed on the ground. Doesn't face the woman talking to her and refuses her offer in such a weird way...
      "Please don't try to be friendly with me..."

      He knows he might have to kill her and the rest of the team, so I think this was a way to say "I don't deserve to be treated friendly by you because I might kill you later." A full statement of guilt.

      The events are developing at a rapid rate, and Ibiki is shown and he is very demanding, and Kisame is shown to be at a crossroad of his life, because it’s about lies and information.

      Which lead to birth of Kirigakure no Kaijin (The Monster of the Hidden Mist), the panel which Kishimoto display this was a pretty awesome with His chakra is filling up the air, and his demonic gaze sweeps through his enemies from Konoha.

      If we look at the monstrous picture of him on top of the Intel Squads' corpses only a few minutes or seconds later, we can be very certain that this is a moment shaping him forever. As further prove, we see Kisame's flashback and how he reacts the moment he understands that his mission might include killing all of his teammates. That's not his wicked shark-grin that says "I don't care for lives". He is well aware of the situation and we see his remotions reflected in his face.

      So he escaped, we know that much, but his experiences led him to believe that the world is filled with lies. He is shown standing near the corpse of his master and getting ownership of Samehada. The developments get pretty complicated, and the reason why this title was chosen are getting revealed little by little.

      Yagura the 4th Mizukage tells him that his master was leaking information to the enemy, so Kisame did well to eliminate him. He also tells Kisame that he trusts him, but the reason is the actions that he performed for his village. These actions are contradictory, and most of them are not known by the great public, they are dirty jobs, assassination and betrayal, much like our beloved Root from Konoha. The existence of these covert organizations within the villages, shows us what is Naruto’s job exactly, and how hard it will be to break this cycle of wars, hatred and lies.

      Yondaime Mizukage Yagura or Madara

      There's have been a lot of speculation about what Kisame meant by calling Madara former Mizukage. The first time we got to know about this reality, was when Madara revealed his face to Kisame, before meeting with Taka. At first some tought that Madara founded Kirigakure after being defeated by Shodaime. Later during the meeting of the Kage we found out that Ao was capable of seeing trought Yondaime Mizukage's genjtusus due his Byakuugan eye, that pretty much means being able to go trough Sanbi's genjutsus and back then Ao was able to tell about the Uchiha Shisui doujutsu, but he never really spoke about Yagura being controlled by a similar technique.

      Now we confirm that the man pulling the string behind Yondaime Mizukage was the man who calls himself Uchiha Madara, There are a few things that this chapter confirms, whoever this man is, he has an equal doujutsu power to the one used Uchiha Shisui or maybe beyond those powers, is this the power to control beyond Shisui, is this the power of Mungen Tsukiyomi?
    5. Animeblue
      Hey Catterix there, what your thoughts on 507

      Here mines

      507 Thoughts

      Part 1
      It' have been years since Hoshigaki Kisame debuted in chapter 139 as Itachi's partner, in the organization known as Akatsuki. This week's chapter however ends the journey for the man who was more successful capturing Bijuu for the organization and make it clear about what I thought of Kisame"s strength when he first appear.

      507: living a lie

      The chapter name is pretty interesting itself, It has been while since a title was revealing as this one, well not obvious, revealing none less

      The title is in close relation to Kisame?s life as it kinda sums it up regarding Kisame?s goals. The concept of living in a lie was first introduced with the ninja art known as genjutsu, but of course that cannot be compared to actually living in one big lie. But what if someone like Tobi comes along and manipulates people, to a level that he tries to implement a massive genjutsu on the world, with the possibility of even this being a lie? Well then certainly things get more serious, and Kisame?s recollection of certain events, definitely reminds us of one of the most popular ninja rules: Read beneath the underneath.


      The first page of 507 was one spectacular series of panels. As they entered in the final chapter of their confrontation, both fighters are bringing out their powerful tools in order to subdue each other. Kisame unfortunately commits a fatal error in this encounter, the same kinda error that Kakuzu made in his confrontation with Naruto.

      He observed Gai?s technique and commented that the chakra was pushing away the water. And as Gai formed his technique he arrived to the assumption that Gai?s technique was a chakra blast. Even though he concluded that Gai was a taijutsu master, which is kinda ironic that he didn?t think of the possibility of the tiger being something else then energy.

