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Apr 12, 2019
May 10, 2006
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Dec 13, 1985 (Age: 33)
Business Owner


Brotherhood of the Beard, 33

Cyphon was last seen:
Apr 12, 2019
    1. Detective
      Dear C, hope you and the wifey are well. Take care of yourself.

    2. Soul
      Hey man, how is it going?
      Been a while since I been online here.
      1. Intus Legere
        Intus Legere
        Mar 14, 2018
    3. Kagekatsu
      The sad thing is, I feel Kasich is the best candidate for the GOP to beat Hillary and would actually stand a fairly good chance of beating her in the general election but Trump and the fact his status as a moderate alienates Republican primary voters has been a handicap. Though on the other hand, as I mentioned in the Primary Thread, he does have a way out should a brokered convention ensue.

      Many have been taking this election to write the GOP's epitaph and guarantee that it will be decades before a Republican president is ever elected, given how so many of the demographic trends are in favor of the Democrats. On the other hand, parties have survived polarizing or unelectable candidates before, see Goldwater in '64 and McGovern in '72, and the GOP still has a strong advantage in the state/local elections. Last I heard they have more governorships and state legislatures under their control that at any point in their history which hardly paints the image of the party "dying/on the verge of collapse".
    4. Kagekatsu
      Given how you're one of the few Republican/Conservative leaning posters I know of in the Cafe, aside from Bacon, what are your thoughts on the GOP's future since it looks like Trump and the Establishment are in all out civil war while Hillary seems to be laughing her way to the presidency.
    5. Vespy89
      for the record i got your steelers in SB50 vs the packers
    6. Detective
      How are you, fam? All is good? I miss seeing you around more often. You're a little over a month away from joining us in the 30 club, too.

    7. Detective
      Same, voting for the lesser of two evils is basically wishing to be fucked over by a smaller dick. It's a lose-lose scenario

    8. Detective
      Wait, you never vote, too? Same with me, dude. :lmao :lmao :lmao

      My civic duty is basically paying outrageous taxes for being a single person, and answering the call if I get summoned for jury duty.

    9. Detective
      The only reason I say Republican is because the majority of those fools are funded by big corporations and have no connection to the average joe, whatsoever. It also irritates me that they would be willing to shutdown the government and put people's lives at risk, to prove a point.
    10. Detective
      I agree. Protesting is justified, but there are better, non-violent ways of doing it.

      To be honest C, I really think the US is getting extremely close to a tipping point where there may be widespread rebellion. The way people are treated is truly appalling, dude. If another Republican is put back into power, the dark ages will arrive.

    11. Detective
      Full Metal Cyphon

    12. Detective
      I'm starting to think that age is just a number really, cause my mind will forever be juvenile. :lmao

      And good thing you were safe during the Baltimore thing. I heard it was getting violent in some parts of the city?

    13. Detective
      That's great to hear, brother. I'm as good as can be, still trying to get 100% healthy again. I'm going to be turning 30 this Saturday, so my body is ready for the 3rd decade.

    14. Detective
      Been a while since you've been around the KT, C. How is everything?

    15. Detective
      ^ (use bro), check out Traitor's Blade and Knight's Shadow by Sebastien De Castell.

      Awesome series so far.

    16. Detective
      Whoa, I have never seen that site before. Will definitely check it out. :brofist

      Also, is it wrong of me to prefer a male main character to a female in a fantasy novel? I usually have no issues with other media like films and TV, but I find lady main characters in books a tad boring. They are awesome as part of the main cast, but just not in 1st person point of view.
    17. Detective
      Yeah, I have read most of those, however.

    18. Detective
      Sometimes I think he's just being stubborn about it, and sticking to going down with his ship, even if he sees that it was shit to begin with.

      Hipsters just like to take the odd side of the debate, instead of using logic to choose which argument is better.

    19. Detective
      To be honest, I feel bad for Para. I don't think he is aware of the multiple early reviews of how Knight of Cups is the worst film Malick has made. :(
    20. Detective
      Yep, an A3 S-Line model. :cry

      Also, do you have any good book recs, dude? I am near tapped out from having read basically everything.

      Much like Galactus from the comics, I have an eternal hunger, for good literature.

      BTW, I was really disappointed by the latest Iron Druid novel. Way too many POV changes. :(
    21. Detective
      That's great to hear, dude. All the best with the house project.

      For me, the year started off great. I was on vacation overseas for a month, but have had some health issues since returning. Hoping it gets better as the winter weather is not helping things. Also waiting for my car to arrive, so there is some anticipation there.

    22. Detective
      How are you and the wifey doing, C? Hope 2015 is going well for you so far.

    23. LordPerucho
      Kissmanga or Mangahere.
    24. LordPerucho
      TF gets even better, as you continue reading it.
    25. LordPerucho
      currently checking: HST, NNT, Toriko, HxH, Fairy Tail, Kingdom, Terra Formars, Magi, Akame Ga Kill, SNK.
    26. LordPerucho
      Hey bro, since you were expecting some quality writing from NNT, read Terra Formars, that manga should be suited for you :).
    27. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Hey, are you still around? The KC was planning on hosting one last big tournament before it (probably) dies forever. Would you be interested in joining for old times sake?
    28. Karasu
      It's just that the site was obviously involved with shady dealings, and that you're not sure your computer hasn't been compromised. I wouldn't risk going back. That's all.
    29. Karasu
      Hey Cyphon, I read your post concerning the open proxy. Going back to the site might be really risky. I wouldn't do it if I were you.

      If you're looking for an antivirus program for OS X, try Clam AV. I understand it's an open source (and free) program for Unix based systems like Mac. Read about it before you download and install it.

      You can use a proxy address or various anonymizers like Tor, but there are pretty much always ways around such systems. But more to the point, it may not be a question of if you can go back but whether or not you should. For what it's worth.
    30. Suzuku
      Well Robinson leads the team in receptions right now. I wouldn't call him a favorite so much, Bortles hasn't been playing long enough to label anyone his favorite. And he passes to just about everyone. Robinson is just the most healthy receiver right now with the best hands and is most consistent. I'd also say he's going to be the most likely redzone threat although obviously you can't count out Hurns there since he has 3 TDs.
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    Dec 13, 1985 (Age: 33)
    Business Owner
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    Episode: Lee vs Gaara fight
    Football, Anime/Manga


    The most important thing to a shinobi. That is, "a heart that withstands and endures."

    His heart has stopped, every cell in his body has renounced life.
    Even then, Jiraiya does not give up.

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