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Mar 4, 2016
Jan 7, 2009
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Active Member, from The land where every man wishes to go, but never c

Dariustwinblade was last seen:
Mar 4, 2016
    1. Jakers
      drat another pm space wasted. anyways... i befriended you now since I forgot my vm was on "friends only", which i'll turn off now.
    2. Jakers
      why is it everytime I see you in mythology-related threads in the OBD, I feel like I want to cry and pinch you over the internet? :(
    3. Jakers
      do you ever talk to me?
    4. willyvereb
      I deleted your TOAA thread to avoid a shitstorm, albeit I can answer you.
      In the Marvel universe there are already multiple megaverses so your theoretical "gigaversal" character won't be superior.
      There's also the thing that Marvel coined the Omniverse term which is in modern physics is considered the 10th dimension.

      In comparison megaverse is the 5th dimension and your gigaversal operates in the 6th.
      There are at least 4 levels of infinities between him and the TOAA.
      But maybe it's better if we don't delve too far into the details.
    5. Jakers
      hey dariustwinblade, are you there?
    6. Jakers
      hello dariustwinblade, what's up?
    7. Sherlōck
    8. Sherlōck
      Do you live in Bangladesh or outside of the country?
    9. Sherlōck
      I heard you are from Bangladesh.
    10. Jakers
      dariustwinblade, i have so much to talk to you and to ask you about... (especially concerning religion man!)....i'm bored btw.
    11. Jakers
      hey dariustwinblade, how come you never respond to my posts?
    12. Jakers
      hey dariustwinblade, you forgot to talk to me, sir!
    13. 786SalamKhan
      Hi Dariustwinblade,
      I also have a Bangladeshi background.
      Are you a muslim?
      Do you like Fable TLC?
    14. Jakers
      hey dariustwinblade, glad to see you acknolwedge the Christian-Judeo God as absolutely powerful (if not outright omnipotent) since i'm christian, but as much as I respect Hinduism, I am really tired of hearing that they're the only real mythical gods with multiversal/megaversal/omniverse feats, which I think is not a reasonable claim to make... and i'm pretty sure that there are other gods/religions/mythos/art/culture/philosophies out there that rival or equal the Indian/Hindu religion in terms of scale and abstract/esotericness/mysticism and I'm sure Abrahamic religions have their own concepts and theories of the multiverse/megaverse/omniverse as well... even many ancient Western polytheistic gods/religions have similar mystical or cosmological stuff to Hinduism or Indian spirituality. The classical gods may look more conventional and mundane on the outside, but if you dig deeper into philosophical stuff like platonism, gnosticism, and neoplatonism, you'll be surprised at just the little stuff you can find. It's all arts and beauty in its infinite levels at that point. :)

      To me, they're all technically the same deities and entities regardless of respective depictions of scope/power. I can't believe no one even argues this as much as I do. It's like I'm the only one here who knows this.

      Interesting fact: the anglo-saxons and the norsemen had their own concept of the multiverse and multiple dimensions as well.

      Also, Chinese/Taoist religions kick all asses! So does Confucius. That is all. :quite
    15. Jakers
      hello again, dariustwinblade, I see i messaged you before back in March... did you see it?
    16. Aries
      hey bringing back the fatality tourney want in?

    17. Jakers
      hello, dariustwinblade, I've seen your both post about "religion-verse rapes dc/marvel/image-verse since real-life religion Gods is infinitely greater than all of creation and creation includes the humans who wrote dc/marvel/image/other forms of fiction, so they rape" AND your post about "there is no omnipotent in fictionverse and there are stronger omnipotents than the others" in that "does toonforce have omnipotents" thread. I have to say I kinda agree with your first post a lot and the second, not so much, since i believe omnipotents in fictionverse should technically be assumed equal, but you do make a great point, eh?
    18. Jakers
      hey... I saw you in one of the last religions threads in the OBD and I totally agree with what you say.
    19. MrCinos
      I planned to skip it and wait for the next Bleach's one, but you changed my mind :LOS
    20. Shir0saki
      your mom ;)
    21. LegendaryBeauty
      I might branch out into the OBD. SL too.
    22. LegendaryBeauty
      You should've left a comment, then. :pek

      I'm fine; just cruising the forums and ensuring the Uchiha fans are in for a bruisin'. You, Jiraiya fan? :maybe
    23. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      Happy Holidays Darius!!! :P
    24. Marco
      Hey, mate.
    25. Aries
      Your fatality match has begun... Good luck
    26. Aries
      Your fatality match has begun... Good luck
    27. Aries
      Your fatality match has begun... Good luck
    28. Chaotic Gangsta
      Chaotic Gangsta
      How's it going :amuse
    29. Aries
      Your fatality match has begun... Good luck
    30. Marco
      You showed interest in my match so I wanted to ask you to try and vote if you can. There are no voting requirements. Anyone can vote. There are only 13 hours left. Your vote will be appreciated. :)
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