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Last Activity:
Jun 15, 2019 at 4:52 PM
Jan 1, 2012
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Feb 4, 1992 (Age: 27)
Wales, United Kingdom
Customer Service Advisor


I'm Raiken, Male, 27, from Wales, United Kingdom

Cryorex was last seen:
Jun 15, 2019 at 4:52 PM
    1. Android
      Lol @ your theory of Naruto losing his SPSM. How do you feel now that you were proven wrong ?
      1. Cryorex
        What do you mean, nothing's been proven since then? aha
        Apr 7, 2019
      2. Android
        Lava FRS was used in the fight against Delta. Which is a SPSM jutsu. But knowing you, you'll probably come up with some random theory to get around this point. Then treat said theory as if it's a fact.

        Apr 7, 2019
    2. Klue
      You're quickly becoming one of my favs. :hurr
      1. Cryorex
        Same to you ahah.

        I like how you're open to being wrong in the same way I'm open to being wrong.

        We both just strive for greater understanding of how things really are. :D
        Jun 21, 2016
      2. Klue
        We have become brothers.

        :bury :bury :bury
        Jun 21, 2016
        Samael likes this.
    3. Android
      that wasn't supposed to be for you , i was checking many pages at the same time back then , i accidentally negged you instead of someone else
      i was going to tell you about that but i forget , anyway i'm sorry for that dumb mistake , i really am
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Android
        i was arguing with some ^ (use bro) about sasuke's left eye which he stupidy calls the '' sharrinegan ''
        anyway , i'm just not used to this new updates i'll keep making some mistakes the next few days
        at least the cats emotes are still working
        Apr 23, 2016
      3. Cryorex
        Yeah it's a Tomoe-Rinnegan, not the Rinne Sharingan. :D
        Yeah I'm still not used to this new layout entirely myself yet, came on before like... wtf??
        Have they god rid of the Reputation System?
        Apr 23, 2016
      4. Android
        damn it , i can't use the cats emotes in these messages
        how troublesome
        anyway , yeah the reputation system is still on , bitchier then ever
        why ask ???
        Apr 23, 2016
    4. Android
      yeah i love you too Cryoerx
      now what the hell is going on ???
      1. Cryorex
        You negged a post saying, how the hell I didn't get banned for posting shit like this.
        There was nothing wrong with the post other than it was my point of view in a debate, one based on the subject we always argue about.

        That's not why I messeged you though...

        What was annoying, is that it's a post from JULY 2015... What are you doing skulking back into past threads almost a year back.
        Apr 23, 2016
    5. Android
      look , there's nothing personal about this , what we usally have is a heated discussion :amuse
      i'm not one of those guys who takes the NF discussions to a personal level :amuse
      we have our differences , but outside of it , we are homies :amuse
      i respect your opinion , but i can't agree with it , and i expect the same from you :amuse
      have a nice day :fuck
    6. Sarada
      I don't know why. Maybe because I have low post count...
      But I don't remember giving any negatives, so I probably liked something you said.
    7. Android
      hello , saw your thread in the library , it was cool and you have a strong point
      but , do you think that the anime shippuden will continue after the war , to explore the blank period era , specialy with all these materials , like novels , movies , and one shots :hm
    8. Hadz
      I decided to reply... fashionably late?

      How you been, old friend?
    9. Yagami1211
    10. The Inquisitor
      The Inquisitor
      I'm here now, One Manga forum is a graveyard.

      I'm ddboy102, I would always have lulzy arguments with Decourus.
    11. The Inquisitor
      The Inquisitor
      Raiken from OMF?
    12. Yagami1211
    13. DaVizWiz
      He actually put a different thing in his OP than in the title.


      Title: Naruto & Sasuke vs. Hashirama & Madara

      OP: Naruto & Hashirama vs. Madara & Sasuke

      Go figure. I took OP as the matchup.

      And yeah, he put Hashirama who's stronger than Madara on a team with BSM Naruto who's stronger than EMS Sasuke.

      The conclusion is obvious.
    14. DaVizWiz
      War arc versions. So I'm assuming most powerful versions in war arc, ergo Edo Madara.

    15. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Cryorex, why do you pick and chose canon when there's only one Word of God?
    16. KeyofMiracles
      I don't have a favorite character, though considering how hard you wank off to certain fictional characters (pathetic tbh) I can tell that you do. Second of all, the fact you keep replying proves that you care more than you attempt to let on. But the pussy's attempt to hide the evidence of his sad existence is pretty fun to watch.

      The fact that your taunts now consist of "your fav is weak harr" as if:

      1. I had a fav.
      2. I cared that my fav wasn't the best.

      Only shows me how close to your heart you hold this Manga. Lol annoying faggot. Probably the type of dude who sticks custom made Naruto themed dildos up your ass while whacking off to pics of your fav. :lmao :lmao :lmao :lmao
    17. KeyofMiracles
      And your insults sound like they are coming from a retarded pussy who does nothing but wank off to his favorite characters day in and day out. Not sure why this little faggot is still replying to me. Guess your buttbuddy didn't fuck you hard enough. :lmao :lmao Fucking faggot ass pussy.

