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  • Yo mate not to bother but would you be up for a nf smash bros tournament?
    Sorry, I don't have Nintendo online yet. Thank you for asking, though.
    Haha, I thought the reactions were perfect for that edit, too. It even has Rukia in the first panel after seeing Urahara's face. And Shinji getting mad over Urahara taking advantage of Hiyori. It was meant to be.
    I appreciate you going out of your way to rep a bajillion people just to get around to me. An act of true broship. :quite
    Thanks for the rep. However sexy Annie may be, titan fanservice would just be...wrong. And yet, we still got a hint of it with that skinless tush. The end is nigh.
    So you joined 7 years ago, and you have no friends and 1 comment.

    You're either anti-social or just not that active?
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