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Aug 22, 2019 at 12:30 PM
Jun 4, 2008
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May 17, 1990 (Age: 29)


Well-Known Member, 29, from Canada

DarkRasengan was last seen:
Aug 22, 2019 at 12:30 PM
    1. Orochimaruwantsyourbody
    2. Gohara
      Just in case you don't look back at the thread: Any disagreements you have with that Shichibukai level list, please feel free to point out which you feel are incorrect and why (in the thread preferably). Please provide proof or at least strong evidence. If you do so I will happily correct any inaccuracies.
    3. UltimateDeadpool
      I may not had clarified what I meant about MS and chakra issues, I meant that Itachi does get fatigued from having low chakra (like everyone else) and he only has enough chakra for 5 MS's and a couple low-mid level jutsus. So after a couple MS jutsus, his performance is going to start becoming hindered which will make him easier to beat.
    4. UltimateDeadpool
      Indeed. Now that he's an immortal zombie, he doesn't have to worry about Susanoo's drawbacks anymore. I also hate the fact that they always use "perfectly healthy" Itachi, i.e. no "disease" OR blindness. If Itachi isn't going blind, then he either doesn't have MS or is a novice with it. Why? Because mastery of the MS comes with blindness. Yet despite that, they insist for him to have full mastery of MS.

      Speaking of running a marathon using Susanoo, I also hate that they act like MS doesn't effect Itachi at all. Itachi has enough in him for maybe 5 uses and a couple other low-mid level jutsus, and he's going to start becoming fatigued from having low chakra. But, again, they act like he has unlimited chakra or something.

      Aside from overhyping Itachi and his abilities they constantly mod him too, so it's no wonder they think he's invincible because they are essentially using a fan-made character in debates.
    5. UltimateDeadpool
      Well what do we know of Itachi's "disease"? It effected him physically and made him cough up blood.

      We then learn in the databook that using Susanoo drains the user's life (slowly killing the user, like a disease).

      Later still from Sasuke, we saw him falling over and coughing up blood from using Susanoo, complaining about how it feels like every cell in his body is on fire (attacking the body, like a disease).

      As far as we know, Sasuke doesn't have "ninja aids" like Itachi supposedly did... but he did have one thing on common with Itachi... Susanoo.

      Zetsu also mentioned that it was the price of using Susanoo, later Tobi suggested it was a disease. But as we know, Tobi lied about many things.
    6. UltimateDeadpool
      Is it just me, or do you think Itachi's "disease" was caused by Susanoo?
    7. butcher50
      the great, invincible power of Dark Rasengan :maybe
    8. butcher50
      Naruto, the formidable Lemon :maybe
    9. Vergil642
      Well if you want me to point out all that you've got wrong feel free to ask, you shall receive :blinditachi
    10. Vergil642
      Thanks for explaining your views. I wondered if they were due to an incredibly skewed view of the manga and my suspicions were correct.

      I'll remember this when next I see your posts. Getting flabbergasted at their content is inappropriate when I should feel sympathy for you. I'll still correct you of course, but that will mostly be due to wanting to avoid new posters latching on to your ideas, which would be a shame.
    11. Vergil642
      I can genuinely say I'm interested in some of your opinions. I probably will heavily disagree with them but from an intellectual position if nothing else I would love to hear your reasoning for a few of the arguments you put forward. You don't even have to reply to the thread, just post it on my profile as a visitor message or as a pm, I'd truly appreciate it.
    12. Vergil642
      Pretty sure revenge-negging is against the rules broseph :zaru
    13. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thanks for the rep. I would've repped you too but 24d.
    14. UltimateDeadpool
      I have to agree. I haven't really had time to go into SuperSaiyaMan12's topic, but I already know everything the Itachi fans are saying about Jiraiya and I am brimming with things I want to say, including things I can't remember off-hand, lol.

      To tell you the truth, I really don't like godly characters. I like characters that are powerful, sure, but have their flaws. So the more the Itachi fans try to convince me he's perfect, the less interested I am in him.
    15. UltimateDeadpool
      You make great points. In my experience Jiraiya fans only defend Jiraiya, while other fanbases use him as a sacrificial lamb to prove their favorite's godhood.

      I have to say, I really hate Itachi's fans. I don't have any strong feelings towards Itachi either way, but I absolutely cannot stand his aggressive, foolish, ridiculous, hypocritical, trollish fandom.
    16. UltimateDeadpool
      I really wish I knew why Jiraiya is dragged so much through the mud on these forums. Everyone treats his base abilities as that of a Chuunin and acts like he only has 4 jutsus (Rasengan, Swamp, Summoning, SM), and that his summons are easy to beat and the Ni Dai Sennin can't do anything except Frog Song. They don't think he has a chance against any Akatsuki or Kage without SM, and they think he'd still have a hard time with SM. Why? Why do people ignore everything he's capable of? Why is it so hard to believe that his hype is actually *gasp* true?
    17. Senjuclan
      I will show you why it is retarded, try to follow if you can:

      1. First of all, you don't know what a feat is. So, to help you we will use the dictionary

      1. a noteworthy or extraordinary act or achievement, usually displaying boldness, skill, etc.: Arranging the treaty was a diplomatic feat.

      So, based on this alone, your assertion that his only feat was "getting schooled by Hiruzen" is inane. Defeating Uchiha Madara is a feat, albeit one that is an off-panel feat

      2. Claiming that he was schooled by an exploding fuuda is dowright stupid. Edo tensei do not avoid damaging attacks. We have seen the seven swordsmen, Gaari and Deidara stand there while they were being attacked. The Senju brothers had the fuuda on their legs for two panels, even an ordinary human being would feel a fuuda that releases flames. They simply did not care about the fuuda.