      Keep em' coming kid, cause this is all entertainment to me.
    18. KeyofMiracles
      Ironic coming from this little pussy. Go get your masculinity back faggot ass illiterate ass dickshit......

      Oh wait. You never had any to begin with. Wipe the fictional cum from your eyes and maybe you'll be able to read the Manga correctly fuckboy.
    19. KeyofMiracles
      Lmfao. Fuck off you sensitive little pussy. I neg and insult all the stupid fucks who can't read. Please go cry like a bitch to someone who actually cares.
    20. Max Thunder
      Max Thunder
      I negged you cus of your post actually. But if you must know yes your picture continues to amuse me.

      I do have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this ain't either of those.

      Are you trying to pull on a website full of weaboos? lol

      I'm not even going to get into the whole have no friends, is ugly, has no life argument because I don't argue like a 13 year old.

      You can do what you want with your pictures, they're your pictures.

      But seeing your face has made this so much easier for me cus now I know you act and look like a cunt.
    21. SuperSaiyaMan12
      When you cut a planetoid in half, its a God Tier feat. Its treated like it in any manga that is on Naruto's power scale. If you go by Outskirts Battledome terms, that means Toneri, and by extension Naruto, have 50 exatons of power behind them. When focused, all that power was launched at Naruto and he blocked it with ease.

      Simply that Naruto got stronger. Hell his Kurama Chakra Sage Mode could fly, showing he could still tap into the Six Path Sage Chakra that enables him to do that. Kishimoto couldn't reveal Six Path Sage Mode in anime form at that time, so he made due with Tailed Beast/Kurama Chakra Sage Mode. Doesn't mean the form he used in The Last was any weaker than what he used at the end of the War, especially if the feats are superior. If someone has superior feats, that means they are stronger.

      Naruto's training over those two years would have to be intense to surpass his power in the War, don't you think? Naruto would have to get stronger than he was in the War to help keep the peace that was established.

      Naruto and Sasuke aren't ones to peak so early. They're not even in their prime as teenagers. For example, Sasuke went from a Chidori that could barely carve out a hole in a cliff to a meteor busting one in The Last within base. A common thing to realize is: they simply got stronger. And due to their base forms being far, far above what they were in the war, their other forms would be far above what they were in the War. Stronger you are in base -> stronger you are in enhanced forms. Naruto and Sasuke simply got stronger, and their forms and feats reflect that.
    22. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Toneri's attack was more than incredible speed and range. It had incredible power into it. It was powerful enough to cut the entire moon in half. Nothing Sage Mode Madara/Hashirama ever did ever came close to that.

      Kishimoto wrote mostly everything in the movie. He only stepped aside for others to work on the romance. Kishimoto himself says that the movie IS canon, so ignoring the feats based on the experimental animation of Six Tailed Naruto vs Deva Path is not only asinine, but its nonsensical. Kishimoto had full control over the movie and he wrote that battle that way.

      And destroying two mountains is thousands upon thousands of times weaker than cutting in half/destroying the moon Cryorex.
    23. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Dude, why do you downplay Naruto's, Toneri's, and Sasuke's feats from The Last all the fucking time? Seriously, answer this question: can Sage Mode Hashirama/Sage Mode Double Rinnegan Madara (no Juubi) cut the moon in half, yes or no?
    24. UchihaX28
      All right, so you consider it as a form of Rikudou Senjutsu which differs from my idea, but I also noticed that you happened to believe that Hagoromo's Yang Chakra didn't yield Rikudou Senjutsu, but only Rikudou Chakra as Hagoromo lacked the 9 Tomoes on his Cloak prior to the Juubi Sealing (which makes perfect sense and I happened to overlook that.) though what's confusing is that he also had a Gudodama Staff which TSB require Rikudou Senjutsu does it not?

      Since Hagoromo truly didn't have Rikudou Senjutsu back then , was Naruto simply using Rikudou Senjutsu by using Hagoromo's Yang Chakra and combining it with Naruto's own Toad Senjutsu to create his own Rikudou Senjutsu?
    25. UchihaX28
      Hey Cyorex.

      I'm fascinated by your theories and I was hoping there was something we could discuss about it. My question is simply: Was Naruto using a form of Rikudou Senjutsu when he battled Juubidara (Pre-Shinju absorption)?

      My belief is that he simply used a form of Toad Senjutsu and a Portion of Kurama's Power which was augmented by Six Paths Chakra.
    26. Icegaze
      the DB entry came after the chapter in the manga
      its called a retcon
      GG mate
    27. SuperSaiyaMan12
      ...except its not opinion. Six Path Sage Mode isn't the chakra mantle Naruto gets, its the pigmentation-less eyes. Which your avatar clearly shows. Naruto and Sasuke never lost their Rikudo powers, the manga goes out of the way to prove that.
    28. BlinkST
      Yeah, I clearly violated the Rule #4 found in chapter 1, paragraph 1, line 4 of the "Neg statues of limitations".


      Bunch of sissies.

      Apparently i'm not even the only one who negged you for your BS borderline troll posts. :datass +reps to the gent.
    29. BlinkST
      Leave me alone.:pek
    30. KeyofMiracles
      As long as I don't have to read your posts, I'll be great kiddo.

