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Jul 13, 2020 at 5:25 PM
Apr 26, 2010
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Cooler was last seen:
Viewing forum Meta-Battledome, Jul 13, 2020 at 5:25 PM
    1. Se7en
    2. raizen28
      Will we ever see Dragonball Z GT .coms Coolers First Forms
    3. Aries
      Thanks man, good to have you on board the game. Yeah sign up please. Roles are done so going to give you your role now
    4. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but would you like to join this dbz vs mafia game?http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=1056527
    5. Freechoice
      Cooler the besto :bury
    6. Basilikos
      And so it occurs again.

      A DB/Z thread and Cooler suddenly appears out of nowhere. :lmao
    7. Alpha
      You the same cooler from Animeforum?
    8. In Brightest Day!
      In Brightest Day!
      Do you post over at Daizex?
    9. Basilikos
      Lol man I never see you around until a DB/Z thread pops up. Then you suddenly start posting. :lmao
    10. Pandorum
      I go by the name of Starkiller over there.

      I think we've met on one topic.
    11. Pandorum
      Are you the same Cooler from Neoseeker?
    12. Genyosai
      So, yeah, it seems unquantifiable to me.
    13. Genyosai
      There might be, but light travels at... lightspeed and can give things a little kick when it hits them by boosting the atoms in the thing (let's say asteroid) to a higher energy state. Some of the atoms will be boosted off the asteroid giving it a small amount of thrust in the direction facing sunlight.

      With a ki ball though. It's all locked up in a sphere and we know nothing about ki's properties, because it's a made up, magical element with no real world comparison.
    14. Genyosai
      Radiation can transfer momentum, but it doesn't actually mass anything, so it's not exactly the same as pushing against a heavy weight.

      They're obviously pushing against something, but it might be more the pressure of the ki ball trying to move, than just its overt weight on the planet. That's why I'm saying it might not be a 1:1 thing like that. They're clearly struggling against some strong force, but how much is unknown.
    15. Genyosai
      That calc is true, but only if it's in the form of matter rather than energy. Electromagnetic radiation has no rest mass.

      As for ki, who knows?
    16. Heavenly King
      Heavenly King
      out of all the dbz fans you're the only that really knows what he's talking about. i look forward in my debates with you
    17. WWE Jaiden DBZ
      WWE Jaiden DBZ
      Yeah, nice seeing you here.
    18. KaiserWombat
      Glad you noticed, haha
    19. Captain America
      Captain America
      Sup man, Cooler is one of my favorite DBZ characters. :)
    20. Genyosai
      It's mainly about the errors and consistency issues though, as I believe Endless Mike pointed out in that thread. Seemingly, it makes sense to use a character's previously calced speed in a new calc for a different character, but if you keep doing that, and doing that you are relying on more and more on "facts" that could be completely wrong, or have alternate explanations, and are logically muted due to consistency.

      Of course, you can argue that this being applied to all series makes errors irrelevant, but it could easily give some series advantages simply due to the size of the calc chains in them. The crux is that independently verifiable feats are much steadier ground than calc chains.

      So, what I'm saying is that at face value it makes sense to calc this way, but not so much when you consider the logical problems with it. Consistency wise does it really make sense to have triple figure Mach Naruto and One Piece characters in context? I know about the whole "combat speed=/=travel speed" thing, but it's stretching it thin when characters with those speeds could fly across oceans in minutes. There's also the lack of confirmation from other feats even if there are no overt contradictions.

      The logical consequences of calcs can make them shaky even if they were otherwise valid. I know it seems like just ignoring calcs we don't like, but with calc stacking the numbers can get insanely fast to the point of absurdity within context. To be honest, I'm not sure about it's true validity other than there being problems with it. The consensus of the OBD dictates whether it gets widely used or not though.

      Just for fun, I'm going to try calc stacking on as many successive Naruto or One Piece blitzing feats (starting with a known calc as a base) as I can to see how ridiculous it can get. In fact, I think I'll make the "calc stacking thread" just to see what sort of numbers come out of various series.
    21. Genyosai
      I don't believe calc stacking reaction speeds is a very good method anymore. It just leads to inflation based on how many times a series has one character blitzing another. I suppose if it was applied equally, but to be honest, then all shonens would have triple figure Mach characters (Mach 200+ Luffy and Raikage were already calced).

      The main problem EM points out is if a calc is based of a calc based of a calc, then any errors add up.

      Add to that, it can be highly inconsistent with all the rest of the stand alone feats, which is why if reaction times are used, it's better to use or derive them from feats against things like arrows or bullets or missils - things for which we have known speeds from RL.
    22. Cableguy15
      Yeah, the translation was done by Herms. He's redoing the translations on Daizex if you're interested, but I'm not sure how long it'll take him.
    23. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      Always a pleasure :quite
    24. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      Yeah it would be better it if they were full chapters.

      But the story is awesome and the art too this guys are pro, I am really happy they made this.
    25. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      thanks man!

      And yeah DBM is awesome!...man I can't wait for Goku and Vegeta to fight agains't someone powerful and see the rematch of Buu/Broly Vs Vegitto :iria man that is going to be epic!
    26. Watchman
      We do have some pretty vocal Star Wars fans in the OBD, yeah. :lmao
    27. Watchman
      You know, I have to apologise. When I first saw your posts, I assumed you were just a DBZwanker from MFG or somewhere and dismissed you. Actually taking the time to look around, you're not, and have made some quality posts, so I'll rep you when I can to make up for it.
    28. CM Pope
      CM Pope
      You like Cooler.
      You sir/ma'am...are a winnah
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