      3. To claim that Minato can defeat 50 shodai is retarded. Based on his limited showing, Shodai can negate hiraishin very easily. All he needs to do is use bringer of darkness and Minato won't be able to teleport.

      4. Finally, you seem to be confused. Hiruzen was said to be the strongest hokage in history after Minato had been introduced in the story. If you believe this includes shodai, you should include Minato as well since it was said in databook II. Plus, Minato was NEVER said to be the greatest hokage in Konoha. Maybe you can provide the link to prove me wrong.

      That is why your logic is retarded because it ignores the manga and twists other parts of it
    18. Senjuclan
      Your logic was retarded. So, you allegedly got a bunch of people to agree with your retarded logic, that does not change the fact that it was still retarded, does it now?
    19. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      I don't care if people voted for Sakura, she never lost against Nagato. Clearly no one even Itachi and Jiraiya deserves the god of shinobi title except Nagato. But voting for Jiraiya over Nagato when you KNOW Nagato > Jiraiya was rediculous. It just shows you are either:-
      -Butthurt that Itachi got more votes than Jiraiya
      -Your a Itachi hater

      Personally I think all 3 applies to you.

      the lunatics that vote itachi kind of piss me off
      -Your butthurt. :zaru
      -Your a Itachi hater - Because you got pissed when people votes for only Itachi over someone like Madara, or others in the poll.
      -Your Biased - Right now your trying to get into a debate with me that Jiraiya > Itachi and that he has better feats and shit. When I'm not on anything about that. I am simply talking about you voting for Jiraiya over Nagato. You bring Itachi in the disscussion. I never said Itachi feats > Jiraiya feats but your trying to make it seem like I did.
    20. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      That can be taken as flamebait.

      Basically you got butthurt because Itachi got more votes than Jiraiya. So you try to even things out when you know Nagato > Jiraiya.

      Voting for Itachi is much more reasonable then voting for Jiraiya over Nagato. Like I said, Itachi never got beaten by Nagato, Jiraiya did. So There was absolutely no reason for you to vote for Jiraiya over Nagato. Only possible reason there is, is that:-
      -Your butthurt because Itachi got more votes than Jiraiya
      -Your a Itachi hater.
      -Your biased.

      Pick one. :zaru
    21. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      I'm just saying your biased.

      You just admitted your a Itachi hater.

      Nevertheless, Itachi was supposed to get more votes than Jiraiya. Since his not the one who lost against Nagato.

      Jiraiya lost against Nagato, that makes Nagato the god of shinobi over Jiraiya. Itachi never lost against anyone on that poll. So voting for him is more reasonable then voting for Jiraiya.
    22. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      Don't be a liar and stop lying to yourself. The question is are you delusional.

      Everyone can see you think Jiraiya should be the God of Shinobi.


      Just admit, your going to be biased towards Jiraiya for the rest of your life. :lmao
    23. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      You think Jiraiya deserves the title "God Of Shinobi" over someone like Nagato. :lmao

      Especially when Nagato's feats > Jiraiya's Feats.

      Biased much. :/
    24. Marco
      Don't know about anime. But a live action motion picture trilogy HAS been released. It's the best manga I've read though and I believe an anime or movie won't do the manga justice anyway. Especially in the later parts.
    25. ShiningStar
      Give it up already.. arguing with Senjuclan is useless he's too biased.
    26. Sanbi
      Thanks, I think I do intend to be a regular, or at least try to be. :)
    27. Sanbi
      Hey, DarkRasengan, I would post this in the actual NF Stats thread, but I don't think I would be taken serious. Since I haven't posted there before.

      Don't forget to mention the stats in Fuuinjutsu is about knowledge and showings. He has shown great knowledge identifying all the seals Minato put on Naruto, and also identifying Orochimaru's work and undoing it. He also could quickly write a seal to seal a big amount of Amaterasu, on a blank scroll. He also created a seal, by himself, to seal even a Two Tailed Naruto, when it was designed to specifically seal the Kyuubi and it's one tailed form. He also taught Minato most of what he knows in Fuuinjutsu.
    28. Dark Uchiha
      Dark Uchiha
      Again, why even contact me? Your the funniest person ever. You think someone gets banned because they neg someones comments that they feel is off based?

      Thats a stretch, Lol. Oh or are you trying to provoke me into saying something bad towards you?

      as i stated before.
      Your actions are questionable, nevertheless they do make me chuckle
    29. Dark Uchiha
      Dark Uchiha
      lmao, why even tell me? That is the stupidest thing ever. You think thats gonna ban me or get me repped sealed or something?

      Your actions are questionable, nevertheless they do make me chuckle
    30. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Sensei? What the...?
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    May 17, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Jiraiya minato naruto

    Sanji Luffy Marco

    Dr. tenma Wolfgang Grimmer
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    Demi-God Tier:
    1. Uchiha Madara
    2. Tobi (with edo jin pains)/Current Uzumaki Naruto
    3. Kabuto

    High Kage Tier +:
    4. Nagato
    5. Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode Uzumaki Naruto
    6. Namikaze Minato

    High-Kage Tier:
    7. Jiraiya/Itachi/Killer Bee
    8. 4th Raikage/MS sasuke/Danzou

    Kage Tier:
    9. Hoshigaki Kisame/Orochimaru/Muu
    10. Terumi Mei
    11. Current Hatake Kakashi/gai
    12. Deidara
    13. Kakuzu/Chiyo

    Low-Kage Tier:
    14. Darui/Kitsuchi/Temari
    15. Current Akimichi Choji/Hyuga Hiashi
    16. Hidan
    17. Kankuro

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