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Oct 5, 2011
Jan 18, 2006
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    1. 【Temari】
    2. Laex
      Ty for rep? :laugh
    3. 【Temari】
      lol, why your calling me kiddo. I'm older than you!
    4. Raiden
      Not as much as I'd like :D:.

      Never seen you around before, so when I saw your post, it caught my eye. Tell me about yourself :hm <33
    5. Astronaut
      Happy Holidays, Dao. :3
    6. 【Temari】
      okey! datz_lyf!

      anyway, don't get angry again awkie.. I'm just fun of teasing people hehehe. I love trippin, and I don't hate gays. it's just that I have a two thread here that was molested by yaoi fans. they're like criminals. okey, that's all bye again
    7. 【Temari】
      hey, I'm not a homophobic. I even have a brother who is gay. anyway, your asian right. me too... gomenasai! sayounara!
    8. 【Temari】
      tsk. tsk. I knew it, your just affected because your a gay!
    9. yummysasuke
      Can I ninja you away with me? You can even live under my bed! =D

      But to make up for lost time, let's have some hot smex with Jaejoong~ XDDDDDD
      Does DaoDao like DBSK too? *O*
    10. 【Temari】
      ohhh... so I get it. your the one who's telling me or endorsing me Sai's clothes. bwahahahahahahahahhaha!!! your such a high temper person.. let me put some fucking ice in your forehead... to calm you down... don't be like that, your getting more uglier! your just like Naruto's high temper ediot boy!

      just be a good sport kid.. if were fighting on the same thread. don't put it in another scene like giving me a bad reputation cause I'm new here, I'm collecting those reputation. just answer me in the that thread, because we started fighting in the thread awkie! good boy! good boy! if you'll see, I don't give you a bad reputation because I'm sport. now give back my good reputation or else I'll bring you back to your mother's womb, jokes!! just kidding...

      okey! okey my friend, just return my good reputation.. so we can reconcilate :amuse
    11. 【Temari】
      Fuck you bitch! why'd you gave me a bad reputation dickhead, fucking Lesbian!
    12. Stephen

      same here but I really sould be in bed at 5am in the morning:lmao
    13. Stephen
      :LOS...what's up:lmao
    14. Stephen
      Lol okay:lmao
    15. Stephen
      no clue what's going on:lmao
    16. Stephen
      :wha Sorry but that confused me who are you then:lmao
    17. chickmashine
      Yeah ^^ thanks for reading my theory and repping me as well

    18. ~riku~
      It seems that you don't. :hurr
    19. Kyuubi Naruto
      Kyuubi Naruto
      Nah what about you lol
    20. Kyuubi Naruto
      Kyuubi Naruto
      I've been well but very busy lol. What about you?
    21. Perditionist
      Haha yes I have 51 pics in rotation for my sig.:LOS I have many pics of Naruto looking hot though, so which one did you mean?
    22. Mikoto Uchiha
      Mikoto Uchiha
      Thanks, e-stranger~

      Offer me some candy and I'll be accepting it~ Hah Joke

      ^_^ thanks again, Dao
    23. yummysasuke
      Are you serious!?! Has it really been that long!? =O
      Oh my poor Dao baby!! Q(T_TQ)
      I miss talking to you so much girl~
      *big hugs and kidnaps you*
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  • About

    Naruto's vacant apartment while he's away training
    Favorite Character(s):
    The Uzumaki kido!
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    I dunno. karin CHAN 8D!! *drools*
    I love NARUTO!

    Writing stories, drawing, singing, piano


    OMG SNAKE/RAIDEN!!!! <333

    I SUPPORT!!<3
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