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Darth Niggatron
Last Activity:
Mar 8, 2018
Sep 17, 2013
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Your mum. That is all.

Darth Niggatron

Is back, mutha4ckas!!!

Darth Niggatron was last seen:
Mar 8, 2018
    1. Toaa
      Issth ji op
    2. Toaa
      Oh yeah that can also be done.we caught up?
    3. Toaa
      Those profound technigues.the dude from he man translation should become his disciple
    4. Toaa
      I think the one from true martial world isnt human....the translator
    5. Toaa
      Wasnt that from issth?the outlander beast is working with jelly and lord
    6. Toaa
      Hell yeah.also its such a nice novel.i dont know when th drop in interest may come but for now its quite an enjoyable one and with all the kind of records he fan break...hehe
    7. Toaa
      What yi yun said to the association was beyond legendary
    8. Toaa
      Yeah i remember too many weird terms.
    9. Toaa
      Translation too weird?
    10. Toaa
      Do you read xian ni?
    11. Toaa
      Its a mixthre of coiling drqgon with rpg games.invincible lving king is sth like that
    12. Toaa
      He man is back .....and the mc died in the prologue
    13. Toaa
      Did the atg verse just get an upgrade?
    14. Toaa
      Peacock screwing city.i nearly had a heart attack.or when he appeared he said screw you to meat jelly family
    15. Toaa
      Lord fifth
    16. Toaa
      Mainly linley. Is the magic universe like ours? Because if yes then the main world is massive and how much ftl is he?i feel he is pretty damn high and after he creates a universe he will be like hong meng
    17. Toaa
      ........like what the fuck happened?we should really decide how powerful they are
    18. Toaa
      I started reading it is one of the best
    19. Toaa
      Yeah damn now he doessnt lack speed.and eos he will be even stonger.by the way do you read issth?did you oick up tgd?
    20. Toaa
      Linley reached ftl speeds
    21. Toaa
      How powerful do you think current linley is?
    22. Tacocat
      Yessir. I thought it was great. It actually had a bit of depth to it. Did you get to read it?
    23. Nevermind
      Your username is Darth Niggatron. Your pass is ghost:1390. Change that as soon as you're able.

      Do not upload any images other than your avatar (the theme we have allows you to use external images as featured images for your posts). You will be able to fill out your bio with whatever you like. Write for a few weeks and then you can try monetization.
    24. Toaa
      He will grow fond of the other giro 2 i suggest you pick it up its prob one of the best
    25. Nevermind
      The blog is basically a separate site unto itself. I had that done so it wouldn't interfere with the main wiki. You have to give me an email to register you with.
    26. Toaa
      Im letting atg build up so i habent read last two chapters.however based om shura wrath it will ne nice.do you read tales of gods and demons?
    27. Toaa
      Sayant got rekted
    28. Xiammes
      Thanks, I guess :catstab
    29. Xiammes
      Nah, I started off with the Ryokan, but the grand scheme was to put me in charge of the new avenue. I can probably get OBD powers when ever I want, but wombat/UD are doing a good enough job.
    30. Xiammes
      It should have been obvious.
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    Your mum. That is all.
    Favorite Character(s):
    The Rower
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Shitposter extraordinairre. Still>>>you, though.

    Laughing at you.


    ?There are only two ultimate goals that a man should pursue; one is to conquer the world, the other is to conquer women. To conquer the world is to reach a new height in life, but to conquer women, is to embellish the scenery of life."
    - Yun Che (Against the Gods)​
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