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Jul 26, 2015
Mar 11, 2007
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In a glass of warm milk.
    1. Jimin
      Merry Christmas. :kloff

    2. minniehyunnie
      Hahah okay naman ang Pinas dre. May konting mga naapektuhan pero keribam naman.
      Haha oo nagtratrabaho nako. I'm 22. :O
      Kelan ka nyan maggagraduate?
    3. minniehyunnie
      Di pwede yan!! :O
      Teka, still attending at college ka pa rin? Kabata mo... :O
    4. Jimin
      Well, I hope both you and your relatives are OK. Since I can't do much for you, have a telepathic hug. It's what I do. :hug

    5. minniehyunnie
      In the Phils. :)
      Aren't you coming home for Christmas?
    6. Jimin
      ChowMein xiaojie, I hope no one you know is getting affected too bad back in the Philippines. :ruri

    7. minniehyunnie
      Charu-san, hey. I'm a fan of yours :)
      Where do you live right now? I thought I saw a post of yours saying that you wish you still lived in the Phils. to see The Last.
      You don't have to answer if you think it's a bit private. :)
    8. nightmistress
      Sure! Tumblr of course! Wow, I just checked and it's almost at 7,000 now. it was like only a few hundred when I first saw it. haha. The thirst is real.

    9. Jimin
      Are those the people that actually read Twilight? :maybe But think about it, Charu-chan... the only thing worse was if she said something like... Edward looked like your typical vampire or like he walked right out of the Dracula book. That would be akin to saying a vampire looks like a vampire. :geg I usually picture characters as the actor if there's a movie based on it. I keep picturing Jordan Belfort as Leo DiCarpio even though I know how Belfort looks like. :haha I also like it when there are illustrations attached. : O

      Wow, I never heard the term Austronesian before. DX So you guys are still considered Southeast Asian, right...? Or have I been wrong all these years? :ano I see. Well... my name is pure Chinese. It's a very... culturally specific name. :lmao

      I could guess if I do some research right now but I won't... :tomato

      It's quite surprising. I mean... in terms of population size, the Philippines isn't even too high up there, right? : O By you, I mean Filipinos on this site. Like half the Asians I know fit that category. @__@ Hey man, Filipino is Filipino, no matter where you live. ;D Yeah, one of my Filipino friends actually managed to get tickets to the Last Naruto movie in theaters. Said person is now avoiding the FCs until seeing the movie to avoid spoilers. :lmao They don't released subtitled anime movies here. :I The older anime movies in the US theaters were all dubs (ex. Pokemon, Digimon <actually three Japanese TV specials combined into one>).

      Ah, you shouldn't feel discouraged, Charu-chan. :Jet Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of night. If that still didn't work, then...

    10. Rashman
      Yeah, I was also absent. I lurked once in a while and only posted when major stuff went down in the manga lol

      Oh yes. Naruto is pretty special. I know awesome people like you because of it! XD
    11. gabzilla
      It would be phone book sized :hungry
    12. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Ah in the Canon FC. :awesome I'm close to make a post in catching up before it closed. XD

      We all missed your artwork. :33 And glad you're back.

      Thanks! It was awesome, huh? :gar
    13. Jimin
      Even so, we still need some idea of how they look like. It's kinda like this... since Meyer only has words, she has to use them well. Basically... people who read the physical descriptions of a said character should have a similar image of the character in their heads. If the images are all different, the description isn't good enough in that it leaves the reader to fill in the blanks.
      Well, I'm not saying you have to paint a picture in words but you certainly needed a lot more than what Meyer provided. I mean, you don't need descriptions for a movie. The actors are the characters. The job is already done for you. But you need bit more for a book. Especially if it' a longer work which people are gonna be reading for a while.

      WOW! Why are there so many of you on this site? Even though my Chinese brothers and sisters outnumber you guys by a lot... this site's Asians is full of Filipinos. Why is that? :mako Chinese is hard to learn. I wish I was fluent. :catcry Are you fluent in Tagalog, Charu-san? :catblush
      Well, I guess this means me guessing your name is a moot point. IDK Filipino names that well. :lmao But aren't many Filipino names Spanish in origin? :hmm
    14. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Hi there! :D

      Found me? Well I'm always here haha.