      This is where the error comes in. He decided to use a very interesting jutsu. This particular shark missile, just like the caster, has absorption abilities, and it grows bigger and powerful consuming the enemies technique. This is very interesting and entertaining, because we have so little knowledge of Kirigakure and the jutsu those people use. We know that they have brilliant swordsmen and water jutsu users, but the extent of the water jutsu was pretty vague. Nidaime Hokage was the only one who showed us great prowess with water, summoning it from nowhere and using high pressure water beams to attack the opponent. This way we know that water can be destructive, but it?s one of the rare cases.

      Kisame also proved that his chakra capacity allows him easily to create water, and he also used some impressive water attacks so far, which aimed at destroying and binding as well.

      But this time, what he encountered, wasn?t a opponent who use mostly ninjutsu, but taijutsu, which was pretty much his weakness as was shown in this battle and was kinda mention in his battle with Killer Bee. So all the advantage that he would have against someone like Naruto, Killer Bee even Kakashi was render useless, which pretty much leans in Gai?s favor.

      Also for first time in the manga we have seen this aspect from Kisame, the man is truly loyal to Madara and his ambitions as his cuts his own tongue, with his teeth. This is not seppuku or hariquiri, butdoing this to himself before allowing the enemy to know more about Madara's plan is a way to prove his loyalty to this masked man.


      Hirutora is a technique that collects air pressure into a single point, then with the help of a punch it is released towards the enemy. Hirutora was enveloping Gai at first, but Gai increased the pressure and compressed the tiger, making it lesser in size, but definitely more powerful. So it is a condensed attack of air pressure, which is indeed taijutsu, because pressure is present when there?s contact, physical contact, and Gai?s taijutsu is physical.

      Kisame watched this technique carefully and though that the tiger that was getting compressed and compressed was similar to a Bijuu Blast, and that?s why he thought it was a chakra attack. Another reason for Kisame?s failure was the blue aura Gai emanated. He thought that was the source of the blast that he received or was going to receive, but it turns out that the aura is sweat saturated with the blue energy released from the gates, and which evaporates due to the heat effect. We know from boyakist?s translation, that this blue aura is not simple blue, the kanji used for it reflects a combination of the shades of blue, so it?s more appropriate to call it deep blue, or energy-like blue, which isn?t to be confused with the plain RGB meaning of blue.


      Finally we got to see the ruthless side of Gai. This man who in this first part claimed to be stronger than Kakashi as he had 1 win over Kakashi, has proven that indeed his quite unique, being so strong without using ninjutsu or even gen jutsu like his rival and friend Kakashi, talks a lot about the effort his put to become so strong as a shinobi. During Tsunade's arc, Itachi told Kisame and Akatsuki to not underestimate Gai while he said if you fight Kakashi you will not come out unharm which was pretty interesting and I always wonder why Kishimoto made Itachi said that in that matter and now I got my answer.

      Gai not only defeated Kisame but he also fully succeeded in getting the information being delivered by Kisame towards Madara, this a Shinobi as his best, as he is stand victorious over Kisame and says: Don't move... Simply priceless. The technique used by Gai was quite amazing, was the perfect counterattack to Kisame's Shark, opening the gates grants an outstanding power as it removes the limitation of the body, but who would thought that people could reach power of this level just by using taijutsu with the 7th gate, although it doesn't seem like a technique that many could use, without having the physical conditions.
    6. Mider T
      Mider T
    7. Animeblue
      Hey Catterix, do you what the best software for editing because I wanted add two music tracks (Kokuten and Kakuzu) to episode 159 during (9: 33-11:01) and 13:37-15:37
    8. Animeblue
      Catterix how you do think Studio Pierrot will handle the budget for Pein's Invasion arc and with Masahiko Murata directing this year movie also do you also think that Pein's Invasion arc will suffer the same as the first two arcs of Shippuden since it seem like mostly of the good animators and the animation directors will working on the movie during that time like last year during the Sanbi arc or with Studio Pierrot only be animating Naruto and Bleach this spring do you think that both shows will equal amount good/god-send episodes since both series will have any but fighting in the upcoming weeks
    9. liborek3
      Hi, I noticed that I was born one day after you :LOS
    10. Delta Shell
      Delta Shell
      So what's happening man?
    11. R00t_Decision
    12. JH24
      I realize it might be a little too soon but:

      Merry Christmas, Catterix! :) I wish you a happy and good time.
    13. Animeblue
      Catterix since you have the Dragonball/Naruto pics as your set I thought you might like this image

      Dragonball Naruto
    14. makeoutparadise
      where are full pics for your set?
    15. VlAzGuLn
      Is there going to be a filler arc after this arc? i want to learn that
    16. JH24

