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Last Activity:
Oct 6, 2019
Aug 1, 2009
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May 16, 1989 (Age: 31)


Agent of Sasori, 31

Choutarou was last seen:
Oct 6, 2019
    1. Sans
      *poke 10char
    2. Sans
      Have you got any good stock/sets for Madara hanging around?

      I've decided I'm a fan, and you always seem to be sporting bitchin' Madara sets. :hurr
    3. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
    4. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      will you play in the WC?!
    5. dark0
      Your signature video is down, pardon me if you already know :)
    6. Necessary Evil
      Necessary Evil
      Hello Choutarou, how are you ? I found a stock for you to work with [1], what do you think ? I know that it's simillar to the one you linked me, but I think this has better quality overall.

      I'm aware that you have a simillar set already, so feel free to neglect my request if you don't want us to have 'simillar' sets.
    7. Sans
      Yo, you want to go and vote for me in the Member of the Month BD poll? :hurr

      I'm not actually a candidate, but I'm picking up points anyways. It's all in good fun. :del
    8. Necessary Evil
      Necessary Evil
      Ok, I will inform you when I find a good stock. :hurr.
    9. Necessary Evil
      Necessary Evil
      Damn boy, you got some skills there.

      Do you accept requests ?
    10. Necessary Evil
      Necessary Evil
      Did you make the set by yourself ? :hmm
    11. LegendaryBeauty
      I have, actually. I daresay she's impressed quite a bit of people who before would've called her fodder and unworthy of her title as a Sannin. I just want to see Kishimoto go back to the Kage fight.
    12. LegendaryBeauty
      Things've been busy, of course. Work is taking up most of my time nowadays. How've you been?
    13. Death Note
      Death Note
      I just recently started reading the manga. It quickly became one of my favorites.
    14. Death Note
      Death Note
      My set is Hibari Kyoya from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

      Thanks, same to you too.
    15. Bones
      I like the picture in your strategy, do you have one without the borders ?
    16. RemChu
      mmmm yeah the whole thing was actually about sex. :hurr

      like the last race scene was like him and the girl doing it and crossing the red line is breaking the hymen or whatever .... :whistle
    17. RemChu
      RIGHT ON!
      What do you think the meaning of the story was? :p
    18. Immortal
      Alright man, well i think the match closes at 10AM EST. If you have any thoughts, put them down and I'll address them if you post in the next hour or so before I go to bed.
    19. Immortal
      Wanna drop a vote in my match man?
    20. BluesQueen
      Both strategies are up in my match!
      You should drop by and vote!
      Sooner rather than later would be preferred!
    21. Kinjishi
      Thanks bro.
    22. Kinjishi

      same thing you did for Kitsuchi, please
    23. Kinjishi
      Choutarou my man. I need another favor. New set.
    24. BluesQueen
      Both strategies are up in my match!
      Go check it out.
      Drop a vote.
      Party hardy! :love

      Also, I still love you.
      Although you DQ'ed on me
      I wanted to lose by your hand
    25. WolfPrinceKiba
      Don't you dare DQ:mad
    26. RemChu
      ya its a feast for the eyes and fast. you'll like it
    27. RemChu
      Red Line. i think i have a blog post that links to the film streaming
    28. Sans
      I've managed to shave ten minutes off the time for my runs after the biking accident. Only six minutes until I get to my old time. :hurr

      Umm, apart from that, not much. I'm basically just chilling until Uni starts in late February.

      Oh, and I got a new laptop to replace the previous fried one today. It came with keyboard issues. :pek
    29. Sans
      I will destroy you.
    30. Sans
      Your set is really cool.

      You should try and live up to it.

      Edit: Komemoo? :C
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    May 16, 1989 (Age: 31)
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