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Feb 20, 2013
Jun 10, 2007
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    1. Dr.Douchebag
      I agree with your sentiments mate , worst run since the mid 80s, 3 wins in 16, I'm just following city now, they play good football at least. nothing to do with gloryhunting but why support a team that refuses to change or even make the effort to do so?
    2. T.D.A
      and pedro.
    3. Dr.Douchebag
      I think he will good but as you say if he has a fast partner + if we play deeper I think he will do well, germany have played around 90 games out of which the dude has played 70 odd, you can't be a shit player if you are a regular on the german national team lol.

      I just hope we smash at least 4 past swansea +clean sheet :vegetant
    4. Dr.Douchebag
      Imma whoop your ass if the 'unleash the dragon' gif in your sig leads to mertesacker being squillaci V 2.0

    5. @lk3mizt
      i had a feeling it was him!

      he was dancing to some south african jams! :lmao
    6. @lk3mizt
      lol, your sig.

      who the fuck is that?
    7. Shinigami Perv
      Shinigami Perv
      Don't give up, man. Liverpool was in way worse shape than you are now but people stood up and did something about it.
    8. Yakuza
      Go to the Barca thread and see the people complaining about referee favouring Barca...

      See what I told you? People only know how to bitch
    9. wes
      take ur 2 numbers mate waiting for u
    10. wes
      FIFA Tournament Thread
    11. L. Messi [✔]
      L. Messi [✔]
      You aren't even on :(
    12. L. Messi [✔]
      L. Messi [✔]
      yeah, that faggot can forget I'll play him again with a team lower than four star :pek:gun

    13. L. Messi [✔]
      L. Messi [✔]
      he won't let me take a five star team man ;(

      so far:

      Me: half star team, one star, four star
      him: five star (real madrid vs my half star), 4 star (PSV vs my one star) and holland vs sweden :hurr
    14. T.D.A
      said this was fake, wrong again :zaru

    15. T.D.A
      In case missed: http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=37265542&postcount=3365
    16. Cromer
      Hey Chaud...I still call you that?
    17. Mider T
      Mider T
      "When Liverpool beats Arsenal, I'm upset"
    18. Hibari Kyoya
      Hibari Kyoya
      i dont mind them at all

      like andy gray says on fifa the football they play they sometimes become peoples second teams :byastars

      i actually own 2 arsenal shirts but they did cost 8quid each :haha and one has arsh on the back :bow
    19. Hibari Kyoya
      Hibari Kyoya
      haha im mos def not an arsenal fan :lmao

      i just love andrei :<3
    20. Dan
      I watched a normal stream, found an English one so it was all good.
    21. Arios
      I find Veetle links are usually decent if Sopcast isn't working.
    22. Arios
      Sopcast sometimes goes down when the problem's on their side. I'm not going to try to reconnect my stream because I might lose it. It's happened to me before :lmao
    23. Arios

      What I'm watching.
    24. Kagawa
      Lol, that game was full of bookings, defence was crap with bayern gg though we play alike.
    25. El Torero
      El Torero
      From what I´ve read there is one team which wants to loan Benzema...
      ...and that team is Manchester United lol
    26. El Torero
      El Torero
      Indeed, Benzema is now almost always in bench 'cause Higuain.
    27. El Torero
      El Torero
      Higuain has already perfomed this season.both with Cristiano and Kaká and both without both of them. He has been awesome in both cases.
    28. El Torero
      El Torero
      But Madrid has Higuain :quite
    29. El Torero
      El Torero
      I think Madrid will win the game. They have only lost against lolAlcorcon in Bernabeu this season.
    30. Creator
      Sorry. We will play some other time. :X3
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    Taxi for Pep.
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