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Jul 10, 2017
Feb 20, 2005
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Jan 31, 1989 (Age: 30)
Home Page:
St. Augustine, Florida


The Owner of The Whity Show, 30, from St. Augustine, Florida

crazymtf was last seen:
Jul 10, 2017
    1. Krory
      Oh okay. Not that it's a big thing to me - he was mostly annoyed about getting a low rating without critiques - which I'm sure as a writer you can understand. Nothing pisses me off more than that in Flash Fiction. I just heard him complaining about his low rating and got curious and started laughing when I saw your name. :lmao
    2. Krory
      My brother just saw your rating on his short story. :lmao Ouch.
    3. Cyphon
      Good stuff. I might have to check the book out.
    4. Cyphon
      Just saw that you read Odd Thomas. Have you watched the movie? I have never read the book. I thought the movie was a little weird but I loved the ending. They acted it well. Shit damn near made me cry.
    5. Esura
      Myself losing in fighting games, my playthroughs through niche games, etc.
    6. Esura
      Soon, you're going to have a bunch of little crazymtfs lying around! :3

      Oh, since you're online I got a question to ask you since you record shit. Is Hauppage HD-something 2 Gaming Edition ok to use for gaming recording?
    7. Esura
      Congrats on getting married bro.
    8. Suzuku
      Always lived here, I go to FSCJ for now.
    9. Suzuku
      you don't speak ebonics? smh.

      We're neighbors, you live on the worse side of the fence though. Jax >>>>> :pek
    10. Suzuku
      Just saw you lived in St. Augustine. Fuck you fuck boi Duval what's up :pek
    11. Veggie
      Hey I checked out your channel because you linked your Knack review on the PS4 thread. I also checked out your The Last of Us review and convinced me to subscribed. I look forward to more of your videos mate :handshake
    12. thinkingaboutlife
      Nice how long did it take for you to get noticed? Did they message you on youtube? I'm interested in doing the whole review thing myself. Any advice you would like to give?
    13. thinkingaboutlife
      How did you start getting review copies? And how often do you get them?
    14. thinkingaboutlife
      Do you recommend the Wii U to people?
    15. Naruto
      I mean how many subs/weekly viewers/whatever did it take for you to get noticed? I write some reviews myself and I thought about making video reviews but never got around to it. I know you've been doing this for a while so I was curious as to how long it took you.

      To be honest, I have a healthy dose of envy that you're doing something you love and getting recognition for it. I hope you can make a living of it someday, if you aren't doing so already. If not, it's still a kickass hobby.
    16. Naruto
      Seriously? Damn, that's nice. How long did it take you to start getting review copies?
    17. EJ
      I honestly can't even believe you post on this forum.

      I'm trying to think, did I see your videos before I realized you posted on this forum? Or did I notice them while you were posting on them?

      I just find it cool the creator of the show is on this forum. I don't agree with some of your reviews (some different opinions here and there but they are small.) but your reviews are just real and unbiased. I find myself agreeing with you for the most part in reviews, and you've saved me from purchasing horrible games a lot of times.

      Appreciate the work you do for us gamers Whity.
    18. Kirsty
      Hey I finished your set :ruri hope you like it!
    19. Penance
      What series is your avy from?
    20. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      That sounds like a not bad life, better than mine. I was curious if you wouldn't mind talkin' to me again. Do you have Skype? :3
    21. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      Hm? What counts as the life in Florida? Lots of golfing? :3c
    22. Goofy Titan
      Goofy Titan
      Yoooou! The one who I try to say hello to and is never, ever there! How in the world have you been man? Last I checked with you, you left the great cesspit of New York and moved away.
    23. Lupita
      Not to much, I just can't go to sleep :(
      Do you mind keeping me company?
    24. Lupita
      Hola! Sorry, I know you don't know me, but I'm hella bored right now and want to talk to somebody.
    25. アストロ
    26. LMJ
      Ya this server has like NO ONE on it. We should both transfer to a more population pve server while the transfers are free right now, cuz this server is gonna die real quick esp since the game officially released and it is still dead for the server.
    27. LMJ
      Bad thing bout this Frost server, is that it has a very small population that the one that I came from.
    28. LMJ
      What is your char name?
    29. LMJ
      And this page

    30. LMJ
      Might take longer depending on how much you have to work. But I will have fun nonetheless. Speaking of which, did you read all the new features they added from that OBT to live?
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  • About

    Jan 31, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    St. Augustine, Florida
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto sucks...so none.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Updating this I decided not to post anything but telling you I'm not posting anything!

    Gaming, reading, tv shows, hanging out, hell even work!
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