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Jan 27, 2014
Jan 6, 2011
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August 6
college junior/library worker


lurking ninja mode, from Michigan

crimsonshade was last seen:
Jan 27, 2014
    1. ChaosTheory123
      i could be wrong tho.

      You are, don't worry.

      You really fucking are.

      If I need to dismantle you over this again, I'm just going to get pissed off.

      Because this really just amounts to you acting thick at this point, and I have no patience for that at this time at all.

      Thanks for the internet points anyway though :maybe
    2. Nordstrom
      It's alright. I may take that later (and call it "definitive discussion" XD)
    3. Nordstrom
      I redid the damn Las Noches scan. Are people that hellbent on not letting Bleach rise?
    4. jetwaterluffy1
      Nice debating there. :maybe
    5. Blαck
      Sounds science-y, can't wait :distracted
    6. Blαck
      Sounds good. I'll play the waiting game then.
    7. Blαck
      Did you ever finish your Kizaru or Aokiji hypothesis?
    8. Fujita
      Yeah, that's an interesting issue.

      My main point was that any soul-slicing is worthless in the Bleach-verse. Or at least, it doesn't convey any specific advantage, even against opponents who are actually humans (Quincies fighting in the human world, for example... if they got hit with a zanpakutou, their soul is still powerful enough not to immediately get fodderized or something like that.)

      They also interact with physical matter in a way rather similar to if they were physical (Hollow vs telephone pole). The same probably goes with cutting physical matter. Meaning that if they cut a guy with exceptional durability, his durability will allow him to stop the slash, regardless of him being physical and not spiritual. Though there's still the obvious walking through walls, invisibility, and the ability to purify dead people.

      At the same time, that doesn't mean that their abilities can't be treated as magical. They just interact with physical characters as though they were physical characters with magic abilities.

      I do see where you're coming from though... not entirely sure where I fall on that issue, to be honest.
    9. Sherlōck
      But you should know that its a top down view so people will mostly go for a simpler scalling than this one.
    10. Sherlōck
      Yesh, I will chwck your calc. But you are not doubling anything based on Aizens statement.
    11. Sherlōck
      That scan? You have to convince people that its actually the whole Karakura Town not just me.

      And even it gets accepted it would barely increase DC.
    12. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      I'll answer whenever I can muster up the energy to think :33
    13. Shiba D. Inu
      Shiba D. Inu
      I did, though I am too lazy and uncaring to respond tbh

      right now anyway
    14. Bamboo
      no prob. :)
    15. jetwaterluffy1
      Long story short, I negged him, he got butthurt. This may or may not be due to a misunderstanding, but he is so hard to talk to it is impossible to tell. Relevant thread is here: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=872166
    16. jetwaterluffy1
      No you didn't.
    17. jetwaterluffy1
    18. Sherlōck
      Didn't see that it was actually hovering not lifting.

      Well I will wait for more input.
    19. Sherlōck
      Simply speaking he has to generate more KE than helicopter to smash it in the ground.

      Does angle he smashed it will have a role here? Cause I think it should.
    20. Sherlōck

      This one.
    21. Sherlōck
      How do you suppose I can calc talking down a helicopter feat?
    22. jetwaterluffy1
      That came off as like "OMG no-one has repped me before!! Wow! :iria"

    23. David
      Was reading your posts in the Whitebeard vs. Yamamoto thread. Doesn't the OBD make you want to rip your fucking hair out?

      Load of fucking hypocrites.
    24. Sherlōck
      Unfortunately Going with what shows on panel.
    25. Sherlōck
      Government covers your fee if you are really very good at it. And I am not US citizen either.

      Most of the poster doesn't have physics as Major so they go around website find various formula to do the calc.And not many people do calc. At best 10-15 out 1000 posters here.
    26. Sherlōck
      Its been 5 years since I last studied Science. I took Commerce cause its a better career path here.

      Recently I started looking at Physics again to do few calc here in OBD. But thats just it for now.

      But I do love Physics though. It was my favorite subject up into high school.
    27. Sherlōck
      I would love to post in Yama's blog but I am not really that good at Physics & Thermodynamics is way out of my league.
    28. jetwaterluffy1
      Yup. You got it independently, it seems. I'm past caring about van auger now, seeing as by the time the BB crew even appear properly again (probably EoS), one piece will probably have reached that speed already anyway. For one thing, enel will appear before BB in all likelihood, and he is currently on the moon.
    29. feebas_factor

      Jeez... I say yes. I'm definitely going to write something up in-depth and post it as soon as I get a chance.
    30. DarkingReYliegh
      Hey Nice to Meet you. i would like to invite you to my new for Forum. If you have time you can join i would really appreciate If you join and there Are Staff Positions that need to be filled. thank you for hearing me out http://thetruth.eu.nu/forum.php
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    August 6
    college junior/library worker
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    manga, anime, fantasy books, soccer
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