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Sep 14, 2019 at 11:57 AM
Oct 16, 2005
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Jan 1, 1980 (Age: 39)


Well-Known Member, Male, 39, from Unknown

DarkLordDragon was last seen:
Sep 14, 2019 at 11:57 AM
    1. Endless Mike
      Endless Mike
      Hey, how are you doing? I was just reviewing some older OBD threads and I realized that many of the debates I had the most fun in were ones involving you, arguing mostly Saint Seiya stuff. So I figured I'd just see if you still post in the OBD or not.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Endless Mike
        Endless Mike
        Glad to hear it. I don't really do many debates anymore nowadays, but I still work on calcs and respect threads, so you can check them out if you want (I'm currently going through the Avengers comics)
        Apr 14, 2017
      3. DarkLordDragon
        Yeah I've been telling myself, I haven't seen him in a while. BTW, do you mind giving me your main calc thread, I need to bookmark it. Are you accepting new calc requests?
        Apr 14, 2017
      4. Endless Mike
        Endless Mike
        I do calcs in blogs actually, not in threads. My calc request blog is here:

        Apr 14, 2017
    2. ebonyLogic
      Hey do you have thw twitter of the LC and G writer confirming the power of gold saints?
    3. Id
      Old Friend where can I read G Assasins?
      1. DarkLordDragon
        What's up bro! Long time, glad to know you are still alive :) well you can either read it in Mangafox >>>

        http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/saint_seiya_episode_g_assassin/

        or Batoto manga

        http://[Blocked Domain]/comic/_/comics/saint-seiya-episodeg-assassin-r11841

        almost up to date
        Jun 19, 2016
    4. SF latif
      SF latif
      thought you would be intersted
      1. DarkLordDragon
        Now thats really impressive and great speed boost for SS characters
        Jun 19, 2016
    5. Imperator100
      Makes sense, although I personally am inclinded to believe Deathmask would take majority because "Seki Shiki Meikai Ha" is harder to avoid.
    6. Imperator100
      In your Gold Saint Tier List for Classic why do you have Cancer Deathmask as below Pisces Aphrodite and Taurus Aldebaran? It seems like Deathmask would defeat them.
    7. iwandesu
      It Will be done soon enough
    8. SF latif
      SF latif
      cool then. we can disscusse this in the thread then ^
    9. SF latif
      SF latif
      first i thought of doing an open diss with people but then i thought, it would be nice if i do it with you first so gimme your opinion on this.

      potential talk about hades`s full potential.

      So let's recap:

      - full mastery of the 7th Sense
      - full mastery of the 8th Sense
      - a generic punch from Divine Cloth Seiya > concentrated attacks from all 12 Gold Saints focusing their Cosmos just to destroy a small portion of the Wailing Wall: all which greatly exceed multiple Athena Exclamations (equivalent to a focused Big Bang)
      - one of his minions shattered 5 gold cloths casualy and is probable stronger than Athena Exclamations (equivalent to a focused Big Bang)
      - took the combining powers of 5 god saints

      multiversal hades :zaru
    10. Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Ultra Instinct Vegito
      That was the pre-omega. no I meant the omega cloths that the saints used to fight Saturn. It said to equal the power of a god, but I doubt it would equal each omega bronze saint to have the power of an olympian god. The super omega does, but what kind of god do you think the regular omega compares to?
    11. Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Ultra Instinct Vegito
      hm but I thought you said the normal omega cloths are stronger than god cloths. God cloths are also above Thanatos and Hypnos so how did you compare them?
    12. Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Ultra Instinct Vegito
      btw the regular omega has been said that it equals the power of a god...what kind of god? I am sure it doesn't equal the power of an olympian god like Hades. Only the super omega does.
    13. Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Hi so what level would you put Aiolia when he received cosmos to beat Loki with gungnir?
    14. Imperator100
      It's a forum on the Japanese web.
    15. Imperator100
      Makes sense.

      And the Japanese Versus Community isn't huge, but it's there. Have you looked on 2ch?
    16. Imperator100
      I have some information about Lost Canvas that I thought you'd find interesting, even if it doesn't change your position on their power. The viewpoint among Japanese fans is that Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca are much stronger then they are seen here. Because Tezcatlipoca is the Sun, and in Saint Seiya the Sun is shown as having a Great Amount of Power, after all the Sun gives to the Gold Saints much of their power and even Hades himself fears the power of the Sun.

      So many Japanese Saint Seiya fans have the Gods of Creation and Destruction as being much more powerful since the Sun is far more powerful in SS. Wanted to hear your opinion.
    17. Ultra Instinct Vegito
    18. SF latif
      SF latif
      wow your lucky to have someone who can translate an entire manga for bro...i`m jealous.....jk jk jk Lol.

      nope i`m not brazilian
    19. SF latif
      SF latif
      you can read Japanese?
    20. SF latif
      SF latif
      Thanx......btw i cant read spanish either i used goggle translation Lol
    21. SF latif
      SF latif
      yo bro another question (sorry for that lol) but how much Lighting plasma shoots in english version? in spanish version (from Original book) says thousand times per-second?
    22. Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Hey can I ask you a question about SS?
    23. SF latif
      SF latif
      i know its a focused attack, i`m not stupid man. i`ve read the manga but i got confused cause of two scans saying diffrently than other but thanx
    24. SF latif
      SF latif
      for reall dude? and here i was thinking other wise lol
    25. SF latif
      SF latif
      Oi dude can you confirme which one is the acurrate translation since you have the manga......


      one quotes as full big bang. the other quotes as small big bang
    26. iwandesu
      With normal atomization value is just town level+
      I recalculated it really fast with atomic byssection (which is what we use for Ss) on my cellphone
      So actually no, I didn't double check nor anything
      But it is very unlikely to be much bigger imo
    27. iwandesu
      Country level
      And yes I'm planning to calc aiacos's feat
      Cant watch now will look when I get at home
    28. Imperator100
      Thanks for keeping me informed!
    29. iwandesu
      no idea how it was so low but there it is
    30. iwandesu
      Not even talking about aspros black hole
      Quetzacoatl atomizing a city
      Degel working below absolute zero
      And likely more
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