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Jul 23, 2010
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    1. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      Lmao. We had some fun times...Naruto getting Biju Mode was the greatest ofcourse.
      If you want to keep in touch outside of here, its best you follow me on the Youtubezzzz. I'm there under the same name.
    2. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      Its been a fun ride. The end...approaches...or maybe its a new beginning. Time will tell.
    3. Ghost
    4. Jagger
      Jon Snow. :33
    5. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      I thought so. Although he looks more like someone from Tolkien's legendarium.
    6. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Who's the guy in your avatar? :hmm
    7. Ghost
      innostut sit joskus my?hemmi taas. :D
    8. Ghost
      mit? juubisage?
    9. Ernie
      Join :LOS:gun

      Active members, warlike soldiers, hookers are also allowed. Posting hentai is allowed! :maybe
    10. Amanda
      "Well Netflix is here in Finland as well but NA-version has like hundred times more content."

      S? oot suomalainen?! Kiesus. Mist? meit? oikein siki??.
    11. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      Juuuuuuuuubay! Next week...next fucking WEEK. BijuuMode will be revealed in the anime, plus it looks like special animation if the preview is any indication! Ive waited too long!
    12. Ernie
      You know what to do :LOS DatNaruto!:datass
      Give a nice comment! :maybe
    13. Ernie
      Some little shit I just made, maybe you like it... :maybe
    14. Zlad
      Oh it's gonna be 5 seasons right?

      Red wedding.. I swear I have never ever been so shocked in my life. Like oh my god

      Joffrey.. that little shit I hope he dies so hard. Killed Edd :(
    15. Zlad
      GoT FTW. Do you read the books? If so DO NOT SPOIL.

      Daenerys, Jon and Arya are my favorites. Robb and Cate :(
    16. Zlad
      You know nothing, Jon Snow.
    17. Ernie
      The butthurt is strong.:LOS
    18. Ernie
      bait troll
    19. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      I'm pretty hungry for an epilogue. Show what everyone is like in the new era of peace.
    20. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Well I'm not saying he won't, and his eyes will most likely become stronger. But it's probably gonna be in an epilogue before he has the necessary breadth of knowledge. Naruto too, the difference being Naruto is taking a much different path to power than Hashirama being a Jinchuriki vs a Kekkei Genkai. And they're both perfect sages. Sasuke has the disadvantage of a direct comparison. We've seen the end of his skill tree at the Valley of the End. I'm hoping his abilities will scale up as this battle continues.
    21. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Perhaps a Sasuke Hashirama tag team.

      I don't think it's about the eyes, I think Madara just all around is a better shinobi than him.
    22. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      Depends on how strong Kishi makes Obito. If he gets strong enough that they actually need Madara to stop him then it's one thing. Sasuke beating Madara would be great thematically, almost like taking over the Uchiha clan. I just don't see how he would do it.
    23. Amatérasu’s Son
      Amatérasu’s Son
      That would be nice. Though with the power Obito has on hand, I'm thinking it's going to be team format in any event. He's just too strong to one on one.
    24. Ernie
      Amigo, do me a pleasure and 5 star this thread! Thank you!
    25. Ernie
      Rin wank :datass
    26. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      Lmao. I watched today's anime episode. I was like,"Welp! Gotta tell Juubi to watch this epic shit."

      But then...I couldn't find you! Ha. I had to check back old VMs to see what the fuck you changed your name to son!
    27. Jak N Blak
      Jak N Blak
      Juubi...what is this!
    28. DemonDurai
      Actually I think I am going to read the novel first. Cause I am like a Manga first then anime after sort of guy.smile-big

      PS Now to get down to some torrent downloading :p

    29. DemonDurai
      many thanks I need to finally get round to watching Game of thrones!
    30. DemonDurai
      I want to know more about your signature and where it came from?:awesome:awesome
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