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Last Activity:
Jun 3, 2020 at 5:21 PM
Aug 25, 2009
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Nov 23, 1994 (Age: 25)


Dont rustle my Jimmies., 25, from denmark

cry77 was last seen:
Jun 3, 2020 at 5:21 PM
    1. Viper
      christopher u cuntface
    2. Gledinos
      Did PoPs really said that or he was just joking ?

      "My opnion is worth more than most of the OL combined. Same goes for people like Cry and ImagineBreakr."
    3. Mider T
    4. Yin
      That pose Doffy is pulling reminds me of the time White Beard did his pose Vs John Giant.
      Ps: Glad I had snacks to watch that semi fight.
    5. Mider T
      Mider T
      Why have you been so rude to me, lately? When we first met, you were extremely friendly, but, now, you are not; what happened? Why has your attitude toward me changed so drastically, recently?
      1. Agrapina likes this.
    6. halaros536
      yooo man.

      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/poll.php?pollid=2861&do=showresults

      Vote for me, please.
    7. A Optimistic
      A Optimistic
      can you help a brother out with a quick vote :catflowa

      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/showthread.php?42680-Poster-Tournament-Round-3-Avalon-vs-Cake&p=1267939#post1267939
    8. Mariko
      Robin is Luffy's mother. :cat
    9. raizen28
      The fuck you lurking my page for?

      I will cut you
    10. Freechoice
      My opnion is worth more than most of the OL combined. Same goes for people like Cry and ImagineBreakr.
    11. Freechoice
      My opnion is worth more than most of the OL combined. Same goes for people like Cry and ImagineBreakr.
    12. Magentabeard
      Ok good job, Vista is capable of "stalemating" Mihawk. But how does that make Vista powerful when Mihawk isn't even admiral level?
    13. Freechoice
      My opnion is worth more than most of the OL combined. Same goes for people like Cry and ImagineBreakr.
    14. Magentabeard
      Vista never stalemated Mihawk, you dumb?
      Mihawk just decided not to kill him.
    15. Magentabeard
      Luffy and Zoro > Vista mid diff
      M3 > Vista low diff
      Luffy vs Vista is extreme diff for Vista.
    16. Magentabeard
      Luffy > Doflamingo
      Stop fapping the tier list on TMF
    17. Lycka
      We're the same age and birthday.
    18. Lycka
      Serious question, how old are you?
    19. Lycka
      No, I'm not some loser that cares about fictional online reputation points.
    20. Freechoice
      I'm BlackDragon on TMF.
    21. Gibbs
      Yes. you know me from TMF. I am BlackDragon over there.
    22. Gibbs
      Sup cry77.
    23. Roƅ
      Lucci will come back as strong as Luffy :quite
      Heard it here first :quite
    24. Roƅ
      I agree (Lassoo :D: Miss Merry-X-mass :D:, Pierre :D:, Dwarfs :D:)

      The lion-theory seems the most logical, though it's almost too predictable, you know?

      Perhaps the properties of SAD fruits are different than that of an actual DF. So maybe he has consumed more than just one.
      But this would sort of make BB... Not unique?

      I'm still up for a Mythical Chimera Zoan.

      Also, to be fair, some cool side characters have had some cool zoans (Pell, Dalton, Chaka)

      Marco, Drake, Jyabura, Kaku, and Onigumo also have their fare-share of epic Zoans.

      Too bad they don't play as big a role as, say, Paramecia's, or even Logias.
    25. Roƅ
      Aside from his character, I think one of the main reasons I'm such a big Lucci fan is because I remember reading ahead of the German OP Anime back when I was 9 or so years old.

      I had volumes 34-37 (German). I got grounded so I read them.
      At the end of 37, I believe, Lucci turned into the Leopard.

      I was little, so it was just so god damn cool! :yay (Though it would still be cool now)
      I think it, like you said, has to do with the fact that he was the first intimidating Zoan.
      A menacing beast!
    26. Roƅ
      If you feel that way why did you think about adding him? :lmao

      I like that about him though. And he wasn't 100% bland.
      He had some personality.
      Dude is a lover of killing shit.
      He probably burned his cat when he was young.

      The cover story I agree with. We saw a new side of him.

      Can't wait for them to come back.
    27. Roƅ
      A Croc and Dolfa fan...

      Pretty nice list man.
      I'm not exactly a big Jozu, Vista, or Smoker fan, but the rest looks good :brofist

      Diamante is bound to be a badass man.

      Where is Lucci?! :maybe
    28. Roƅ
      I'd like it :LOS

      I'm curious though... You said "One of my favorites."

      Lets hear your top 10 :maybe
    29. Roƅ
      I see.

      Yea, some people actually believe that Luffy will beat him in a legit 1v1 :D:

      Looking at what he did to Riku and his kingdom, I don't see the prisoners doing much, to be honest.

      If Law somehow manages to scrap up some life and stamina, he could reveal DD's weaknesses to the M3 or something.

      Losing then, would seem far more logical.

      I hope his weakness isn't something easy to access, like Crocodiles. I want it to be hard. I mean hell, not even Jozu could break out of his clutches. It has to be something very complicated.
    30. Roƅ
      Ah, right.
      Well shit.

      What do you think will happen to Doffy? (He is your favorite, right?)
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  • About

    Nov 23, 1994 (Age: 25)
    Favorite Character(s):
    The Jounin called Jimmie-Rustler
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode 13: "Rustled Jimmies"
    I dont like to get my Jimmies rustled

    Rustling peoples Jimmies




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