      Been enjoying a lot your recent fanarts. :33
    15. Jimin
      I know what ChowMein means. What is a Charu anyways? Tell me, ChowMein laoshi, you are my only hope. :jedimindtrick

      I see... Wait... I was under the impression you were Asian. Are you...? You don't have to answer that if you don't want to (although one could argue that not answering would make the actual answer a bit obvious). : O

      But... as a story teller, you have to tell us what your character looks like. I mean... you can't just say Rosalie looks like a magazine cover model. That is not a good description. You certainly don't say "most beautiful person in the world" if you can't describe what that's suppose to be like in Bella's POV. I also remember Alice being described as looking a bit like a pixie. Uh... what? You're writing something with vampires in it and you're suppose to tell me how your vampires look. Did you seriously just tell me to picture a pixie in my head? Pixies are an abstract idea. There is no "gold standard" for what a pixie looks like... :sag
    16. Jimin
      Not in my eyes. You will always be ChowMein to me. :ano

      I've only seen the movies. It's probably the better idea. I think the ideas present in Twilight aren't any worse than any other teen fiction. I think the prose is the problem. Two examples of physical description I remember were the ones of Rosalie and Renesmee. Rosalie was described as tall, hot and blonde. So uh... what does her face look like...? Renesmee is described as being more beautiful than Edward. OK, great. But how? Aren't you suppose to describe how your characters look like, Ms. Meyer? @__@
      Yeah, are you excited for the last movie? :D I think I mentioned there was a big Jasmine and Jafar vibe to Hinata and the main villain. Were you the one who linked the Aladdin video? : O

      Why? So you can stalk me? You want to stalk the king of stalkers, eh? Alright, I'll bite. :cat
      Well, I live in the East Coast of the US. Do you live in the West Coast? : O I think Panda Express is more common in the West Coast. That's... a bit more pricey than what I usually pay for Chinese food, I think. I usually don't pay more than... 6.50ish at the local Mom and Pop restaurants? : O Other other places in busier locations are 4 choices with soup for about 5 bucks. Those are the really good values. :catblush
    17. gabzilla
      a fanzine full of it yeaaaaaaah :awesome

      asdasdasd thank you <3
    18. gabzilla
      the roleplaying list :catbed

      btw is it ok if I color the nh family one too? :iria
    19. gabzilla
      We need to make a list :LOS

      It doesn't let me reply on tumblr :cry but thank you so much for letting me color the picture. I'll start asap.
    20. Jimin
      Oh, well, aren't you just the definition of false advertisement? :angry (I have never read Twilight... :iik)
      I wanna take some guesses since I feel like I could guess the second character but that might not be something you want to do publicly so I'm gonna stop being creepy here. I'll just be creepy in secret instead. :hurr
      Oh, I see. That never happens to me. Although part of my name is definitely a homophone for something very common in Chinese. :maybe Never been to a Panda Express actually. : O Maybe I should. Are the prices lower than your mom and pop stores? You know, like how pizza chains are always cheaper and stuff. :hmm

      Oh, alright. That's so 2012. I should know. That's when I did it. :datass I liked ChowMein. :< What is Charu...? : O And why should I accept Charu over ChowMein? I don't like change. :catcry
    21. Jimin
      Hey, I am an icon of literature, not a fly on a wall. I would eat you as a form of revenge if I wasn't a vegetarian, ChowMein xiaojie! :mad But thank you for the compliment before. :hug

      Wait... weren't you just... ChowMein...? @__@ Speaking of Chow Mein, how come the dish is different in different restaurants? :catflip I once ordered it and it was like... pure vegetable. I just want some noodles, man. Is that too much to ask? :catcry I mean... isn't the mein in Chow Mein the word for "noodle?" I can't keep it together, Charu-san. @___@

      I like it's cause it was mostly white (one of my two favorite colors). It also has a nice vampire vibe to it. :hehee The color one is nice too though. :<>
    22. Rashman
      That's true and we all kinda made the fanclub what it is now..

      I never imagined I would still come back here after all these years lol

      It is also quite cool that naruhina getting canon brought us all back together again. The only person missing is Ichiban-nin and King james.
    23. Rashman
      lol I can imagine

      Been using the same Hidan avatar for 3 years + :catwalk
    24. Jimin
      Thank you, ChowMein xiaojie. I light up the night like it's the fourth of July now. :catsupine

      Let's Get Some Colorby charu-san
      I liked that one a lot. :D
    25. Kurama
      Missed you too :wtf

      Lol changed it as soon as the chapter that revealed his name was released
    26. Tanuki
      Damn Charu you are really good in piano :faint
      I have accomplished nothing good in life :lmao

      Ahh good luck with your ambition :hug
      I heard it's really tough to earn a living as a designer though... :geg
    27. Kurama
    28. freeforall
    29. Midaru
      I see, I didn't know that haha. I really hope you get to see it, it's the last movie, it should be allowed in all countries. :argh

      If you get it up there, there's a big chance we get it over here too :ruri
    30. Midaru
      Thanks Charu-chan!! will you be able to go see it in your country? :wtf
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