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Last Activity:
Nov 5, 2014
Jan 10, 2013
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CuteJuubi was last seen:
Nov 5, 2014
    1. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      It's my destiny after all.
      I am meant to be hated by all :zaru

      Nice try but im not mad. :winny
    2. Reznor
    3. 8Apedemak8
      But....he was so special....he was my only friend....I...wonder where he is now....since he's gone I can't live anymore...nothing is important now.....nothing has taste...
      So I'll be searching!Searching for him,searching until I die..this is the only thing that kept me going...
      I'm so sorry Juubi...I shall bother you no longer....
    4. 8Apedemak8
      You're breaking my heart...I...I'll never get over it....I wanted us to have something special...but you're not ernie,no...no one can ever replace him...I...I was a fool....oh ernie...ernie!Why did you have to go...please don't go...:cry
    5. 8Apedemak8
      Please understand amore,everytime someone talk about him I'm been reminded of my painful past....he made so many dupes...and now...I see him everywere...it's a tragedy...
    6. 8Apedemak8
      Ohh juubi you're so easy to tease :<3
    7. 8Apedemak8
      I didn't talk about him:hurr
      Aren't you a little paranoid?
    8. Kenneth
      I think you're not understanding my first VM. Options can't exceed 100 characters. The poll won't accept them. You'll have to make them shorter. Options 1, 6, 8, 9
    9. Kenneth
      (I put the :brolmes one as the poll question so option 1 is actually "8Apedemak and Alme...")
    10. Kenneth
      Poll options cannot exceed 100 characters. Option(s) 1, 6, 8, 9 exceed this limitation.
    11. 8Apedemak8
      Oh but I think you know who I am:hurr
      Aah that red dot is a clear sign of your annoyance:hurr
      This pleases me
    12. Shroomsday
      Ernie? I would say not.
    13. Almesiva Moonshadow
      Almesiva Moonshadow
      Oh, I intend to...:LOS
    14. Almesiva Moonshadow
      Almesiva Moonshadow
      Yes, I'm on drugs.

      The drug is called "common sense"

      Would you like some? :LOS
    15. Almesiva Moonshadow
      Almesiva Moonshadow
      The truth always IS kinda annoying for a man who deals in lies. :LOS

      Isn't it? :LOS
    16. Almesiva Moonshadow
      Almesiva Moonshadow
      So, you gonna report me or not? :LOS

      I want you to report me more then I want T.E. Lawrence's divine manpart. :LOS
    17. Almesiva Moonshadow
      Almesiva Moonshadow
      Irony is needed when I cant take someone seriously. :LOS

      Report me. Being banned from NF forever will probably be the best thing that happened to me in a while. :lmao
    18. Almesiva Moonshadow
      Almesiva Moonshadow
      So, I hear your mother is from Leningrad?

      What gives?

      Was she, by accident, related to Trotsky himself?

      Was she, perhaps, a character created by Dostoyevsky?

      Is she the cousin of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV?

    19. Almesiva Moonshadow
      Almesiva Moonshadow
      Yes, its quite the shame when a man cant even be friends with himself anymore, isn't it? :LOS
    20. KamiKazi
      There is a picture thread for member's to post pictures and the bathhouse for fetishes.
    21. Klue
      You're one cold muta-fucka :sanji
    22. Klue
      Baba was our champion; you can't possibly understand the significance of the movement he started.

      Damn you CJ. :catflip
    23. Klue
      So you're the reason Baba was banned?

    24. SteveK
      I'm sure you do. Grow up.
    25. Grimmjowsensei
      Its not possible, I am in your blind spot :zaru
    26. Freechoice
      Ernie is modderfakker right? You act nothing like him...

      I don't know how they think you two are the same person.

      Best to ignore them aye, although baba is a decent guy, but I guess it's all subjective
    27. Freechoice
      Baba is silly

      Same goes for Moody.

      I don't even understand why they are calling you Ernie lol
    28. Eiko
      Yeah I saw it and action has already been taken. Though, in the last exchange, you were the one who called him out first by saying that he's an "attention seeker" which provoked him. So this should serve as a warning for you as well.

      I also suggest that you'd use the super ignore function next time if you don't wish to read his posts/if you find him annoying.

      That's all, thanks.
    29. babaGAReeb
      i call u ernie cause u r ernie

      hmm now i am wondering if the real cutejuubi really switched with ernie :hmm

      lol u shouldnt have made that post in that thread :lmao
      u jus gave me an excuse to call u ernie again
    30. babaGAReeb
      wat do u want?

      first u bitch to kenneth to for me to stop and then ur ass is still hurting to so try 2 insult me again

      i thought u wouldnt do this if u wanted me to stop bothering u

      also coming up with some shit about me deleting a message
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