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Feb 24, 2005
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Apr 11, 1985 (Age: 34)
Home Page:
The Netherlands
    1. hgfdsahjkl
      the last laugh will be ours :del
      Hisoka survived :gar
    2. hgfdsahjkl
    3. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      I know!!!! :wtf This fight reminded me why I love him.

      Though I feel bad for Hisoka. It was painful seeing him scrambling to escape but Danchou just read his every move.
    4. hgfdsahjkl
      talk big as much as you can,you got only little time to spare so use it to all your heart content :) ;)
    5. hgfdsahjkl
      if you remember you promised to wear a Hisoka >kuroro set if Hisoka won,you better start preparing it
    6. hgfdsahjkl
      nice to see you're still around :)
    7. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      wanna exchange names :)
    8. Chrollo Lucilfer
    9. Recal
      Thanks for the rep, Danchou. :pimp
    10. hgfdsahjkl
      OP is favourite second to HxH but I follow the anime ,I watched every 6 month since the anime is so slow
    11. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      just shingeki no kyojin and one punch man

      is toriko good? i keep hearing about it
    12. hgfdsahjkl
      I'm an anime person but I'm keeping up with Naruto (shit feast) and bleach

      I havent read YYH,I dont mind hiatus as long as togashi is taking his time

      what manga are you reading?
    13. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      what a joke. i've been ok with the hiatus arrangement, but two years with only nine chapters to show for it is taking it to another level.

      i won't say i don't care anymore, but i'm really growing more apathetic each day.
    14. hgfdsahjkl
      well,you will never see that
      but damn it,I hope togashi gets better ,the hiatus is sad :(

      the new arc looks like its going to be huge arc,at this rate we will never see HxH to end unless Togashi and us live for over 100 year
    15. hgfdsahjkl
      how are you mate :D ,good to have HxH back :hurr

      pariston ftw :zaru (even thou I think ging will win)
    16. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Ging by a mile, though I also really like Pariston.

      Pick Ging :sun
    17. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      unfortunately that's not going to happen anytime soon :(

      right now let's be content with ging fodderizing pariston :kaga
    18. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      promising premise that will take 10 years to be realized :edu
    19. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      new chapter danchou
    20. Lord Stark
      Lord Stark
      Lol its been out for nearly a year now. Stop whining.
    21. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Q3. Who is your favorite member of the Phantom Troupe, and why is that member your favorite?
      Togashi: "It's Danchou (Kuroro).This gets a bit off topic, but I can't trust people who nominate themselves. So even when it comes to politics and politicians, I am very distrustful. I feel that everyone who has a strong desire to nominate themselves, as part of their personality, has a shared terrible quality within themselves. To go back on topic, Danchou is not someone who actively wanted/nominated himself to become Danchou.


    22. Algol
      Thanks. I need to really read that shit finally haha.
    23. Huk
      I sorta ate em' already. The cheeto's I mean. The only thing I have left is guilt and cheeto stains on my fingers.
    24. Huk
      Thanks for rep. I owe you my first born child. That or maybe a bag of cheeto's. Either one I think are equal.
    25. Algol
      What's the image in ur sig from, if you don't mind?
    26. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      after the king's birth? you should watch before that! you cannot possibly miss pitou vs kaito! (short-lived as it may have been)

      anyway i have no clue when the manga will be back. volume releases used to be a good indication but look what happened :(
    27. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      awww too bad :( it's a name i came up when i was like 12 so i thought it was time to change :hmm

      they're at around chapter 188. last chapter had many fillers but they were good. you know i have problems with the ant arc's writing (:LOS), but i think the fillers fixed a few of those. the two episodes before that were so-so though

      post more, i miss our old crowd :cry
    28. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      you're the first to notice danchou (as expected of the name :LOS). i just wanted a change...

      yeah, i'm following the ant arc in the anime. the latest episode was good :nod
    29. Roƅ

      I'm an HxH tard... so I wouldn't take my word for it :sweatdrop

      Let's just say this. Lots of New characters, and some Troupe Action!
    30. Roƅ
      Again, really worth it, though it might throw you off at first.
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    Apr 11, 1985 (Age: 34)
    Home Page:
    The Netherlands
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Japanese Culture, law, literature, movies, lifestyle.


    lol, Hunter x Hunter fans. :rotfl

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