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Chamcham Trigger
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May 1, 2019
Jul 15, 2005
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Mar 14, 1983 (Age: 37)
Home Page:
Takamatsu kitty
teacher, researcher

Chamcham Trigger

光翼型近接支援残酷戦闘機“エヴァッカニア・ドゥーム, 37, from Takamatsu kitty

Chamcham Trigger was last seen:
May 1, 2019
    1. God
      The manga is way different from the ova and it’s amazing. 10/10 read highly recommend
    2. Moritsune
      Stop by retirement next time you drop in, Cham, would be great to see you around again.
    3. Pringer Lagann
      Pringer Lagann
      Good thing I don't do it very often :pek:
    4. horsdhaleine
      You left me rep message saying you couldn't post on my wall so I added you to my friend list. I guess only active staff members can view message walls regardless of privacy settings.

      No worries, I'm out of the loop as well. Hope you and your baby are safe and healthy.
    5. martryn
      Oh, you mean "perma-banned". Yeah, that'll stick. I'm sure.
    6. sunshine and gasoline
      sunshine and gasoline
      I've been married for two months and we have no idea what gender it will be since it wasn't clear on the ultrasound. I guess we'll find out in beginning of march. :wink

      Holy shit! Six jobs?! I thought I was working hard with one! But I guess that's life, be sure to brainwash your kid with lots of Naruto wisdom about working hard and becoming Hokage. I'm sure it will turn fine in a decade or two. smile-big
    7. sunshine and gasoline
      sunshine and gasoline
      I'm good, got educated and married and now waiting for my first kid. Haven't been following the anime/manga scene for a while now but waifu wanted to watch Naruto with me since it's always been a big part of my foundation so here I am again. :wink

      How are things with you?
    8. martryn
      Uh. Odd. Nothing seems amiss on his Facebook page.
    9. sunshine and gasoline
      sunshine and gasoline
      Cool to see you Chamcham!
    10. martryn
      Oh, cool. I guess. I wish I knew what this was in response to since you're not around that often actually. But you should be. You should totally check-in a few times a week when you can sneak away with your buddies in Retirement. The gangs all there, mostly. I miss seeing you around.
    11. horsdhaleine
      I thought staff members can automatically see visitor's message wall no matter what the user's settings? Oh well, just added you. :)
    12. Rinoa
      Still like pineapple ... But not in pizza. :catthinks
    13. Setoshi
      I mean when you've been playing SF since it first came out I can see where your coming from. The cast so far only has two. I hope it stays that way honestly.

      I instantly thought the same saying when I saw his super. He's still a cool character, I'll plan on using him for sure :skysun

      Damn you are seriously grinding man but hey, its for the family so I salute you for that.

      Yeah man, I love hoodies! In order it will be Fall > Spring > Summer. You know from first hand experience how bad summer can get here, with all the people, cars and tall buildings it makes the heat more annoying. Its almost ending doe so I'm happy about that!
    14. Setoshi
      Yeah I see what you mean, shotos are pretty boring

      I'll let you know if they release Mika but rumor has it being Urien or Alex, who knows honestly. They've revealed a new character name Necalli. He looks badass.

      Damn bro, try to bring the family to nyc then. 6 jobs? Bro, I hope your joking because that would make me go insane

      Things have been great, I cant complaining. Looking forward to fall, I miss hoodie season :( hows the weather in japan?
    15. Setoshi
      You sure? Because Ken is hella flashy now :lmao.

      The cast they revealed is okay, so far I'm a fan of Claw since hes no longer a charge character and now has a command throw, hes going to be annoying.

      I already bought it so I have beta access and I've been playing it last week, really smooth so far.

      Looks like a game I can play while I'm at work or on the subway. How's the japan life? Miss the city a bit?
    16. Setoshi
      Hey Cham, getting Street Fighter V?
    17. Garfield
      If only you looked like a powerful, charismatic as fuck white guy in your avatar now...:maybe
    18. Garfield
      inb4 Japan switches from shintoism to chamchamism.

      You heard it here first.
    19. Suigetsu
      Just put a chalk eraser on top of the door so that when he opens it it falls on his head.

      That or suscribe him to gay porn or something. heuheuheu.

      Dont let your dreams just be dreams!
    20. Garfield
      We usually miss what's right in front of us. If there's something that's more obvious but we don't observe, it's something that's inside of us.

      Goddamn, I should start a religion, this faux philosophy would get me money.
    21. Suigetsu
      Excuses for the negligent. You shouldnt give up.
    22. Garfield

      I couldn't make head or tail of those posts, till I clicked on our conversation.

      You've changed so much kiddo :LOS
    23. babaGAReeb
      ^ (use bro) i love retsupurae too
    24. Garfield
      How many personalities do you have even.

      No worries, wasn't expecting prompt "SIR YES SIR!" :p
    25. Garfield

      :argh ?? I'm confused
    26. furious styles
    27. Pringer Lagann
    28. Suigetsu
      So, did you accomplished your revenge towards the blind one?
    29. slimscane
      Hey, I noticed your message on my board thing. I'm still alive! :amazed
    30. horsdhaleine
      Yey! Show us that pic, ok? :ruri

      And stay away from irate drivers hehe. :lmao
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  • About

    Mar 14, 1983 (Age: 37)
    Home Page:
    Takamatsu kitty
    teacher, researcher
    Favorite Character(s):
    Gaara then Itachi is a distant second.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 126-27
    Chapter: 256
    Nothing special besides being diagnosed as a genius as a child, but it's all downhill from there.

    I like to train, study, and play video games


    To one of the greats.
    You will be sorely missed.

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