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Oct 12, 2015
Mar 3, 2009
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Jul 21, 1994 (Age: 26)
Our God is Fear.


I Zen, 26, from Our God is Fear.

dark0 was last seen:
Oct 12, 2015
    1. Invictus-Kun
      my Strat is up, please check it out, tanx
    2. Baroxio
      It might be a good idea to post half of the Round 2 batches while Kaiser Bunny and nfcnorth do their make up match, don't you think?

      We only have 4 matches anyway, so we can air 2 of them on and the other two later. The winner of the make up match will fight in the second batch, of course. They've already both agreed to those terms, I believe.

      Also, we'd like to keep participation up as much as possible, so it may be best to avoid unplanned lulls.
    3. Invictus-Kun
      Hi there dakr0 sama, DLC voted for me with my match against Samehadaman sama, so I have 1 vote...

      I guess that counts..
    4. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      oh ye?
      send me a free sample
    5. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      btw what kind of business are you starting
    6. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      uh season 2 just recently finished, which covered part 3 from start to halfway point/high priestess. Post egypt will air in january. The anime is awesome and a true labor of love, don't miss it imo
    7. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      do you watch the new jjba anime?
    8. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      there is a guy with the same username who posts in the movies section there
    9. Akimichi Farley
      Akimichi Farley
      sup do you post at something awful
    10. Sunrider
      Well, Warbandit's frame is a lion-type. :edu

      And you know, I never actually played the Medabots games. Looks like I may need to find an emulator and get on that.
    11. Sunrider
      Ah, so I see you've recognized Medabots's BAMF, Victor. :gar

      Respect. :brofist
    12. StrawHat4Life
      Thanks for registering. No neg hollows. Kinjite is also banned. Also no multiples of the same character.
    13. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Finals up in KC, and Davy Back is revived!
    14. familyparka
      Glad to hear that, I'm here to please :maybe
    15. RemChu
      Welcome to the game, lol
    16. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      I see that's pretty cool, hope everything works out well.
    17. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      Why didn't you join the World Cup Dark?
    18. Laix
      I already added you as a replacement for the game. Even though it's currently ongoing, replacements can still join. :33 That's if you still want to play...
    19. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I don't think it was so bad that Shino would legitimately solo. I mostly focused on Shino in the vote because there wasn't really much time to cast it before I went to bed and I was dead tired.
    20. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
    21. RemChu
      its is essentially a vvord problem, they give u a premise and some rules, you need to diagram it out, and ansvver the follovving questions.

      very annoying to be honest, practicing it nonstop right novv.....
      test is timed so kinda have to be quick in your thought process especially on that one particular fucking section.
    22. RemChu
      I really hate the logic games
    23. RemChu
      Like just help them with hatever they have trouble with. Basic math and english,science shit.
      LSAT, and its a standardized test to get into law school.

      not sure what I want to focus on.
    24. RemChu
      Pretty good finished uni. Working as a tutor after school for kids.
      Going to take the lsat in about a week :u

      kinda boring
    25. RemChu
      dude welcome back,

      what are you up to now?
    26. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Please reconsider joining the main tournament
    27. Big Mom
      Big Mom
    28. Big Mom
      Big Mom

      Your match has been posted
    29. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      The non-drugged form of Daruma was removed. Please change that in your team.
    30. RemChu
      How has life been man? never see you on msn when I'm on. we should catch up!
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    Jul 21, 1994 (Age: 26)
    Our God is Fear.
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Naruto 357 - Deidara Vs. Sasuke
    I am the visual, the inspiration, that made ladies sing the blues.


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