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Last Activity:
Nov 29, 2018
Dec 9, 2008
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Aug 1, 1989 (Age: 30)
hopping between bullshit jobs


semi retired, Male, 30, from Ohio

Cygnus45 was last seen:
Nov 29, 2018
    1. Jakers
      Wow you still haven't returned. Where you been?
      1. Jakers
        Damn you're sooooooo gone man.
        Jun 16, 2019
    2. DemonDragonJ
      I really like your avatar and signature with the Dark Masters from Digimon Adventure; that was a great series, and is still my favorite Digimon series.
      1. Cygnus45
        Thanks. Yeah that was one of my first anime after dbz, gundam, and speed racer (late 80' kid).

        Really opened my eyes because most cartoons I was used to had a fairly simple plot (or not plot) and no character development at all everyone was flat. So when I saw digimon at around 11-12 years old I was like "holy shit" as all the kids developed and dealt with their demons.
        Sep 27, 2016
        Yasu likes this.
    3. Amanda
      Don't use personal insults against other users. You can post whatever you like even if they didn't like what you're saying, but don't flame.
    4. iwandesu
      I think i still have my gintama sig
      In that case it is kamui from gintama
      If not then it is staz from blood lad
      Or if you are talking about my profile picture it is jin from zetman
    5. Jakers
      hey if you there, I sent you another pm response. I know i've been out for a bit due to thanksgiving, but i'd like to hear you true input for a closure.
    6. Jakers
      so did you have a great thanksgiving?
    7. Jakers
      well if you have the time, I'd like your input in the pm, cause that's where my main point truly was.
    8. Jakers
      alright I sent you a new pm as a follow-up. please read it. thanks.
    9. Jakers
      thanks man. i'll give you the follow-up pm later.
    10. Jakers
      I apologize for disturbing you, it's just I feel like I need to vent about something and see if you agree with me or share the same feelings I do about something.

      and that's why I wanted you to read and reply to the pm cause I have another thing to let off my chest.
    11. Jakers
      If you're back... I'd really like you to answer the pm, cause I want to get the next one as a follow-up.
    12. Jakers
      You gonna answer my pm? Cause I have something even more major to reveal afterwards.
    13. Jakers
      that's a good dinner you're having.
    14. Jakers
      well cygnus, i'm jsut going to tell you that my pm is going to take more than an hour to write as i'm going to go out for dinner now.
    15. Jakers
      so nice new avatar.

      can i talk to you again via PM about something?
    16. Jakers
      so hi cygnus, what's up?
    17. KaiserWombat

      It's a terrible affliction of the brain, I'm sorry to say~

      Yeah, I'm up-to-date with Wan Piisu. Normally I just follow through with regular Mangastream, but if you want archived scans, I'd recommend this site, (IIRC purely coincidentally) named [Blocked Domain]: if you're exactly 120 chapters behind the latest release (Chapter 802), then here's the link to C. 682 (maybe a little over halfway through Punk Hazard sound about right?)
    18. The Immortal WatchDog
      The Immortal WatchDog
      I'd let the air breath a bit or you'll get a hype fueled debate

      Alright, you know me, holding the fort down as best i can on different sites, living, paying bills the usual.

      What about you man? How's life?
    19. Saishin
      Kekkai Sensen :)
    20. Blαck
      Batman w/Red Hood
    21. Jakers
      i apologize then, i just thought you might have had some advices or something to relate like me, so that we could understand things better. and i did ask questions and to see if you had any answers.
    22. Jakers
      hey mind answering my last pm from last month, please? thanks.
    23. Jakers
      You still haven't answered my last pm sir.
    24. Kue
      Cool, I appreciate the compliment. I can't say I appreciated being compared to a p*d*p**** if I remember correctly what you said, but other than everything else was fine.
    25. Jakers
      You know you had a pm from me that youvstill haven't responded to right?
    26. Jakers

      You truly are something aren't you?
    27. Jakers
      even though i know this is just last year, i find your hatred and dislike of CountlessInsect to be be comedic and hilarious. I can't believe I haven't friended you yet when i should have a couple years ago.
    28. Cupcake Witch
      Cupcake Witch
      It's okay

      Lol it's fine if you're behind.
      There's not much to look forward to IMO
    29. Cupcake Witch
      Cupcake Witch
      What? No. I'm in high school :lmao
      I said the job would be like dentist's assistant's ASSISTANT
      I'm not sure what I want I want to be when I grow up

      You miss watchpuppy?
    30. Cupcake Witch
      Cupcake Witch
      I live CT so south is like New Jersey
      That sucks

      I have an interview tuesday for some job at the dentists. I'll be kinda like the assistant's assistant

      correge crassu? College class?
      Well I'm glad you passed and wish you well on the third :D
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  • About

    Aug 1, 1989 (Age: 30)
    hopping between bullshit jobs
    Loves video games, science, history, languages, ding, writing, eating, sports, martial arts,

    I'm a simple man at heart but I have many passions. I'm an English major with an associate's in English literature. I love traveling and would love to get a job either as a journalist or a teacher overseas. My life has been a pretty crazy roller coaster and I could probably write a book about it.


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