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Jul 6, 2017
Dec 28, 2007
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Aug 16, 1984 (Age: 33)
Roll Chocker

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Sofa King Fresh, 33, from Meifumado

Chibason was last seen:
Jul 6, 2017
    1. Kaitou
      Ayy my nigga.
    2. Ryuzaki
      Chibason...where u be at bro? Been a while!
    3. Cubey
      Nostalgia fags 4 life.
    4. Cubey
      Chiba my niggra. I'm good mate, missing the old days.
    5. Kaitou
      Definitely going to add you. I haven't played the in a while, and havent touched it at all on PS4 but would be nice to play with you regardless.
    6. Kaitou
      Johnny Cage

      Whats your PSN, broski?
    7. Kaitou
      Its a fun game. I have it for both ps4 and PC.

      Do you have it?
    8. Superman
      Ok my phone being a bitch so I am going to have to rep you later.
    9. Aries
      Heu chiba my bro up to join my yugioh magia game thread?
    10. Hero
      i thought you were dead
    11. EnterTheTao
      it has been a minute!
    12. Kaitou
      I'm not the biggest fan but if you're wondering if I'm getting MK10 then that would be yes.
    13. conradoserpa
      It's done, dude.
    14. Marcelle.B
      Yesss :distracted

      Been ok, how's it hanging?
    15. Gibbs
      I played in Laix's Narutofia game. I've been around a while & have posted in nearly all sections of the forum (excluding gfx sections) It's possible I have left an imprint on you. I hope it's a good one.
    16. Marcelle.B
      Tis hilarious :lmao

      and her name is Tia Valentine
    17. Marcelle.B
    18. Kaitou
      Damn bro, I hope you're alright.
    19. Marco
      Chiba, where you at man.
    20. Kaitou
      Let me answer the easy question first;
      I import them from sites like PlayAsia/AmiAmi, or go to the Japanese Playstation Network store and get it digitally from there. Additionally, due to the 3DS and Wii U being region-locked, I have Japanese ones as well so I download JP games from there.

      As to why? Many different reasons, but I will start pre-YouTube.

      Japanese-exclusive (or superior versions), some games never made it outside of the US, and if they do, they are waterdown versions either due to licensing or spoilers. This includes games like Zatch Bell and Naruto where they had to remove characters. As for exclusives, a recent one would be J-Stars Victory Versus which is a crossover fighter with Shonen Jump characters such as Nardo, Goku and Luffy.

      Weabooness; in games like Final Fantasy XIII, I despise the English voices. :zaru

      YouTube; some games come out in Japan first, and in YouTube, it means first = most views and I benefit from that.

      Haven't read on that actually, but in a way, it's still holds it back from being what it could be potentially in next gen. I don't have a next gen yet, cause of PC but if people don't care about graphics, its making it owning next gen a waste. :lmao Obviously though, as someone that will get into business, it's a great business move...it's just my gamer bias.

      Only 1 post. :lmao
    21. Kaitou
      Haha, I realized you posted the VM in your profile and not mine.

      I started with old anime games for the SNES and PlayStation One, including games like Power Rangers. I remember playing Sailor Moon, DBZ, Yuyu Hakusho and so on. Pretty good stuff.

      X looks great, man. My only gripe is that they are making it for PS3/Xbox 360. You may be asking why? Obviously, while it makes it more accessible...I think since they are old system, it's holding back from the PS4/X1/PC version to look prettier. It looks amazing nonetheless and I should go back to play 9 some time soon.

      Came here to tell you that everything went well (my interview).

      EDIT: I saw your brother "Cheat Codes" joined 2 years ago. :lmao He randomly appeared in your friend list.
    22. Kaitou
      Yeah, I remember you told me about him when we talk about gaming sessions with family and friends.

      I started watching Anime since the early stage of my life as well as playing Japanese video games. I only started to get more deep into it when I was 15 with the Sengoku era, culture and other media.

      Of course. You know I have a gaming youtube channel and that's on my to do list, so if I know something, you will as well.
    23. Kaitou
      Little bros = CloudKicker? :lmao And yeah, I understand. :lmao I miss the last few seasons of Power Rangers because I outgrew the series, and the quality has gone downhill as well. I see, so you got more into Japanese culture later in your pre-adult age? Like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider has different series. My personal favorite is Blade.

      I hope it is. I haven't heard of a Godzilla game ever not coming here. And I think since its related to the movie, with more reason its coming over.
    24. Kaitou
      Whoa not even the first seasons? =O I mean Power Rangers is more my era, then again you're not much older than me. I think 7 years?

      I usually torrent it.

      Did you watch the new Godzilla movie? I thought it was okay. Almost, they are making a new Godzilla game for PS3 in Japan. :awesome
    25. Kaitou
      Funny, I thought you would be the kind of guy who would watch it. :lmao

      I know Legend-kun is a fan.

      I like the series as well.
    26. Kaitou
      Do you like Kamen Rder? :hmm
    27. Saishin
      7 Samurai is a great movie,thanks for the rep :brofist
    28. Krippy
      Mah nigga :cat
    29. Stelios
      you are missing a : right after the http from your signature
    30. colours
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    Aug 16, 1984 (Age: 33)
    Roll Chocker
    Favorite Character(s):
    Killa B
    Master Sabu-chan
    Hozuki Trollkage
    Elder So
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    I love all things japanese.

    manga, anime, jedai geki, art, Nfl/FF



    There is no dark side on the moon really..
    ...matter of fact it's all dark.

    ~For long you live, and high you fly
    Smiles you'll give, and tears you'll cry
    All you touch, and all you see
    Is all your life will ever be~

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