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  1. CraneSama

    Naruto The Gallant Jiraiya FC [archive]

  2. CraneSama

    Konohamaru - love or hate

    Lmao Revy, blunt as usuall. Not only do I hate konohamaru, but i hate his "gang" they're all so annoying. BLOW YOUR FUCKING NOSE YOU FAGFACE KID
  3. CraneSama

    Rate the above users avatar!!!!

    7/10 not bad! :)
  4. CraneSama

    Which celebritys would look good as certain Naruto characters?

    Sakura methinks. Yeah, I supose Hugh would be the best bet. I can see him being the laid back, tough-guy just for Asuma. I think the personality fits the best
  5. CraneSama

    Which celebritys would look good as certain Naruto characters?

    I don't know if even Hugh Jackman is manly enough for Asuma xD
  6. CraneSama

    Favorite....? -SPOILERS-

    I can't wait to see KillerBee in the anime. I probably wont be able to take him seriously at all
  7. CraneSama

    Answer my question with a question.

  8. CraneSama

    Favorite....? -SPOILERS-

    Ridiculous muscles, but dear lord! He's like 7 1/2 feet tall!
  9. CraneSama

    Most evil good guy?

    Fail poast. Mega fail. :smack On a more serious note, Ibiki seems cold and emotionless, but I wouldn't go so far as to call him evil... Kankorou has my vote:thumbs
  10. CraneSama

    Who do you think is fairly well portioned with muscles?

    /thread Asuma ftw. Or pre-deformed chest Jiraiya :suave
  11. CraneSama

    Favorite....? -SPOILERS-

    ZOMG Raikage! HUGE HUGE HUGE! :suzuhiko
  12. CraneSama

    Naruto The Gallant Jiraiya FC [archive]

    Done with all of my essays, but no new Naruto to enjoy... Which is worse? Homework out the ass? Or boredom out the ass? :iria
  13. CraneSama

    Rate the above user's signature

    Aww a new one! :iria Yay Asuma! 10/10!
  14. CraneSama

    Naruto The Gallant Jiraiya FC [archive]

    Oh no worries ^.^ It's about being part of the group more than just having my name on the list anyways :iria
  15. CraneSama

    Saddest Moment?

    I definately have to say that most of the flashbacks are terribly emotional. The saddest moments for me would have to be 1.) Asuma's death and I love the way Naruto captures emotion in both the anime and the Manga Oh! and a third one: At the beginning of Shippuden when Gaara finds...
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