      Are you still working on your awesome story? I'm checking regularly and I'm really looking forward to find out what will happen next. :)
    17. Akeina
      Hi, just to say thanks for telling me about the Newtype magazine and website and the forum November calendar date thing smile-big
    18. mads2194
      hey does freshverse.com work?
    19. Nightfall
      ''Don't forget Nausica? of the Valley of the Wind''
      ''I try my best to forget''

      Surprised to hear that about one of Miyazakis supposed, but oh well I haven't seen all of them yet, so I can't make up my mind about that yet.
      What didn't you like about it?
    20. Luiz
      Sexing someone or being sex'd?
    21. JH24
      Hello Catterix,

      How are you, my friend? It's been awhile. I hope everything is going well for you. :)
    22. Ennoea
      Lol I love it when people are like "Your gay?" "Oh thats cool? A friend of mine is gay too so Im cool with that":zaru
    23. Undead
      Ignoring me I see? :pek
    24. Vanity
      Oh, I had a feeling that you were gay but I don't know if I was sure until now. XD Anyway, that's cool. My long time friend in real life is a gay guy.
    25. Vanity
      Replying here so as not to go too off-topic.


      And I would stare in awe and want to have his babies. :hurr
    26. Vanity
      You might find this interesting, I don't know....but today is the anniversary of this massive explosion that happened in my city last year. :S It could be seen across the entire city and I live in a major city(Toronto). Millions of people here.

      It was pretty bad though because there are still some people that can't go back to their homes yet.

      Anyway, this is footage of the explosion....it's cool to look at, although of course, freaky.


      Oh by the way, you have the same birthday as Deidara's Japanese VA. o_O
    27. Undead
      Hey Cat. How's it going? :smoke
    28. JH24
      I've just watched "Kakashi Gaiden". It was indeed very good, the ending was very well done.

      Still, for some reason I feel somewhat disappointed that I have watched it. Even though it followed the manga closely, I had to adjust the impressions I originally had when I read KG in the manga while watching the anime version. I guess I just had filled in the gaps and certain scenes somehow in the past wen I read it and was surprised that things were sometimes different than I originally believed.

      Obito's voice took some time for me to get used to. It... was not what I expected, but it was definitely good.

      I really enjoyed watching this. Personally I'll give it a 8,5/10. It was pretty depressing though IMHO, after watching I understand why people would have liked some extra filler. I feel the same now too. It felt so dark throughout.
    29. JH24
      Yeah, it?s terrible how the economic crisis is affecting almost everyone. The company were my dad works is in trouble, I know family members who have lost their job, two online friends in the USA I often write letters to are now looking for new work as well. I feel so sorry for everyone who have lost their job or their own company around the world, it makes me feel guilty that for now I still have work.

      I really, really hope that things will improve for everyone soon around the world and for those who are affected. It?s the only thing I can really do.

      I?m really sorry that you have Clinical Depression and Insomnia, Catterix. You don?t have to answer if you don?t want to, I understand. But are you affected by this every day or do you have methods or habits to control them?

      I?m not sure if I can call it a depression as I never went to see a doctor about it, but earlier this year after a very stressfull period in January, I became really sad and tired for almost three weeks. I couldn?t enjoy anything, I didn?t sleep well and I couldn?t focus on my work. I never had this before but I hid it from my parents and everyone else, looking back I?m not sure if I should have kept quiet about it.

      Thanks for the detailed explanation about sleep, and you?re entirely right. I really feel a lot better and happier if I was able to sleep well that night. I?m someone who needs a lot of sleep, at least 8 hours or I become really tired starting from 15:00. I need to get up at 5:45, and if I don?t go to bed at least around 22:00 PM I know the next day will not go very well, let alone being able getting out of bed in time. (I?m not a morning person, but since my company moved I really have to get out early to make sure traffic jams won?t delay me.)

      I?m very happy to hear Kakashi Gaiden left a positive impression on you. Now I?m definitely looking forward to it. People actually wished for more filler? Wow, it must have been really good. Thanks for sharing your opinion. :)

      It?s great to hear you keep working on your awesome ShippuuCut episodes and edit them. I?m curious, what gave you the idea or lead you to the decision to re-work the early Shippuuden episodes?

      I?m really happy you decided to do it. I can?t tell you enough how much I like and appreciate your work. Thank you.

      I wish you a great weekend, Catterix. :)
    30. JH24
      Thank you for your detailed reply, Catterix.

      I need to go to bed now as I have to get up early tomorrow, but I'll send you a longer reply this weekend.

      Thanks again. :)
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