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Last Activity:
Sep 4, 2012
Jan 5, 2005
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Aug 26, 1981 (Age: 39)
Home Page:
The Ocean
Full-time Badass, part-time Coliseum Receptionist


Old Man, 39, from The Ocean

CrazyMoronX was last seen:
Sep 4, 2012
    1. Drumpf's Little Bitch
      Drumpf's Little Bitch
      RIP my dude. :radiohead
      1. Ren. likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Ren.
        OOoo ... damn, I tough you were making a joke .

        Not cool.
        Jul 18, 2020
      4. Ren.
        RIP man
        Jul 18, 2020
        Drumpf's Little Bitch likes this.
      5. Ren.
        And he was a gamer, damn :(.
        Jul 18, 2020
    2. UtahCrip
      damn my man really dead? Rip crazymormonx.
      1. RemChu likes this.
    3. SayoSenpaiPls
      Even now we are part of the same cosmos , bound to the same laws of nature on this little spec of dust. Sending you lots of love wherever you may be.
      1. Kisaitaparadise likes this.
      2. Vino
        :gglife I came here to laugh not to feel
        Nov 11, 2019
    4. Azure Ihrat
      Azure Ihrat

      sleep tight, Jeremy.
      1. Moritsune likes this.
    5. Detective
      Happy Birthday Brother :catfeels
    6. Detective
      Hey Brother. Just wanted to stop by again to pay my respects. Almost time for your birthday in a little under a week. You would have been 38, so the big 4-0 is inching closer. Feels sad still, that I am now technically older than you. Hope you are still having fun, up there, amongst the cosmos. Take care, old man.
    7. Kuya
      Wassup man! This toke's for you
      1. Itachі and Detective like this.
    8. Vault
      Fucking hell :cry miss you man
      1. Detective and Ishmael like this.
    9. Azure Ihrat
      Azure Ihrat
      still thinking of you.

      i miss you.

      i hope you're having fun out there.
    10. Detective
      Hey Brother, just stopping by once again to pay my respects like I do from time to time, and will continue to do so as long as NF exists. You would have turned 37 last month, getting closer to the big 4-0. I hope you are doing well amongst the cosmos. Take care and be happy up there.

      1. Ishmael, Azure Ihrat and Jeroen like this.
    11. Azure Ihrat
      Azure Ihrat
      hey. it's me. you gon' done it and looked Death in the eye.

      you're christian right?

      i hope you're in heaven right now.

      i miss you.
      1. Jeroen likes this.
      2. Jeroen
        Apr 15, 2018
    12. Detective
      We made it, fam

      The Psych Movie airs this Thursday. I know you will be watching.

      1. is a
        Dec 5, 2017
    13. Detective
      I hope your journey amongst the stars is going well, brother. Be at peace.
    14. Cuivreries
      Much changes--much does not--after a six-year hiatus, but to learn of your passing upon first returning was both shocking and saddening. You had a wit to you balanced by joviality, yet depression often seemed a silent partner.

      You were a highlight and will always be remembered as such, Jeremy.
      1. Itachі likes this.
    15. Kuya
      Aloha Braddah!

      This toke's for you
      1. Darth Nihilus likes this.
    16. Detective
      Dear Brother,

      I hope you are well, up there amongst the universe.

      Take care,

      1. Yasha likes this.
    17. Pringer Lagann
      Pringer Lagann
      *pours a 40* RIP
    18. SayoSenpaiPls
      Jeremy, i just randomly stumbled upon your Profile and read about what happened. I will always have fond memories of our dating threads when i first joined, theories about women and everything. Sadly theyve been deleted, but not from my heart or my mind. Those were amazing times and im happy you were there to be the first person i got to know and talk to when i didnt know anyone yet. Rest in Peace old friend.
      1. Itachі likes this.
    19. tsunamileif
      Miss you forever CMX! I will always remember you...
    20. Detective
      Dear Old Friend,

      Was thinking of you recently. And hope you are in peace.

      Take care, amigo.

    21. Lord Yu
      Lord Yu
      Rest in Peace, I will always be your fan, Jeremy.
    22. Ssj3_Goku
      Miss you Crazy. RIP.
    23. Kuya
      miss you old man, RIP

      the times we used to kick eachother's asses in the first naruto tourneys :cry
    24. suga
      Rest in Peace. ): We miss you!
    25. gaiver
      RIP fellow brother. You are missed, but you know that.
    26. teddy
      RIP man.

      Your antics in the Theater and the Game Department got a few chuckles out of me before and you were overall a nice poster to have a pleasure in meeting.
    27. DemonDragonJ
      I, also, wish to present my deepest sorrow for your passing, my friend. You had a great personality, and a wonderful sense of humor, and I am certain that everyone shall miss you very much.
    28. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      I especially remember you in the Vania thread... I know you're playing your Symphony of the Night HD remake now. :(
    29. Valdens
      I wish it wasn't true.
    30. Kaitou
      We never interacted personally but I will remember you for making both the Gaming Department and Konoha Theatre both enjoyable places with your quality posts.

      Wherever you are, I hope you find peace. R.I.P Bro.
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  • About

    Aug 26, 1981 (Age: 39)
    Home Page:
    The Ocean
    Full-time Badass, part-time Coliseum Receptionist
    Favorite Character(s):
    The good ones.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    The best ones.
    My tentacles, your girlfriend's cootch.

    Tentacle rape, young artists, the ocean.


    No Kindle? No problem. Download the Kindle Application for your PC, Free.

    NF Justice Society of Internet Badasses

    The Hathaway Hour:
    Spoiler: Anne at Auction

    At a recent charity auction, avid fan Jarvis Mayweather nabbed an autographed photo of Anne Hathaway with a winning bid of two-thousand dollars.

