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Nov 9, 2016
Nov 7, 2006
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    1. Mael
      I am disappoint...JJBA carries far more personality, wit, and posing than those three combined.

      Check the anime out at least to get the gist of the first two parts plz.
    2. Mael
      Love, have you seen the like of Hirohiko Araki?
    3. Mael
      And what is you doin?;33
    4. Mael
      Holy shit it's you...:pek
    5. NudeShroom
      Any chance you use skype on the weekends then? i need to make sure you don't have ebola
    6. Uncle Lunchwagon
      Uncle Lunchwagon
      oYo yippeeeeeee
    7. NudeShroom
      looking at old nf stuff

    8. Stringer
      I like your avatar, where's it from?
    9. buff cat
      buff cat
      Psh yeah, and everyone changes their fakkin names :stfu
    10. buff cat
      buff cat

      I thought about you a few months ago because I had pronounced your name wrong. You left, and just came back?
    11. Havoc
      hey what have you been up to?
    12. Dementia
      Of course.

      /half a year
    13. Narcissus
      Have you seen the movie Labyrinth? The characters in my set come from that, and the avatar is actually from a manga sequel.
    14. NudeShroom
      i've been a mod for over a year now hahahah

      me and my brother took it together. I had the teacher before and switched into it because i found that my teacher for my other history class was going to be shit.
    15. Rashman

      Just like Hidan, I cannot be killed! :kaga:gun
    16. NudeShroom
      I never made it expensive. :mad

      i don't know. i started a circuit measuring and analysis class and it's fun, and i'm acing it no problem. engineering seems awesome, but you never know what you'll run into.

      where to go next is the problem. as well as i can do on super focused classes (like engineering and history of foreign politics) i can't seem to actually like doing well in others, thus my transcript is terrible
    17. NudeShroom
      Don't worry, I have a teacher that makes math almost boring.

      I'm so jelly that you seem to be into it already, but you are super smart. Where are you studying?

      I'm at a Community college still atm, but I've learned that I like physics and science here. It's just going to be hard to get out. :(
    18. NudeShroom
      studyin physics?
    19. NudeShroom

      HAY YOU

      WHAT IS UP
    20. Mael
      It suits you...beauty and fire.
    21. Mael
      Nice lips, baby. :33
    22. Mael
      Been doing all right...aiming for newer and better paying jobs of course. And your lovely self? :33
    23. Mael
      Long time no type, lovely.
    24. Havoc
      i want you in my life
    25. Mael
      Oooohh...this is a bit funkadelic with a nice beat to it. Nice find.

      I give you these two now:
    26. Mael
      You........YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!
    27. Soca
      watch the movie.....do it now :pek
    28. Mael
      I had questioned where you obtained your sexiness. You have now answered the question for me. For that I am eternally grateful.
    29. Soca
      A movie called sword of the stranger, it's pretty decent you should check it out :noworry
    30. Ghost of Madara
      Ghost of Madara
      I was curious as to the source art for your avatar and I was wondering if you could tell me? I find it very beautiful.
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    When it was over, Stan didn?t make any serious effort to get away. He stood awhile, looking around at the gang of people who had been watching it all, as if he were surprised they hadn?t done anything to stop him. People said afterward that they?d thought Arthur was dead, the way he just lay there on the pavement, all twisted around and not moving. The ones who were there at the start knew they should have done something to stop it, but they all just stood watching, about eight or ten at the beginning and then more, the entire queue from the kebab shop pouring out on to the pavement to see what was going on. None of them tried to stop the attack, and nobody tried to take hold of Stan when he turned away and walked off down the road. He wasn?t running; he wasn?t even in a hurry.
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