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Last Activity:
Nov 5, 2014
Jan 10, 2013
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CuteJuubi was last seen:
Nov 5, 2014
    1. babaGAReeb
      wtf r u talking about? i didnt delete no message
      go ahead ask a mod
    2. babaGAReeb
      ur still butthurt eh ernie?

      i thought bitching to kenneth and getting me to stop wouldve satisfied u

      cry again to him, this time u asked for it
    3. Prince Vegeta
      Prince Vegeta
      thanks for the rep+ :pleased
    4. Kenneth
      Banning is not always an answer. It pisses people off more than make them realize what went wrong. Bans are for dupes, bots, and lost causes. I'm sure this courtesy, if extended to you at any point, would be well-received as opposed to us just banning you.

      Also yes, though I live on the Flemish side (my French isn't that great but I manage)
    5. babaGAReeb
      ernie i am laughing at ur mother
    6. babaGAReeb
      is moody insane like me too? hes the one who pointed out u were ernie in the first place
      ernie is a dumbass, thats fo sho. not many ive seen as salty as u son.

      lol no i wont stop calling u ernie ernie, no matter how much butthurt it causes u
      go ahead, bitch to the mods about it. i wanna see what happens
    7. Kenneth
      You're going to have to be way more specific
    8. babaGAReeb
      u r obviously ernie. it wouldnt piss u off so much when ppl call u ernie if u werent and u r the same idiot ernie was. there cant be two ernies, the world isnt big enuff for 2 retards that dumb

      lol u gonna do the same "u fucked with my mother" thing u did with itachi with me?
      good, say i am devil
      pray to jesus ernie, i will eat u
    9. babaGAReeb
      it is pretty sad indeed ernie

      the only guy who looked at that thread was a guy who is so pathetic he asked his friend to give him his account just so he could come back on NF lol
    10. Rokudaime
      Visited, Voted, and Rated.
    11. Addy
      i posted several threads, mods merged them in prediction thread................. and then i got banned because those threads became posts and those posts were many which meant i spammed the prediction thread without actually spamming it :defeat
    12. Addy
      i have forgiven you a long time ago believe it or not. i was one of the first who believed in you before you went mental for a while but i still love you :hug

      also, i am banned from the telegrams until tomorrow so....... :defeat
    13. Suzumebachi
      Do you make it a habit to threaten everyone in real life who negs you or shows disdain towards your annoying posts on an anime message board?
    14. Bakatohunter56
      You want me to go through 500 posts?
    15. Bakatohunter56
      Can you link me them?
    16. Bakatohunter56
      Ernie was also crazy over Duke. I don't know man. Also, I dont recall a dude called rendezvous ever posting in the kingdom section.
    17. is a
      is a
      I said Ramsay I believe
    18. Bakatohunter56
      I just have one question. what do you think of the Duke and Bitou?
    19. is a
      is a
      That's not the only thing that's huge, wink wink.
    20. Gibbs
      Thanks for the rep Sweetie

    21. Revolution
      http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=52027218&postcount=105 I love reading these. But nothing Naruto says is necessary or surprising as they already shared past memories and feelings. . . then again this is Kishi
    22. takL
    23. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Thanks. Sorry for the late reply, Uni has kept me really busy.

      By the way, do you think Kishi should have stuck with the original story of the Juubi and the Sage?
    24. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      I don't really get a chance to game, sadly. Most of the ones I have are consoles that I play when I'm actually at home. So far I only have a Mario and Pokemon game for 3DS.
    25. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Nah, I haven't bought that one.
    26. Orochibuto
      Yeah; Spiral Zetsu is our only hope.
    27. Chuk
      Was that one yours? :lmao

      Loved that one! :lmao

      Hahahahahhahaha macho :lmao
    28. Chuk
      NB mods are idiots, really! :giogio
    29. Chuk
      Second one is amazing :rotfl
    30. Chuk
      Sasuke has chickenhair, his fans chicken IQ :lmao
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