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  • Hey Brother, I just wanted to say I appreciate your post in the NBA thread. Means alot. Thanks dude

    Got you fam, sucks what happened though. Some ultra stupid shit going on.
    To answer your question, yes, I'm male; I don't like to pretend to be someone I'm not. I just prefer to have women in my avatars and siggies.
    Ah, yeah my bad dude. Girlfriend was next to me and she asked me if you were a male, so I just went ahead and asked.
    Who? Name names. Don't chicken out my ^ (use bro). Tbh as bad as some of us can be with that, it's not everyone. I can see perfectly well we have gone down the shitter since Rafa's last season. Before then you can't deny Liverpool between 05-09 where really competive tho and also during the Houllier years. Gillet and Hicks shit on us during Rafa's reign and gave us Hodgson ffs but I get the impression few rival fans understand how much shit they put us in. I mean everyone laughs at Leeds in the lower leagues and their fans when even now, there are as bad or worse than us when they talk about their best history and entitlement. We could have reached their depths if Hicks and Gillet continued tbh. Seriously if you even went as far as your bullshit during the Hodgson era let me know breh.
    Explain Liverpool hate BS. Bar been rivals under the Rafa era and a few times in the past to deny us championships (Cheers, Thomas) There is no way that is rational unless you met people who rammed down your throats 'Liverpool are gonna win the league', 'we should be top 4', 'we are better than Arsenal coz CL win in 05' innit' or whatever similar shit they said. Not bothered personally but would be nice to know where its coming from.
    I have a bunch of fodder players I can trade to you for some bs if you need depth dude. I still have a bunch of guys I'm not even using.
    Uh? What? I don't fucking need your players, when I can pretty much solo everyone except Ghost, who is basically 51/49 or vice versa against me. I meant that you can literally associate yourself with my team, as in Co-GM.

    I can't believe you took my homie offer of friendship so lightly.

    Tell your ^ (use bro) Choco to PM me his email address so I can send him a league invite. I'm not sending either of you invites until I have both email addresses
    :zaru .
    Para just doesn't understand that us insulting each other casually, is how our friendship is showcased.

    Yo, check your latest PM, cause I need to know if we're doing that deal or not, cause I have one player I have my eye on in this batch?

    Check your PMs, ^ (use bro). Please see if you can help me out with that deal we discussed?
    What, that's nuts. :lmao

    Niggas will close the lane so fast if you do that. :rotfl

    My key is to look for the open pass first, but just get the dude off balance and go hard if there is no other option.
    I use absolutely zero fancy or flashy moves. Legit old school skillset, but with speed and range.

    I played soccer a lot growing up, so my legs are basically molded into the correct shape. I never have to do any leg days or shit, because they are trained naturally from running.
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