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Commander Red
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Jul 6, 2020 at 12:35 PM
Sep 13, 2007
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Commander Red

I will personally conduct it.

Retired Staff
Commander Red was last seen:
Jul 6, 2020 at 12:35 PM
    1. Yin
      Glory greatest country!
      :catsalute 1:29-1:32
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Yin
        I like your ava, it brings back memories from the game: Papers, Please.
        Aug 17, 2018
      3. Commander Red
        Commander Red
        Memories are good, yes?

        Allow me to refresh them with these as well, in case you haven't seen it!


        It's english subtitled. :-)
        Aug 17, 2018
      4. Yin
        Aug 17, 2018
    2. Naruto
      I still haven't played Papers, Please.
      1. Commander Red likes this.
    3. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Yooo. How's retirement?
    4. Paul
      Dead mice are an acquired taste and usually best followed up with a side of grass and some gutter water.

      That said, there's nothing as good as people food. :love
    5. The Soldier
      The Soldier
      where can I post this, too damn funny

    6. Paul
      Can I have a snack?!

      I brought you a snack! *gives dead and bloody mouse* :wtf
    7. Paul
    8. Toby
      I'll PM you my skype
    9. Toby
      Maybe baby. I learned a lot of business skills on the job. I am not sure how that works with accounting though.

      I don't know what CODA is but I know you have most of the critical competencies listed there. You should apply! ;)
    10. Toby
      You could probably do that job, yeah. I can see that.

      Comptrollers are in my experience people with a business degree. At a company that really wants finance to control something, they have a financial comptroller, and they have some kind of certification in accounting. Is that what you are talking about? As an analyst I support the comptroller measure the size of our customer base and revenue from them, but he has less interest in the specific details.

      Perhaps it's just a bit less optimal at my business but usually we make the decisions for marketing and sales without involving finance. We only involve them when it comes to setting annual budgets. But perhaps you want to do more analysis?
    11. Toby
      I work for a global software company as a manager in business intelligence. We do data analysis to support decisionmaking in marketing, business development and management.

      I can use my love for analysis, organisation and my ability to learn new skills to get ahead. It's great!
    12. Toby
      Hello again

      I keep believing it's Jove who's posting when I see the Dutch name but it's obviously a real Dutchman :goose

      How you been Red? Did you pursue maths or something else? Last I spoke with you I realised my understanding of your studies was awful at best :I
    13. Kitsune
      Good point! Now I must change my list.
    14. Kitsune
    15. Haze
    16. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Happy new year Red. :supercat
    17. Charlotte D. Kurisu
    18. Haze
      Merry Christmas, David! Hope you have a good one!
    19. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Merry Christmas Red :)
    20. Paul
      Oh yes. Very much yes. :catskully
    21. Paul
      Can I come in and have some treats?
    22. Paul
      Now I am the kitty in YOUR window. :catblush
    23. Eiko
      You're a good fella. :catfeels
    24. Eiko
      It's Atlantic Storm. Everyone in HR knows, it's unacceptable you don't. :pek
    25. Eiko
      You don't know who Goose is? :hoho
    26. Eiko
      Don't worry, you'll never be as bad as Goose.

    27. Eiko
      Here, have some more cats

      :catflip :catflip :catflip
    28. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu

      most of our expats are asians. westerners aren't gonna work for half of what the locals make. :skully
    29. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      I just know the popular ones due to,well... pop culture. :catslut

      put it simply; expats get paid almost half of what locals earn. especially for lower positions. and every company gets 1 expat visa for every 2 local workers. :skully

      forget that that ratio is insane to begin with, companies will obviously workaround loopholes to get as much cheap labor as it can get. as an example; owners will hire relatives to get more visas and benefit from social insurance and other such programs. so peeps without connections get screwed out on many levels. sure, nepotism is a thing everywhere, but you can actually benefit from it here in more ways than one. :catskully

      so you can hire your dumbass children as any fake position and get a highly efficient expat manager for half the price of a local. or get two local factory line workers and get an expat for the higher positions, and so on. the possibilities are endless.

      shit like this is popular in GCC countries..

      So I work like a dog, eat shit, and be grateful for anything I get. :catdance

      nah man, I call it like I see it :brofist
    30. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      That's the standard one, yes. But you could also say "Sabah al-khair" which is "good morning" or "Al-Salam" which is just a shorter way of saying "Al-Salam Alaikom" which means "peace be upon you(in a plural sense)". I honestly use this one goodbye term that's rarely used "fe aman al-allah" which means "in god's protection", I like using it cuz it sounds cool and pretentious. :lmao but I genuinely mean it. Especially when I use it to people I care about.

      They give me dick. They duck transportation allowances for being late. :catsuicide like motherfucker I still used the car didn't I? :giogio

      But I still consider myself one of the lucky ones. locals cant find a job with all that "cheap labor" around. :catroll

      I am sure you'll find someone red, from our convos you seem like a good person. :catflowa
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    [IMG=I think it is best if you come with me.]http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130809134453/papersplease/images/thumb/0/09/Investigatorbadge.jpg/389px-Investigatorbadge.jpg[/IMG]
    Yes folks, it's "DAT QUESTION MARK ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)" again! :LOS

    Major thanks to user Naruto for this gif!

    If in other sciences we should arrive at certainty without doubt and truth without error, it behooves us to place the foundations of knowledge in mathematics.
    - Roger Bacon
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