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May 12, 2016
May 8, 2012
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Midtown, Manhattan
please shut up


Salty bet chief of production, from Midtown, Manhattan

creative was last seen:
May 12, 2016
    1. Freechoice
      How can I help you?
    2. Ral
      Another fellow New Yorker? :LOS
    3. Nep Nep
      Nep Nep
      It was just a joke ban! I've never been truly banned.

      Thanks btw.
    4. Chausie
      I've not seen it, got a link?
    5. Chausie
      Yeah, people just can't take jokes these days, sadly! I thought it was a pretty good one myself, and really fitted in well with the story and what King Loki would say(You know, just generally making fun of the whole matter), but people can't seem to see it as that and get offended instantly.

      Kinda funny though as the ones getting offended are the type of people to hate tumblr and say that it gets offended too easily.

      Like with the Thor issue that got people up in arms, what ended up being the best part of it is the way people overreact to it!
    6. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Which game(?) is in your sig?
    7. Nevermind
      Fixed the problem, so you should be able to register with the link I gave you.
    8. Nevermind
      Actually you may have a bit of trouble creating an account. What name do you want to go by (you already gave me the email)?
    9. Nevermind
      It's already up, but I don't want to quite publicly reveal it yet until it's all finished and polished.

      10PM would be fine. What about if you don't mind me asking (and where will you send it to)?
    10. Nevermind
      It's generally 800-3,000 words.

      Not sure what else you're looking for?
    11. Nevermind
      Hey, I'm putting all the pieces together for the gaming site and hopefully it will be launched in a few days. Do you want to write an article that will be visible on startup? If so, let me know, then we can talk about a schedule if you'd like to be a regular contributor. You can use the author bio box to promote your other work too.
    12. Patchouli

      There's too many good openers, I couldn't single any specific one out. "That's not a baby, that's a pile of syringes" is one that sticks out, but I think that line happened midway through an episode. :hmm

      I love the best friends zaibatsu. Been following since...I want to say it was the Bear Grylls video that was the first one I saw. Only really got into following them when they started doing full LP's.
    13. CA182
      I like the username. :hurr
    14. dream
      Hi, I changed your custom user title because it stretched forum dimensions. In the future please do be careful in what you have as your title.
    15. Jakers
      who's on your sig?
    16. Banhammer
      stop that, it'll get infected
    17. Lavender
      Well, i am not an professional persay. It is more of an hobby, although i DO want to pursue this type of job, my dream is to work on comics. either as an artist/colorist/translator/etc etc.

      If you wanna see my work, there are two places you can go.



      Although i do color the most recent issues as well as the older ones, so there are some spoilers you might wan to be careful about.

      But if that doesn't matter to you, enjoy.
    18. Lavender
      I am an comic colorist that specialises in TWD, and just thought i'd let you know (as an thank you for the rep, and because you are an fellow TWD fan) that i color TWD pages regularly, completely free. So if there is any page you'd like colored, let me know, and i'll hook you up with something. :)

      Oh, and i should introduce myself. I'am Lavender (most call me Lav though), swedish comic colorist/guru.

      It is very nice to meet you, Creative.
    19. Banhammer
      He wrote a hell of a retirment letter
    20. Banhammer
      hank scorpio is down :(
    21. Banhammer
    22. Banhammer
      catch a hint sweetie
    23. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      yeah, I've read the first 2 issues, was pretty good

      if there are good feats - direct me to them :zaru
    24. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      boom ?

      I might calc if there's anything worth calcing
    25. Suzuku
      Interesting you say that I've been wanting to get more into Image Comics besides TWD. Any suggestions?
    26. Suzuku
      The new Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Cap titles, the new Avengers title, Uncanny Avengers, new Deadpool, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Walking Dead, All New X-Men, Batman, Detective Comics, Superman, Action Comics, Justice League. Enjoying all of them except Superman. Really good time in comics right now. What about you?
    27. Suzuku
      Oh naw it's cool I was just being an ass. :lmao
    28. Emperor Joker
      Emperor Joker
      ah right I had actually forgotten that Rulk was going to be on Way's shitty team book.
    29. Emperor Joker
      Emperor Joker
      Yeah agreed...though even still there's a part of me that still wishes it was still Rulk's book.

      also really looking forward to Waid's Indestructible Hulk
    30. Emperor Joker
      Emperor Joker
      A read it when it came out. it was okay, i'm going to give it a couple more issues before I decide whether or not I should drop it or not
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    Midtown, Manhattan
    please shut up
    Relationship Status:
    In a godless relationship with multiple waifus
    Favorite Character(s):
    The ninja one. Oh wait...
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    no shut up

    shut up


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