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Mar 31, 2020 at 9:36 PM
Feb 15, 2013
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June 1


Dominator of the Universe

Conquistador was last seen:
Viewing forum House of Uzumaki, Mar 31, 2020 at 9:36 PM
    1. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      Happy Birthday the great Conquistador!:homer
    2. Juub
      Support the DB section. Our boy Vegeta is the last man standing.

    3. Freechoice
      fart in mouth
    4. Yuki
      You lost the bet, please put on an Erza set.


      And an embarrassing line along with it.
    5. Freechoice
      fuck glenn I'm on a boat motherfucker
    6. Yuki

      Did you read that post?
    7. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      Thank you for the rep.
    8. xenos5
      Hi Revengeanze. I just joined narutoforums and I am trying to figure how out how to make a new thread in outskirts battledome. although I am experienced in debates (mostly on youtube) I have never made a thread or posted in one before so I would like your help in figuring this out.
    9. Whitebeard
      don't get too close to Tensa, he has rabies.
    10. Shiny
      who the fuck is roku and godlike? :lmao and damn you know raizen? that troll ? i got you dupe-kun :ho:gun
    11. Shiny
      Wut? a dupe with more than 3000 posts? :lmao im no dupe,im just that terrible :LOS:maybe

      Grimm6jack is a great poster,you just have a different opinion of bleach powerlevels
    12. Millón Vasto
      Millón Vasto
      Magicburret? Is it really you? Are you planning to take over the BBD again? Kick your appointed disciple(Konkujo Tenken) of the thrown and become the damn king again?

      If you are I won't allow it. There's just enough byakuya hyping in the BBD.

      Anyways mad respect for decieving me like this bro. I like your personality but if you are truly MB we can't work togehter due to fate keeping us apart.:cry
    13. Shiny
      Are you MB dupe-kun?
    14. BreadBoy
      It's done. :gar :gun just go onto my art thread in the bleach section.
    15. All The Good Names Are Taken
      All The Good Names Are Taken
      Gurrimjawl doesn't know what he's talking about half the time. Welcome to BBD btw
    16. Conquistador
      If your saying I am this 'MB''s dude, you sir can fuck off. :hmpf
    17. N
      Hey MB, how's it going?
    18. Millón Vasto
      Millón Vasto
      I have high hopes for you.
    19. Millón Vasto
      Millón Vasto
      Okay you have potenial however you are not quite thier level. You can join me as a gillian and work your way up. I need ten people as good as they are for my plan to work. I want to see how you respond in the bleach 15 strongest characters thread.
    20. BreadBoy
      Know I may be a little too late on this, but welcome to naruto forums. Hope you have a nice time here!
    21. Shiny
      You rustled my jimmies :(
    22. Millón Vasto
      Millón Vasto
      First friend request
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