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Last Activity:
Oct 6, 2019
Aug 1, 2009
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May 16, 1989 (Age: 31)


Agent of Sasori, 31

Choutarou was last seen:
Oct 6, 2019
    1. Atlantic Storm
      1. Choutarou
        What's up, Yingy. How have you been? :A
        Jul 19, 2019
    2. Nikushimi
      Don't say I didn't warn you. :lbj

      This is pretty much what you can expect when when you try to condense a 30-volume manga into a couple of hours of animation.
    3. Guiness
      not right now

      whats your IGN? we'll be playing later today most likely
    4. Guiness

      are you still playing league?
    5. Applejack
      You've appointed yourself my doctor :hehee
      ...So what exactly is my sickness? :LOS
    6. Applejack
      Long story short,
      I'm in China doing architecture, it's cold and I initially found it difficult to find accomodation. There is definatelly a culture shock, I don't drink, smoke, club or sing karaoke so I'm finding it difficult to make friends with the locals. I got a housemate who is cool, and the 500% workload increase was a shock to my system too.
      How have you been? :iria
    7. Applejack
      Don't think I can describe with a few words :hurr
    8. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      I WAS NOT.

      NOW I AM.
    9. Applejack
      Hey Chou! Long time no see :iria
    10. Guiness

      Our NF LoL group keeps getting bigger and bigger.

      Tell me your name so we can play together! We can have enough people to play 2 groups at the same time! :awesome

      that is of course if everyone is online at the same time but im sure its possible :33
    11. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      I've put in the request.
    12. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Yep, those are the options.
    13. Luftwaffles
      Congrats for your first tourney win!
    14. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Congrats, Chou! What prize would you like?
    15. Guiness
      Chou, why no answer??? D:
    16. Guiness
      Hey Chou.

      Whats your name on LoL?
    17. Immortal
      I do as well, but someone just voted and said that Cerberus will solo my team -___-
    18. Chainer
      My condolences, sir. If you need to talk or anything, feel free to contact me.
    19. Daenerys Stormborn
      Daenerys Stormborn
      Sorry to hear about your great-grandmother, Chou. :(
    20. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      It's my belief that it's a rule
      He apparently wasn't discussed and priced with that ability in mind but "only" preta's anti-ninjutsu ability
    21. Applejack
      Not bad at all! How are you going? :iria
    22. Applejack
      How were you not on my friends list before? Amazing...
    23. Clay
      Indeed. It was an obvious combo, seeing as how two other teams are near identical. :maybe
    24. RemChu
      not done....i didnt even talk about all the stuff i liked
    25. TheSweetFleshofDeath
      "the Edo Tensei rule states one may not use members as a sacrifice, nothing of turning them into Edo Tensei themselves."

      I feel that a lot of people would consider this against the spirit of the rules (suicide). Even though you could say it's technically correct, hence word play. If I tried that in a match I would bet that there would be people saying the same thing. Other people will straight out disallow it, because the characters are killing themselves.

      You're basically relying on a loophole, and not everyone will accept the premise upon which said loophole relies.

      I'm basing this off of past evidence with matches I've had, and seen where wordplay similar to that has been used. Some voters I've seen also tend to be extremely adverse to suicide to the point where I've had to put up multiple clauses just for people to accept allowed jutsu like death god to be in play. I try to write effectiveness section with potential voters in mind. I'll try to get yours up sometime tommorow. It just takes a long time to do judgments for this match.
    26. BluesQueen
      Hello darling!
      What brings you round here at this time of night?
    27. BluesQueen
      Hey sex biscuit!
      How are you?
    28. DreadTalon
      There is a new client released. http://www.facebook.com/#!/YGOPROdawnofanewera
    29. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      Hey Chou, If you have time can you vote in my KC Match.
    30. RemChu
      download and watch it in 1080p. The fights are pretty rad.
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    May 16, 1989 (Age: 31)
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