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  • About

    Feb 4, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Wales, United Kingdom
    Customer Service Advisor
    • England
    Favorite Character(s):
    1: Obito
    2: Naruto
    3: Pain (Nagato)
    4: Kakashi
    5: Minato
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Shippuden 215 Two Fates
    Chapter: 485 So Close And Yet So Far

    Anime, Sci-Fi, other film and media, Video Games, Cinema, Geology, The Universe, Alcohol


    Explanation as to why what Naruto used in the Gaiden is BSM not SPSM.
    Notes and Stuff
    My personal Naruto Tier List (Incomplete)

    God Tier
    Rinne Sharingan Kaguya w/ Shinju Absorbed (Humanoid Form)
    Rinne Sharingan / Dual Rinnegan Perfect SPST+Shinju Madara
    Dual Rinnegan Perfect SPST+Shinju Madara = Dual Rinnegan Perfect SPST Hagoromo
    SPSM Naruto w/ Hagaromo's Yang Chakra = 1 Rinnegan Perfect SPST+Shinju Madara
    1 Rinnegan Perfect SPST Madara = Tri-Rinnegan Sage Transformation Momoshki
    Tomoe-Rinnegan Sasuke w/ Hagaromo's Yin Chakra
    Imperfect SPST Obito = 100% BSM Naruto(Adult) = Rinnegan Momoshiki

    Demi God Tier
    Dual Rinnegan SM Madara = Tenseigan Toneri w/ Golem = 100% BM+SM Naruto(Adult)
    DMS Kakashi w/ Obito's Six Paths Sage Chakra = Dual Rinnegan Madara = 100% BM Naruto(Adult) = Tomoe-Rinnegan Sasuke(Adult) = Tenseigan Toneri = 8th Gate Gai = Uncontrolled/Imperfect SPST Obito = 1 Rinnegan SM Madara
    100%-Synced KCM+SM Naruto(Adult) = EMS+100% Kyuubi Madara = SM Hashirama = SM Madara = Rinnegan Madara w/o Limbo
    100% KCM+SM Naruto(Adult) = 50% BM+SM Naruto = BM Minato
    EMS Sasuke (Adult) = 100% KCM Naruto(Adult) = Kinshiki = Base Hashirama = EMS Madara = Prime Mobile-Nagato = 50% BM Naruto

    High Kage Tier
    Six Paths of Pain = 1 Rinnegan/MS Obito = Prime Limited Mobility-Nagato
    KCM Minato = MS Obito = Killer B = 50% KCM+SM Naruto = SM Kabuto = SM Naruto(Adult)
    EMS Sasuke(War Arc) = 50% KCM Naruto = Tobirama
    A the 3rd Raikage = Minato = MS Healthy-Itachi = SM Naruto(War Arc) = Muu = Gengetsu = Kisame = The White Fang? = 7th Gate Gai = Prime Hiruzen = 3TS Sasuke(Adult)

    Kage Tier
    Oonoki = A the 4th Raikage = Byakugo Tsunade = MS Sick-Itachi = SM Jiraiya = Orochimaru = War Arc Gaara = Base Naruto(Adult) = MS Sasuke (Kage Summit Arc) = SM Naruto(Pain/Kage Summit Arc) = 3TS Danzou w/ Izanagi
    6th Gate Gai = Hebi Sasuke = Deidara = Mei = Kitsuchi => Pre-Hebi Sasuke
    MS Sasuke(Pain Arc) = 3rd-5th Gate Gai = MS Kakashi = 3TS Sasuke(War Arc) = Base Naruto(War Arc) = Kakuzu = Base Jiraiya = Base Tsunade = Weakened Orochimaru = Old Hiruzen

    High Jounin Tier
    Mifune = Base Naruto(Pain/Kage Summit Arc) = 3TS Kakashi = Gai Base-2nd Gate = Hidan = Konan = Darui
    Naruto Canon Structure


    • Naruto Manga, Chapters 1-700
    • Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring
    • Naruto Gaiden: Mitsuki Story
    • Boruto: Naruto the Movie - Special Gaiden - The Day Naruto Became Hokage


    • Boruto: Naruto the Movie

    WORKS RED PENCILED/SUPERVISED &/OR APPROVED BY KISHIMOTO (Low-Level Canon “Generally official to the story line, however it can be put under scrutiny due to limited/minimal involvement from Kishimoto.”)

    • Boruto Manga
    • The Last: Naruto the Movie
    • Databooks / Guidbooks

    WORKS THAT DID NOT INCLUDE KISHIMOTO AT ALL, BUT ARE PUT IN HIGHER REGARD THAN SAY, ANIME FILLER (Canon / Non-Canon “It can be considered official to the continuity of the series or discounted as Non-Canon, largely down to the recipient (fan).”)

    • Naruto Hiden Novels
    • Naruto Shinden Novels


    • Naruto Anime Filler
    • All other Naruto Movies
    Unique Rinnegan abilities

    Nagato: Asura Transformation
    Madara: Limbo Hengoku
    Sasuke: Amenotejikara
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