    Jarvis was mistakenly given a photograph of legendary race horse Man O' War.

    Jarvis wans't bummed out about it though. In fact, he seemed pleased as punch as he walked up to Anne and said, "I think they gave me a stock, unsigned photo on accident..." and she gave him her autograph on the spot.

    Spoiler: Audition Annie

    The day Anne Hathaway auditioned for the role of Catwoman, the casting director was confused, saying, "I thought we were casting for Catwoman, not the Mr. Ed movie?"

    Anne Hathaway got the role after she dazzled with the performance of a scene from Seabiscuit.

    The director couldn't say no.

    Spoiler: Anne on Animal Cruelty

    When asked her opinion on animal cruelty, Anne Hathaway responded, "I think it's just terrible, asbolutely reprehensible...My father used to be beat me as a child; I'm glad we're finally getting some recognition for this cause."

    Spoiler: Anne the Artist

    Anne Hathaway is an excellent painter. Her secret? She makes her own brushes.

    You'll get this one later.

    Spoiler: Hathaway Puns Again

    Reporter to Anne Hathaway: How do you find the motivation to keep getting up in the mornings and putting in grueling hours on the set?

    Anne to reporter: I just know it has to be done, so I brush my coat off, shake off the flies, and saddle-up.

    Reporter to Anne: Nice pun.

    Anne to reporter: What's a pun?

    Spoiler: Anne's Energy

    When Anne Hathaway needs to get get up early and prepare for a role, she doesn't reach for the 5-hour Energy. She doesn't go for that oversized energy drink. She does not make a run for Starbucks.

    When Anne Hathaway needs that extra get-up-and go, she reaches for the only brand she can trust:


    Spoiler: Anntermination

    Anne Hathaway is often praised for her focus and determination when prepraring and acting out her roles.

    When asked for her secret--whatever it was that brought her attention to laser-like precision--she said it was simple: Blinders.

    Spoiler: Anne Hathaway: Hero

    A shocking turn of events this afternoon as a mounted police officer had his horse stolen.

    Anne Hathaway was taking a stroll through the park and offered her assistance.

    Moments later the policeman, riding on the strong back of Anne Hathaway, caught up to the would-be horsenapper and brought him to justice.

    Eye-witness statement as follows:

    "It was like something out of a movie: the cop has his horse stolen but then, like a miracle, this other horse comes along out of the wild! Never saw anything like it...amazing."

    When Anne was asked to comment she simply said, "Neigh."

    Spoiler: Anne gets Punk'd

    On MTV's PUNK'D, Ashton Kutcher thought it would be a goof to swap Anne Hathaway's lunch.

    When all he found was an bag of apples and salt lick he thought someone had already beat him to it.

    One hour later the MTV crew filmed Anne Hathaway eating her lunch.

    Here is the shocking video:

    (Anne is dressed in white and brown)

    Spoiler: Zingers

    #1 What do you call a horse with the body of an ethiopian prostitute?
    Anne Hathaway.

    #2 Anne Hathaway doesn't laugh.

    She whinnies.

    #3 The original pick for Catwoman was Sarah Jessica Parker, but she had previous commitments reprising her role in Hidalgo.

    #4 Anne Hathaway was originally pegged as the star in the movie War Horse.

    #5 Tragically, on Anne Hathaway's 7th birthday, they pinned the tail on her.

    #6 Anne Hathaway was once caught up in a sex tape scandal, but the film was branded as bestiality and destroyed.

    Spoiler: Anne on Set

    Anne Hathaway twisted her ankle while doing a stunt on the set of The Dark Knight Rises.

    Christian Bale, an avid horsebreeder, instictively took out his batarang and started to put her down when Christopher Nolan interjected. At first he said, "She's not a horse! She's not a horse!" But Bale, wise on the uptake and no spring chicken, called his bluff and began clubbing her over the head. It was only after Nolan showed him her leg and claimed it wasn't broken that he stopped.

    Bale was quoted as saying, "And to think I almost killed a perfectly good horse... boy, is my face red."

    Spoiler: The History of Hathaway

    When Anne Hathaway was born 1982 the doctor on duty mistook her for a foal.

    Anne remained in a small stable for three weeks while her loving mother breastfed a thoroughbred Colt, thinking it was her child.

    Upon realizing the mix-up they exchanged the infants. When asked Anne's mother was quoted as saying, "I still can't tell the difference."

    Not so much a joke as an interesting piece of Hollywood history.

    Spoiler: Barroom Annie

    A Russian, a Horse, and Anne Hathaway walk into a bar.

    The Russian says to the bartender, "Give me vodka and this horse cube of salt," patting the horse next to him.

    Bartender says, "What about the other horse?"

    Spoiler: Anne and Trainer

    A man meets a horse trainer and Anne Hathaway.

    The horse traininer introduces Anne Hathaway and his hrose, Beauty.

    Man walks up to the horse and extends a notepad and pen and says, "Hi Anne, big fan... can I get an autograph?"

    Spoiler: Whore House

    Man walks into a whorehouse and asks for a whore.

    Pimp asks the man if he wants to fuck Anne Hathaway.

    Man says, "I thought this was a whorehouse, not a stable."

    Spoiler: Kentucky Derby

    Anne Hathaway recently attended the Kentucky Derby and was asked to present the award to the jockey.

    Unwittingly, the Master of Ceremonies put the wreath around Anne's neck as she stood next to the jockey holding the purse.

    Spoiler: Charlie's Angels

    Maggie Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway once auditioned together for roles in Charlies Angels.

    The casting director threw them out at once, screaming, "This is a casting call, not a dog and pony show!"

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