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Nov 7, 2015
Jun 3, 2007
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Member, from snainton, Scarborough

Chappz316 was last seen:
Nov 7, 2015
    1. Roman
      Ehm, here I am trying to remember the lift operator v_v Maybe I'm behind since I've only gotten to the first part of chapter 7?
    2. Roman
      Have you read the latest chapter in SAO yet? I've just started and it's shedding even more light on the potential drawbacks of immortality. Like I said, the novel improved majestically since it started out.
    3. Roman
      Finally got around to reading Chapter 6 in Volume 11. I have to say, the Alicization volumes are a HUGE step up from when SAO first started off. The way nobles enacted their lordship over the smallfolk in Underworld draws so many parallels with the real world, not to mention how the author uses Underworld to reflect the way real world authority figures obtained power. This is amazingly well-written.
    4. Roman
      Thing about the fanclub/air acolytes is that they were normal people. Every Air nomad is a bender historically speaking which is why I was wondering if perhaps there's a specific kind of requirement for obtaining the tattoos. But it prolly is as you say and the tattoos are normal and symbolize an enlightenment in the air nomad, hence they glow in the avatar state the same way the eyes do.

      That would be great, thanks a lot! I'll check out accel world as well once I finish Evangelion :33
    5. Chappz316
      In the graphic novel "the promise" following the aang era group shortly after the events f the anime, and "avatar fanclub" appears and they have his tattoo's and used the same techniques as his, so they're normal i think.

      Also i usually use baka-tsuki, but i've found a translator whose completed chapter 6 on his own, i will not spoil it for you but i can give you the link if you like?
    6. Roman
      I suppose the writers should do something like that for Korra. It's weird that Aang's tattoos would light up as well even tho they're not exactly a natural part of his body. Then again, it's never really been explained how an Airbender gets his/her tattoos. I hope those questions will get answered if we see Jinora, Ikki or even Meelo get theirs later on.

      Hmm, I see that they added Interval III on baka tsuki but chapter 6 is still pending. I will certainly read it by Monday at the latest! I've been waiting for that for a while now :laugh Really curious to see what the deal with Alice is. She's the only AI who tried to break the taboo index on her own without Kirito inspiring her or anything, but seems like that's turned around completely now. I think she's really important for some reason considering she'd named after the very project her existence is based on. I hear good things about Accel World as well but I haven't actually read/watched it yet D=
    7. Roman
      I'm glad you like it! No worries ^.^

      Here's the original stock in case you're curious. Generally, what I do is emphasize the already existing color scheme without really adding too many flashy effects since it takes away from the stock rather than add to it, I find. Others have different ways of making effects tho >P

      Hehe, SAO is really good, I have to admit. Have you read the light novels?
    8. Roman
      Here's your sig! Let me know what you think in case you want any changes done ^.^

      If you want me to add text, I can do that too.
    9. Roman
      Working on your sig now ^.^

      I thought it was too big when I first saw it but I do check the sig rules before I conclude anything :lmao

      Well, the original stock isn't my work. I'm horrible for drawing, but I did add some effects to it, namely the lighting and luminescence in her eyes and braids just to emphasize parts of her. Thanks ^.^
    10. Roman
      Your sig is, in fact, too big. If you want, I can work on the stock and make you a proper sig?
    11. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Thank you, I absolutely love Gillan. We have a Doctor Who thread here you know.
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