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Last Activity:
Nov 12, 2013
Jun 30, 2006
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ponies!, from Ponyville

Darklyre was last seen:
Nov 12, 2013
    1. 321zigzag
      Are you a command and conquer expert?
    2. Fran
      I love that sig so much.
    3. The Space Cowboy
      The Space Cowboy
      It infuriates me that I cannot rep you for the Pony-set
    4. hcheng02
      Hey Darklyre, I was wondering if you can give your legal expertise on this thread?


      Specifically its about Private Manning's incarceration - whether its considered cruel and unusual punishment or whether his actions can be considered treason. If not, what crimes would he be charged with as well as the corresponding punishment.
    5. CrazyMoronX
      You're dangerously close to be disqualified. :maybe
    6. hcheng02
      Hey I just read your post on the latest Israel flotilla thread. Since you go to law school, I just wanted to know if you have studied international law yet. What is your opinion of it? Is it different from the general opinion in the law profession?
    7. Fang
    8. Hand Banana
      Hand Banana

      Once I find a way to high five over the internet you're getting one.
    9. Fang
      I forgot about The Hand, there was indeed a reason why Oyukasa was a retard though.

      Would he actually cut the dimensional space a person represents if he was bloodlusted to teleport their body away?
    10. Id
      Check out this topic.
      Herald’s of Galactus - Green Lantern Corp “Challenge”
    11. ScreenXSurfer
      Have you ever calculated the exponential growth of TA? http://forums.spacebattles.com/showthread.php?t=129308 She did it with TA's younger cousin, SupCom. I'm sure the calcs for TA would be the same, you should do it.

      Shit nvm, you submitted your prep. You could have probably had a base on every planet in the galaxy, covering the entire thing, producing a googleplex worth of units each second.
    12. Whip Whirlwind
      Whip Whirlwind
      Ah i remember now. I feel like the "weapons free" law upped john's badass level a lot more than it did for the average lantern. Same goes for Vath (is he the one who says "We've got real weapons now, lets use em!" while brandishing two badass assault blasters?)
    13. Whip Whirlwind
      Whip Whirlwind
      Hey, when did john stewart snipe someone from three sectors away? That's so freaking epic!
    14. xxCurse Seal
      xxCurse Seal
      cool, i love warhammer 40k to, but why does it say "For the Emperor!" when you have a Chaos symbol?
    15. Altron
      Pff Necrons>Chaos :sun
    16. Pilaf
      I am the master of light armor. Nobody fucks with me.
    17. Sky is Over
      Sky is Over
      Hmmm, I have to ask, do you belong to any college(s)?
    18. Arishem
      We don't exist.
    19. Fang
      The Inquistion sucks.
    20. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Honestly, how has someone not posted here yet...I just wanted to say that you earned that rep :lmao
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    - Lucifer
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