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Dark Saga
Last Activity:
Aug 27, 2015
Oct 10, 2006
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Death God's belly

Dark Saga

The Dawnbringer, from Death God's belly

Dark Saga was last seen:
Aug 27, 2015
    1. Uraharа
      Thanks for the rep and good luck wishes!!
    2. El Torero
      El Torero
      Sevilla is already in Copa del rey final; against Atletico :edu

      Atletico is a very lol team. They become the only team to beat Barça in Liga, and after that they lose against freaking Almeria lol

      Now I hope Valencia beats Brugges. They must avoid Belgium to have 2 wins out 2 against Spain :yell
    3. El Torero
      El Torero
      And Sevilla has one foot in quarter-finals of Champions League :hehee
    4. El Torero
      El Torero
      Congratulations :gar
    5. Krombacher
      Thank you for the neg :)
    6. El Torero
      El Torero
      And still they get their asses kicked by Panathinaikos :del

      Oh, if we win the Euroleague and get relegated in the same season it would be epic :rofl
    7. El Torero
      El Torero
      Yesterday it was Unicaja-Bar?a and we lost.

      Unicaja is being epicly WTF this season. We?re being the best team of the Euroleague but at the same time the worst team of Spanish League :rofl

      One day we beat Olympiakos in Athens and the following day we lose against freaking Xacobeo in Martin Carpena :edu
    8. El Torero
      El Torero
      lol Olympiakos-Panathinaikos is today too? What has in mind European football putting all the good games in the same day? :argh
    9. Jeαnne
      happy halloween :hurr
    10. El Torero
      El Torero
      lol :rofl :rofl
    11. El Torero
      El Torero
      Tell than to Jann, he´ll be happy to hear that :awesome
    12. El Torero
      El Torero
      lol Cristiano :hehee
    13. El Torero
      El Torero
      This weekend Sevilla vs Madrid :ho
    14. Dark Saga
      Dark Saga
      Done :D

      thanks again
    15. Kobe
      Do you see My Team, Transfers, Latest Points, Leagues, Targets etc. above your squad?

      If you do, from there click Leagues.. then after that just like I said.
    16. Kobe
      Leagues -> Join League -> Join Private League

      and there you see a place to write to code..
    17. Kobe
      dude btw you have to use code to join the league.. I forgot to tell that : O
    18. El Torero
      El Torero
      I´ll say Madrid or Barça :argh
    19. El Torero
      El Torero
      I too think Dirk is better than Pau :awesome

      I see Euroleague more than NBA, but I follow NBA too. My favourite team is Toronto raptors. They´re currently a ''european'' team, only Bosh is american lol

      real madrid is becoming a favourite to be in Final Four. They got Messina and some good players :omg
    20. El Torero
      El Torero
      lol I didn´t know that song :awesome

      But the hymn of Sevilla of the 100th aniversary is the most epic football song I´ve ever heard: wZ3TE3qoOxw

      Spain is having some abscenses too. Maybe Pau Gasol too. I think this year they´re less powerful than the Spains of last 3 years. I hope Pau plays. Currently everybody is saying he´s being the best European player of the world (winning NBA FTW!).

      Good luck for tonight, I hope a beautiful game (and to see Asenjo doing some awesome saves :hehee)
    21. El Torero
      El Torero
      Yup. I hope we win the Eurobasket for once to all. Spain is clearly the best national team of Europe but we always fail to win Eurobasket lol

      I?d say yes, Atletico is better than Villarreal. After all Atletico finished 4th and Villarreal 5th. And now they have the man who for me is the second best goalkeeper of La Liga. Sergio Asenjo is awesome.

      But well, Atletico was defeated by freaking Sunderland in pre-season. Panathinaikos can beat them.

      I still lol'd how Olympiakos became last year the Manchester City of basketball and were pwned by Panathinaikos in Final Four :awesome
    22. El Torero
      El Torero
      Only very little. He played only one season in Malaga :argh

      Why has Panathinaikos to play always against spanish teams? I want them to be in Group Stage, I prefer Panathinaikos a lot more than Olympiakos, but the rival had to be Atletico :cry

      The trick to defeat Atletico is to attack always, their defense is pure shit.

      PD: What Liga team are you going to vote in the poll? Since you seem to like Sevilla, vote for them, they only have 1 fan :hehee
    23. Jeαnne
      hi dark saga, im pretty bored and saying hi to my whole friends list :hurr
    24. coolguy7127
      Well there had to be a positive thread on those boards somewhere...couldn't find one so I made it. lol Uchihatards popping out of the woodwork due to this chapter.
    25. coolguy7127
      Hey thanks buddy!
    26. Godammit
      lol thanks, trying my best
    27. Edo
      Ah re Elada...pantou paron!
    28. Vermillionage
      hahah funny.. I drew him.. but I don't lofe him.. I just like his looks^^..:ruri
    29. MIHAWK
      hello patrida!
    30. ^Vegeta^Two^
      first pwnage
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